Friday, February 29, 2008

My cheating heart...

Dear sneakers in my inventory…I’m writing this post to let you know I’ve met another pair. I know, I know that just days ago I called you the “best ever” sneakers and I told people I couldn’t imagine ever needing to buy another pair - but you need to believe me when I say it’s not you, it’s me, I'm a hor!! You must have known that…didn’t you see all the other sneakers before you, jumbled in the back of my inventory gathering dust?? I don’t want to not wear you anymore, I will still wear you, just not so much, I just need a break from you right now…I hope you understand.

It happened in the usual way - I see the shoes on someone else’s feet, I break the 10th commandment, I make them mine. The shoes this time are the PornStar Hi-Tops Multi Color from Urban Bomb Unit….I know there’s never an excuse for cheating, but….(there’s always a but)…check this out. First of all, they are called PornStars!! How great is that?? Next, these shoes are fully menu driven, or if you’re a traditionalist, or live in a club ridden lagfest, you can always use the type commands. You can modify the shoes together or separately - and they come with a nice set...oooh, what a set….of modding options!

The shoes come boxed in 4 sizes, and if those aren’t right, they are fully modifiable to make sure you get the right fit!! They are also copiable - find a style you really like?? Copy it and rename it and you’re money!! They have an AO option in the menu if you want to try out a boy's walk or girl's walk. You want to change the outside or inside fabric?? 24 color choices, including pink skulls, plaid, leather, blue camo and zebra. The laces not working for you?? 15 color changes just waiting for you to try out!! You can also change the stitches (9 colors), the shoe borders (dark/light) and the rings (dark/light)!! I know this might have come as a shock to you, but I'm hoping even you can see why I wore these pornstars all day long yesterday, while you languished in your box!!

So...erm, I hope this letter finds you warm and dry, and oh yeah, yesterday's sneakers - we can still be friends, alright??

UBU - Pornstar Hi-Top Multi-Color Sneaks

Thursday, February 28, 2008

OI Got Punk'd!!!

It's true, I did.…but not by this generation's finest actor, Ashton Kutcher…*coughs*…I got punk’d while I was wandering around looking for photo ops and stumbled upon a little store called Theoioi’s - I'm about to get informative so brace yourself (“the oi oi’s”??…Oi! being a working class street-level subgenre of punk rock that originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s.) Theoioi’s is full of leather and denim jackets, customized with spikes, studs, and paint, tartan pants and patched and bleach splattered jeans….in other words, every mother's dream for her little boy. Oh, and did I mention cheap like dirt??

After spending the night with Bo in her peacock dress, I was suffering from extreme peacock envy and I saw the clothes here as a way to get my rainbow on and thumb my nose at authority while I was at it (whomever that might be). Starting at the top, I bedecked my crown with the purtiest Mohawk from Black Maria, the Tia in red.…no rooster ever looked so hawt!! Trying the Oxymoron jacket on, I found it a little sparse, thank goodness for my accessory folder - I grabbed some prims off my Brutal Gear Jacket, and let Monogrind do the rest of the work, with their super detailed belts and bracers.

Being a complete bish for tartan and plaid, the Double Tartan pants were an easy pick…the seams were decent enough, and they have more zippers than MJ’s retro red vinyl jacket - that’s a good thing in this case!! Things can get rough in the mosh pit, so I went back to Monogrind for my buckled kneepads, and threw on a leg strap from Sinistyle for good measure. Breaking with Oi tradition, I shelved the doc martens and dug out my Rustic Demise Boots from Spider Productions. These were the second pair of boots I ever bought and at the time, I thought they were really well made - proof in the pudding, 700 pairs of boots later and the textures and details on these boots still made me growl like rawk star when I put them on.

Anyways, I’m off to prowl the Wastelands some more….damned if I didn’t lose a contact somewhere in the burning tire heap!!

