Monday, March 30, 2009

See Comments Enclosed

That particular addendum was a constant companion to my school report card during my last several years of teen-dom, along with such gems as “if only Lawless would apply himself” …fortunately, my completely uninspired school record aside, I either wore my teachers out or charmed them enough so that instead of keeping me around to grace them with my presence another term, I managed to keep passing and becoming someone else’s joy of life. But what if I hadn’t? Well, there but for the grace of God go I - with no more fanfare, I present to you: Lawless, the twenty-nine year old private school student, and yes, I’m as creeped out by this post as you are. I cant stop thinking about Wooderson from Dazed and Confused and his classic creepy quote “that’s what I love about these high school girls, man - I get older, they stay the same age”…

So yeah, knowing me, it prolly started with the Blitzed Classic belt, which I love so much that Dove told me I'm not allowed to keep wearing it with outfits any more, feel my pain? Working down, I wore these ever so faintly pinstriped pants from MUWU, namely the Boy Next Door pants, which I figure set me down the road of recapturing my private school glory days. This led me to the inevitable inventory search for “school” and a winner with the Mechanism school boy outfit vest and shirt. I love the rumpled up feel to it. The school crest and my slapped on SG Monocrom black tie had me wanting to form a clique with my snobby friends Logan, Sumner and Reese and vacation in the Hamptons….love you guys! Although it comes with a collar, I fiddled a bit and ended up using a collar I liked more better and less worse from one of my Valiant shirts, go me! I really love the Maitreya armwarmers, with great texturing and a very realistic look…I think I wore them mostly cus I was freezing my arse off RL at the time…see you winter, don’t let the door hit you on your way out! if you sort-of kind-of like the beanie hair from GrueLing Designs (I know I did), be sure to grab it for yourself, it's scripted with all sorts of happy fun goodness.

Last and definitely not least, my new Xing boots from Shiny Things - instead of a thousand words, the picture tells you they are awesomely detailed as usual, so grab your piggy bank and go get spending. In the meantime, I'm going to go and write comments to myself in all my old high school annuals from all those girls I was afraid to talk to…ain't revisionist history the best?

Valiant - Designer Showcase Autumn Suit Shirt Collar
Maitreya – Armwarmer (black)
Shiny Things - Xing Boots (black)
GrueLing Designs - Beanie - Deep Black Hair
Mechanism - School Boy Outfit Vest and Shirt
MUWU - Boy Next Door - Black Pants
Blitzed - Classic Belt V.2
Sweetest Goodbye - Monocrom Black Tie

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sarcastic Mr Know It All...

Okay, I don’t really know it all, but I do fake most things with great confidence! That being said, here's what I know about Cowichan Sweaters (Rylan, put down your new Crackberry and pay attention, it's learning time). These thick wooly beauties were originally made by women from Vancouver Islands' Cowichan Tribes in the late 1800s - hand knit in one piece, they are a unique and essential Vancouver souvenir for hipster tourists and retro art nerds alike. Not convinced yet? Well, Ralph Lauren thinks you suck, and he'd also love for you to buy one of his machine made imitations at Lord and Taylor for one-hundred dollars more than you can get the real thing here! (as an added bonus, I'll let you take me out for lunch while I lather you with compliments) Anyways, enough about “the Cowichan Sweater” and more about this one, the En Svale Cowichan - it's definitely my favorite out of the several I've managed to hoard in-world, great texturing, prim collar and cuffs, and a jacket or shirt option. This is the sweater I wished I could have stolen from my gramp's closet when I was younger, but alas, not too many native Cowichans in Scotland, who knew?

Feeling nostalgic, I wore some old favorites, my Armidi chinos (sighs as he reminisces about all those good times oh-so-many months ago….like eight?) One of my favorite accessory makers, Eko, changed their name but not their standards, as detailed in my Classic Belt V.2…not only great looking, but unlike the V.1, nobody was killed during the human avatar testing phase.

I chose the old brown Combat Boots from Hoorenbeek partly due to their brilliant detailing and comfortably worn in look, and partly due to my yearning to create an outfit that emulates something that I kick about in RL during these bleary winter days - and Australians, you’ve had summer long enough, please send it back here where it's needed….Canadians need melanoma too!
P.S. for all of you that commented on my “grandpa sweater” and my “old man sweater” while I was wearing this, I'm making a list, and I'm checking it twice…oh wait, that’s Santa…carry on, then.

Maddesigns hair – crew natural black
Blitzed – Classic Belt V.2.
En Svale – Cowichan Sweater (gray)
Hoorenbeek - Combat Boots - Old Brown
Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos (black)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You people don't understand...

