Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hottest Male Ava - WHOA!

It's me, Dove. I'm stealing control of Law's blog for a moment to direct your attention to this:

If you could go there and at least cast one vote for Law, I'd love you forever. Law wouldn't normally post something like this on his blog, or use it for this purpose - so shhhh this is top secret. heehee.

Okay, I promise I won't do this again ...unless he's in the "Hottest Male Who Wishes he was an Elf 08 Christmas List" ...then I might.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blame it on the Rain...

No, this is not my incredibly epic ode to Rob and Fab, but a nod to the changing of the guard in Vancouver - as the sun prepares to go wherever the hell it goes for the next four months or so and we do our best impression of the UK. Yes, sadly it's time to fold up my well-worn tangerine speedo and break out the trench coat…or in this case, go buy a trench coat. Making that purchase more than easy was SF Design, with one brilliantly detailed piece of work. The coat has some very sweet texturing, and prim cuffs, shoulder straps, with a flexi bottom in small and large sizes - my favorite part is the collar though... standing up at just the right angle (I was going to say “standing erect," but then Winter would be distracted all day tomorrow and not get any work done…see how I have your back?).

Having come into some money lately (Dove's), I decided to take the plunge and go to Redgrave to get some new Fall footwear! My new black leather boots are nicely detailed, and the best part is that I don’t have to shine or waterproof them…..ever....not that I do that in RL, but it’s on my voluminous list of things to do. While I was on my spending spree, I dropped in at Muism to get me some jeans…the Vintage Jeans come in several variations, and though I'm usually shite with choices, it's always easy when one of the choices is “dirty.” The jeans are great, but I already knew, cus I saw Nic rocking a pair last month…don’t tell him though, lord knows his head is big enough already…or was that his feet?...shrugs…

The very best thing about summer's end in Vancouver is that your hair care = wearing a toque for four months…think of all the shampoo and conditioner you save!! Panache and Kari obviously understand this philosophy and thus provided me with a new beanie and hair, can't you just feel the love? Appropriately messy and black, it’s the cap stone to my gloomy alley “hey mate, do you want to buy a watch ™” look! Yeah, that’s right, I trademarked that look, so step back you poaching bishes! Last but never least, Lurvebite’s Sofia London gave me my Toasty Thermal Shirt...if you’ve never checked her out, go for the following reasons; she's cute, she makes different things (in a good way), and I said so!!

And on that note, I'm off to watch people fall out of their underwear on Survivor….does it get any better than that?

Redgrave - Boots (Black Leather)
Muism - Vintage Jeans (rolled up cuff/dirty)
Panache ZF & Kari - New School Hair – Blacks
SF Design - Trench Coat (charcoal)
Belleza - Ewan Skin (1-E)
Primitive Design – Primitive Cigarette, Studded Belt
Yabusaka – 09 Flare Ring
eXcess - Shaded Eyes (blue)
Lurvebite - Toasty Thermal Shirt (plain)