Black Maria – Tia Hair (red)
Flipside – F1 Guys Piercings
Monogrind – Buckled Kneepads, Punky Studded Belts, Trashed Bracers
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - # 42
Sinistyle – Osiris Leg Strap
Skanks-R-Us – Earlines Piercings
Spider Productions – Rustic Demise (Krook Strapp) Boots
Tonic – Black Flexi Neck Bandana
Theoioi’s Punk Shop – Oxymoron 2 Leather Jacket, Double Tartan Pants
Brutal Gear – Highwayman Black Punk Jacket (shoulder spikes/belt)
Location – The Wastelands

Skull & Moans

One day, I would really love to be a quiet observer inside Santa’s workshop - aka The Bare Rose clothing factory....I’m pretty sure they would give those little elves a run for the money. It confounds me how they are able to consistently put out a steady stream of men’s and women’s outfits, chock full of every attachment you could think to wear. I was kind of having a rant because their last release seemed to be two ladies outfits and nothing for the hairier sex - I was in mid moan when Dove pointed out the Hell Fire outfit for men....tis too bad really, cus it was going to be a great moan!!

Hell Fire is a overcoat/camo pant combination that comes in three different colors (black, dark brown, light brown), the jacket comes with six different prim attachments, and there's gloves, necklace and a tattoo to boot!! The overcoat has the sweetest long tattered tails on it…not since I squeezed into Tri’s Valle dress have I had so much fun simply walking around. I also dig the curvy shoulder prims and the high rounded collar…in fact, I liked this jacket so much it was a full day before I even noticed it was gray!!

Scrounging what ever attach points Bare Rose left me, I decided to adorn myself with trinkets of various shapes and sizes - somewhere along the way, a skullish theme seemed to happen (maybe not such a surprise given my tastes). Starting on my head, I unpacked (literally) my Virus Co. skully top hat, and dropped it on for a very “something wicked this way comes” look - I like the crimson band on this hat, and it has more skulls than my rabbit graveyard!! As a bonus, you can wear hair underneath this hat, which really should be more common. The skull adorning continued with my face, where I applied my nifty Aitui skull face tat...*waits for Bo to try to wipe it off with a wet finger*….

Next stop, midsection….heh, sounds like some kind of erotic elevator, doesn’t it? You know you all want to stay for one more floor. The Works provided both belt and bracelets, appropriately skully.…I took close ups because I think the textures on the belt are great, and the sculpty prims are very realistic - oh, and they have skulls, I mentioned that, right?

Moving down to the……ha!! pelvis stops for you perverts!! I have been waiting for a chance to wear these Skull Crusher Boots from Civvies - if not with this outfit, then when?? (except maybe with my next dress review) The details on these boots are brilliant, and hey, can you really go wrong with big old skulls on the end of your feet?? That being said, I’m off to jam more memory in this computer, not that I don’t love crashing out of SL every time my avatar burps!!

Aitui – Fire Fish Tattoo (fresh), Skull 01 Face Tattoo
Bare Rose – Hell Fire Outfit
Broken – Torn Fishnet Armlets
Civvies – Skull Crusher Boots
Inone Style – T Shirt (black)
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - #6
Muism – Shaggy Hair (black)
The Works – Skull Cuffs, Steel Skull Belt
Tiki Tattoo – Starfish Necklace
Virus Co. – Ringmaster Skully TopHat
Location - Toxian City

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last night, we went to the SL event of the year - Nic and Dahl’s house wrecking….erm, housewarming party at Harajukubox Town!! Wow, what a party!! Hobbit orgies, cawk sawks, vampire gentlemen, Depende stalking, and the usual depravity that takes place at these events. As the guests started to trickle home, Dove filled her purse with “gifts” while I distracted our gracious hosts and we both snuck off into the night…

Sneaking into the night was easy for me, thanks to my new Chuck All Stars from Akeyo…if you didn’t hear it from Nic already, why haven’t you?? Like Nic said, these shoes have 12 color combinations, you can change the tongue, laces and main body separately and best of all, they look great!! Oh, and look mum, I don’t tie my laces in SL either!!

I complimented the best-ever sneakers with my most favorite cargo pants, Barerose Cargo Trousers in khaki - these things have more prim attachments than my MegaUberX2000 Xcite Package, if you can believe that!! Dove talked me into the Soul Doubt Hoodie at Emery, and after wearing it a bit, I was glad she did. The jacket comes with a prim hoodie, and I really liked the way the wild patterns played off my solid pants. These are the kind of function meets fashion clothes I look for in RL, I can easily imagine kicking around in them down Robson Street, or in this case, a perfect outfit for kicking around Hbox Town while Dove shows me all the things Nic and Dahl “gave” us at the party.