I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with ME!

....that of course, holds no meaning for you if you have not ever read the Watchmen graphic novel, or at least perused the new movie of the same name. Suffice it for me to say, the movie left my inner geek both sated and pining for more Rorschach, to whom the opening quote belongs, although I'm pretty sure I'd not want to be locked in anywhere with him myself. ZCal Decosta not only sensed my inner longing, but took the next step and gave me my very own Rorschach avatar, and holy hell does it rock. This comic book tribute is the full meal deal, coming with an AO, skin, shape, full outfit and best of all, ZCal’s take on his mask, a constantly morphing inkblot - although I'm still searching for the dog with his head split in half….all I see are pretty butterflies.

As for the rest of this blog post, I'm going to put the baby to rest, so skip to the next feed if you’ve already ate your fill of drama pie today…I wouldn't blame you, I'd do it too!

My last post, the apparently infamous “pink” post was inspired by a real life story of a student who wore a pink shirt to school and got bullied and picked on for his choice of clothing - in fact, this is the first post I had ever made that had a message. Because of that, I built an outfit that was outlandish to go with the message I hoped people would pick up from reading it, mainly that “NO MATTER WHAT A PERSON WEARS, NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO BULLY THEM BECAUSE OF IT”, physically, or mentally, or whatever…as such, IT WAS NOT ABOUT WEARING THE COLOR PINK, OR LIKING THE COLOR PINK, OR NAMING YOUR PET LIZARD MR. PINK. I purposely made an outlandish outfit in order to make this point - I figured wearing my new pinstripe MRM suit with a pink button shirt would not get the point across, because people would just think “oh, why would anyone ever pick on someone wearing something that looks like that”…it was not meant to be a fashion statement, as anyone that has read my 70+ posts know that I dwell mostly in blacks and leathers and kilts, etc. If you missed the point of my post, I honestly have to assume either you never read it in the first place, you are pretending to be too stupid to get the point, or you are legitimately too stupid to get the point.

So, a few days later, someone posted a “NO” plurk to my look as represented in the post…I was not offended by some perceived critique of my outfit, because, duh, the outfit was supposed to be something out there that would normally incite your typical school yard bullies to arms (get it? I wasn’t telling people to wear this, I was telling them to respect a person's right to choose DIFFERENT in rl) thusly, I was annoyed that this person (mistakenly?) chose the only post I have ever made that wasn’t about a fashion choice and misled people who only had that picture (without the benefit of the post that went with it) into thinking it was some kind of fashion statement for the year 2009. Thusly baited, people were commenting WTF type comments, even culminating in one person stating that my avatar would fit right in at the local gay bars. Ironically, the pink-shirted teen was called homo by the bullies all day….that’s what happens when you removed the context. Now, the original plurker has every right to post her “NO” and “YES” plurks, but I feel she did my message an extreme disservice by removing a pointed picture from its context and creating the same kind of ridicule that motivated my post in the first place.

As a backlash to the whole event, several of my friends and several people I have never met in my life posted pink outfits under the banner “YES”, to bring the focus back to my original blog message, that of anti-bullying….I had nothing to do with that event, because I felt I had already had my say in the first place - anyone that claims that I organized that event or called out to my friends to foment it in the first place is a liar, simple and plain…or they have been misguided by liars. Anyway, next year, I will get off my lazy arse and actually post before the event happens…that in mind, I better start planning now, you think?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ink Pink, You Stink!!!

First of all, I’d like to apologize to any girls I may have said that to in grade school. The pink you were wearing actually looked quite nice on you and you truly didn’t stink. Truth be told, I kind of liked you and I was trying to impress you with my uncanny ability to rhyme words - the fact that we didn’t keep in touch tells me I missed the mark. Alas....back to the Pink. Here in B.C., last week, many folk took part in the annual “pink shirt anti-bullying” day, where kids and adults alike were encouraged to wear pink to work, or school, to show their support to put an end to bullying. The movement had its start on the east coast of Canada a few years back when hundreds of high school students showed up at their school to show their support for a grade 9 classmate who had been bullied and called a homosexual for daring to wear pink the day before (because only homosexuals wear pink, right? and of course, homosexuals should be assaulted because they are not hetero, right? Oh, how I love the simple reasoning of the modern day cro-mags)….so yeah, I’m a few days late, but that really shouldn’t be any surprise by now.