On my head, this waterfall of cascading black locks is the Maguma hair. I like the textures used in the hair, and I also like the way it stays shaggy all the way around my head. If you’re interested, you can find it at Black Maria (once again)…you’d think I went and spent 3,000 linden there or something. *cough* They say the first step is admitting you have a problem….”Hi, I’m Lawless, and I can't stop buying hair on SL”…now you all say “Hi Lawless!!”…

Anyways, I need to go and help Dove set up our new fish tank that only looks suspiciously identical to Nic and Dahl’s…except the fact that their fish wasn’t hopping all over the table like a Mexican jumping bean.

Black Maria – Maguma hair (black)
Akeyo – Chuck All Stars
Barerose – Cargo Trousers (khaki)
Emery – Soul Doubt Hoodie
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - #42
Location – Harajukubox Town

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hair Force One

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I’m easily swayed - after watching Dove walk around for the last few days with the Digit Darkes voluminous Glitter Punk hair, I realized I needed in on the big arse hair action!! Setting out with lindens in hand and a bald head to load down, I stumbled across Black Maria, and as you can see, I scored big time!! From the psychedelic rawk star head wrapping, to the explosion of black, long, spiky greatness, the “Lightning” hair was everything I was looking for and more.…approximately twenty pounds more!! I so want to wear this to a cinema and sit in the middle row.

So I had the hair, now what to wear with it?? As much as I love it, I have to admit, I prolly don’t have anything in my inventory that was going to be a complete “hand in glove” fit…but that’s only because I don’t think that outfit has been invented yet…

As I was pondering, I got an IM from Bo, telling me she had to show me a store - dun dun dun!! Wincing because I had already spent the baby’s milk money at Black Maria, I quickly pawned Dove's Xbox360 and rushed to join Bo - good thing too, because Massimo made my SL day yesterday. Where do I start with this Hijikata Suit?? First of all, I really love the cut of this suit, it’s this delicious darkest of dark green, with a lighter green lining that peeks out when you’re walking. You can wear it with the jacket, or just the shirt/vest combo, or both - I actually like the built in belt that comes with the suit, which is generally a rare thing for my fickle self. The suit has some prim attachments and also comes with its own shoes….you’ll have to take my word on that. The only (little) problem I have is that the suit’s jacket tails don’t flow so well so when you’re walking around, forming this lovely “rocket tube” pointing from your arse….always good when people are following too close in those crowded malls!!

Anyways, I need to go, Dove is making me set up a petting zoo for my hair to try to get that damned Xbox out of’s on a donation basis, and please people, no kids with cotton candy or mouths full of chewing gum!!

Black Maria – Lightning Hair (black)
AITUI – Bridge Spikes & Circular Septum Barbell
FNKY – Antonio Tan – Emo & Stubble
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Slander Boots
Massimo – Hijikata Suit
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 – 9
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails
Location – Shimokitazawa Sim

Chairman of the board...

If you’ve never been to Vancouver in your life, what the hell is wrong with you?? If you have, not only do you rawk, but you couldn’t help but notice the cradle of mountains surrounding the city - and of course, mountains can only mean one thing….snowboarding!! (no offense to skiing, hiking, avalanches, waterfalls, clean air and the other myriad of things that like to habituate around mountains) When I saw this cool down jacket, I bought it faster than you can say “Dove lend me 100 linden!!” I really love the retro look of the jacket, and the bright colored stripes over the white body scream “hey everyone, watch me hit this tree!!” After trying it on, I knew that I needed to bust my SL snowboarding cherry.