The pants were easy, since I bought every color-variation of fightclub pants in existence, I knew there was a pink pair waiting to be let loose on the masses. I used to wear the occasional pink shirt to school to bait the wannabe bullies…although that only works a few times if successful. Before I vacate my soapbox for mellower pastures, seriously, if you think that you can identify someone’s sexual preference by the color of the clothes they wear, you are a prehistoric twat that needs to get out more - and if you believe wearing pink could actually affect your desirability with the opposite sex, you need to stop dating bigots and work on your fragile ego. So, yeah, Dutch Touch just came out with some nice simple colored tees, in both jacket and shirt layers, with an underwear layer so you can rock them with your low cuts. Appropriately, I bought the pink one...but I feared that I would burn your retinas out, so I wore a vest out of sheer love for all three of you, my dear readers. I’m glad I did too, because this was one of those purchases that kind of fell between my inventory cracks, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Ache's Riders Down Vest - I like the patches, and I like the way they managed to get the vest to look puffy without going overboard and creating a black flotation device…props! A long-postponed trip to Boon rewarded me with both a new bad arse skull necklace and an even badder curly black hawk, which I used with great effect to finish my “wear pink and carry a big stick” look. Where’s the stick you ask? As official half arsed editor/censor, Dove deleted that picture…ie – removed it and put it in the secret folder on her C drive….

Boon - 2 Headed Skull Necklace (hammered silver), XXX555 Hair
Dutch Touch - TwoTees Basics – Pink
Sassy Kitty Designs - Sassy Woolen Knee Socks
Ache - Riders Down Vest (black)
Rawdolls - Juxtabelt B
MADesigns - EYES of TRUTH ~ Pale
Love Soul - Nails (checker)
Yabusaka - 09 Flare Ring
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStars Hi-Tops MultiColor V2
Primitive Design - Trash Kiddz Necklace + Wristbands, Fightclub Reborn Pants – pink
EtchD - Tangleweed Tattoo

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big In Japan

You know what's really big in Japan? Salamanders!! They have these giant bishes that are big enough to make shoes out of them - in fact, they may already be doing that…I'll ask Winter, if anyone has a pair, he will. I digress though, so back to business…cus if there's one thing my blog is, it's all business! My thoughts of Japan were originally stoked by one of my regular visits to WMD, and a pair of aptly named Ronin big in Japan jeans. I love WMD jeans, wanna know why? If you nodded yes, just look back at some of my old blogs - you lazy fech - I'm moving on. I decided to dig out a jacket I had been meaning to sport, which was also bedecked with a Rising Sun…coincidence? Nah, not at all. I really liked the look of the M65 jacket from NoaR, from the sleek, black color to the slightly faded front pockets and the flared cuff prims - one problem I had though was the waist prim, which I couldn’t make jive with my ao, no matter how hard I tried (which means all 10 seconds of my attention span).

You know what else are big? Iguanas!! Not in Japan though, but in Nassau for sure. Fresh off the boat, I saw one in the ditch and tried to creep up on it in a testerone fueled attempt to impress my mates (ie – girls) and found out not only are they big, they can run fast like cats - and in this case, in my general direction, which caused me to scream in a very schoolgirl-like fashion - not that there's anything wrong with that. If I had been wearing my RL Aussie boots, I may have just kicked the vile lizard…I guess I'll have to settle for kicking lizardmen in-world with WMD’s take on my favorite RL boots - nice texturing, and you can get them in either regular or lizard-kicking grungy.

My new Find Ash hair, the Worker's Holiday may or may not be big in Japan, but I'm sure it would be huge in Derek Zoolander's world. As soon as I put it on, I started bugging Dove to make a “Magnum” pose, so I could walk around the grid challenging people to walk offs and just being really really ridiculously good looking. So that’s another day in the life of, and now I'm off to feed my Komodo Dragon, and by “Komodo Dragon," I mean my willy, and by “feed," I mean inject it with this stuff guaranteed to add inches to my “Dragon” for a meager 250 dollars!!

WMD - Aussie Boots, Sugoi "Ronin" Big in Japan Jeans
NoaR - M65 Jacket (black)
B R LY1 N - Acc001 Belt (black)
Redgrave - Driving Gloves [long-finger] (black)
Find Ash - Workers Holiday (neo black)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elvis has left the building...

I hope that’s seriously not coming as any kind of news to you, if so, please accept my apologies and welcome to 2009! Although I missed his final pelvic thrust by a few years, I do have a friend who is an Elvis impersonator, and that obviously makes me an expert...right? Which is why it was so obvious to me that Elvis would have loved my new RJK2 jacket from sey…had there been several pounds of gold sequins added, of course, in lieu of sequins, sey gives you lots of attachments to play with, including a sweet jacket belt and two, different, resizable collars. I don’t generally dig pictures and slogans on my clothes, but I liked the funky collars and the black piping enough to override my prejudices - plus the picture is on the back and if you are checking it out instead of my arse when I walk by, something’s wrong with you….just saying.

In true Elvis fashion, I went to dig out my flared white pantsuit only to find Dove had used it as a grease rag while she was working on her Ferris wheel…kids nowadays! Instead of crying over spilled milk, I seized the opportunity to go shopping and voila - old stock denim from garage r.h - casual jeans, worn out in all the right places, and dark enough to suit my purposes, big arse cuffs on these bad boys though, almost 1950’s style, you know, like back when Elvis was hot. I knew that I needed black hair for my outfit, I could have tried one of the five hundred hairs I already have in my inventory, but that would have been taking the easy way out, and I'm never one to shirk my impulsive buying responsibilities. Thank you Sadistic Hacker and your Jetlink Hair in black for helping me complete my Dragon Ball Z Elvis…cus of course, that was his favorite cartoon ever…don’t believe me, don’t worry, I'll add it to his wiki right after lunch - isn’t the internet grand?

The next time someone accuses your mother of wearing combat boots, tell them, yes she does, and they’re the new short combat boots from Tonktastic - once they realize how brilliant these new boots are, they will wish their mum was so fashionably attired as well. These boots are scripted for both resizing and color change, with several options available...and that’s on top of the fact that they are amazingly detailed, which is par for the course for Tonk. If Elvis had been wearing these during his stint as a G.I., he may have gone regular army and quit his day job…heh. Finishing off my uber realistic Elvis 2009, I slapped on a new skin for effect…my koji skin was the perfect choice because everyone knows Elvis had some Cherokee in him, and Cherokee and Asian both share the letter…erm...well, I'd love to stay and chat but my peanut butter and jellybean sammich is done and I’m a growing pop icon!!

Sey – RJK2 Jacket
Tonktastic – Short Combat Boots
Garage R.H. – Old Stock Denim
Sadistic Hacker - Jetlink Hair(Black
ANIMUS&SF - Koji Skin – Clean
Monogrind - 8-ball Necklace
aC Studios - NCY - Aviator (Black)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Remember the Tartans!!!

Fourscore and nine days ago, our forefathers brought forth this post on my blog - erm, ok, there were no forefathers involved, it was just me, and it was only nine days ago that I started this post. You’d think with that much time behind it, this would be the most detailed, wondrous post ever, but nope….par usual, I got distracted by shiny things….*purr* But, not wanting to be the last kid on the block to blog this coat, I realized I better get back to it and - - - oh bloody hell, I am the last! Oh well, at least I’m the only kid on the block with a testicle named “George” to blog it (thanks Pie!). Anywho, a coat this ace deserves a little more time in the limelight, so I’m happy to do my part. Masaru Raymaker’s new tartan wool coat is a great looking addition to your burgeoning closet, with awesome detail and texture work, prim collar, skirt and sleeves, and a texture change muffler to help you add color to your outfit if you so desire (and all this time, I've been adding color by carefully dropping the occasional four letter word into my chats….who knew?)

To help me clean up my image is my new Ross hair from MADesigns - rich, black, sleek, I liked this hair, enough to even slightly modify my head to make it fit more better and less worse (plus I just want Maddox to like me...and drop the stalking charges). If this particular hair isn’t your cup of tea, go check them out anyways, because they are spitting out new ones faster than I go through Dove's money - ok, maybe not that fast, but they’re only human. Also, If Winter is an eye whore, I’m not sure what that makes me…perhaps an eye concubine?? Either way, while you’re at MADesigns, check out the eye selection…my pics don’t really do them justice, but would I wear them if they were shite? After all, I have a bad reputation to protect!!

Finally, I wore the John Doe jeans from Kari…and not just cus John Doe was the guitarist in one of Americas first-ever homegrown punk bands (though it helped)...nice, kind of heavy looking, black denim texture and a cool cuff with some funky white stitching all worked for me. I left my Pornstars in the closet, and they didn’t even have to be pried from my cold dead fingers…wonder of wonders - Hoorenbeek is to blame, specifically their Patagonia Boots. They’ve made a nice, simple looking work boot, perfect for the winter, or for kicking blog editors who nag you for nine days to finish your post…though I wouldn’t want to scuff the richly detailed toe caps. Hmmm, where did I leave those steel toed Doc Martens I bought the other day?

Hoorenbeek - Patagonia Boots - Black Leather
M.R.M. Factory - Wool Coat (Tartan Gray)
MADesigns – Natural Eyes (blue water blue eyes), Ross Hair (black)
Kari – The John Doe Jeans