As I was excitedly rushing out the treehouse door, I realized I had no pants on….that’s where these sweet white Zippy pants from Wrong came to my rescue! Girl pants?? I think not!! Lord knows what damage sliding down that rope would have done without them!! My Saru hair from Black Maria comes with a camo headband to keep my hectic mop of hair out of my eyes while I spin, flip and hand plant the afternoon away. My next stop was Lost & Found Snowboarding shop, where I outfitted myself with the crucial gear. I found some great BRB snow goggles, with 3 different colored lenses - remember, protecting your eyes from glare doesn’t mean you have to look dorky!! Apparently, the folks at Lost & Found realized the easiest way to sell me a boot/board combination was to call it Naked. All their boards have great graphics and they are well proportioned, and more importantly, they actually work on the slopes!

Speaking of which, Onboard Snowboard Park needs to be on your SL vital destinations list!! It has several different runs, a kickarse half-pipe run, rail slides and huge slalom jumps, a chair lift, an après ski lounge and an equipment shop. Dove and I spent a good hour carving snowy serene slopes, grabbing huge air, and doing epic face plants. Important to note, if you are interested in getting your shred on, Onboard has a FREE board/boots set in the equipment shop that comes with a HUD equipped with a bunch of different extreme tricks, so now you have no excuse, little groms!!

Alright snow bunnies and hares, that’s the end or your lesson for today….if you need me, I'll be drinking gallons of coffee and writing Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet out in the snow…who says I’m not romantic?

Black Maria – Saru Hair (White)
Lost + Found Snowboarding – BRB Snow Googles, Naked model snowboard, Stomp BQA Boots (Black)
Body Soul – Black Orange Down Jacket
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 – 9
Wrong – Zippy Pants (white)
The Good Life – Strife Studded Belt (checkered)
Location – Onboard Snowboard Park

Saturday, February 23, 2008

There will be blood...

I'd like to say this post started because I'm a huge movie buff and I wanted to make an outfit as an homage to a great movie that should kick arse at the Oscars this weekend. But actually, it has more to do with the crazy bite I woke up with this morning on my shoulder that bled like a stuck pig as I was getting dressed - true, but creepy story!!

Taking my wildly out of control inventory, I simply typed the word “blood”, and decided to sample of its wares. Gutterblood snuck in there with his boots, but when I realized his aptly named Homicidal Boots had blood on them I decided he could stay. Emover’s Bloody Bracers aren’t exactly bloody, but they are so damned cool, how could I say no? Don't look at me that way, you know you couldn’t either - go buy some!!

No Mercy helped me get it bloody well right with their “Blood”, which is a splattered mess that comes in three different layers, for your convenience. Oh, and the blood spatters on my Fight Club pants?? - the other guys...erm, ok, it wasn’t a guy, I ran into a light pole - moving on. Of course, what's a good bleed without bandages?? Winter Moon and Verdruss had me covered….get it??...covered??...ok, yes, I'm tired - it's either the four hours sleep a night or the obviously massive blood loss, take your pick.

I really wanted to show off the new eyes I got today, so at the risk of bleeding out, I moved my bandage to show you at least one. MR Designs eyes are realistic looking, come in a crap load of color combinations, and I like the cool reflection in them - or in the one that I still have vision out of anyways.

Everything's beginning to fade.…tell Ma I love her.…tell Dove I'm sorry about farting when she was under the sheets - oh, and tell Milla nobody dares me to rawk girl's stockingssssssssssssssss…..

(editor's note – PETA stand down, no actual pigs were stuck in the making of this post)

Punk By Proxy (N/A?) – Bloody Striped Armwarmers
Primitive Designs – Fight Club Pants (Black)
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Homicidal Boots
Emover – Bloody Bracer
No Mercy – Blood
Winter Moon – Gauzed For Men
Verdruss – Bandage Food
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 – 21
Chase – Wild Surf Hair (coal black)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When good guys turn plaid...

Ok, I really wanted to use a good guy in this post, but Nic was busy…so you're stuck with me - but I did get the plaid!! Considering the only plaid I could find in my RL closet are two kilts, it's hard to explain how much I'm attracted to plaid here…but like a cat to catnip, I saw this outfit in Indi Designs and scant minutes later, it was gracing my nubile form. The pants themselves are great, ripped up, kind of punky with the obligatory chains hanging down my arse…what really sealed the deal for me though, was the very choice greens they used in the plaid texture.

Kiki's Closet helped me wrap my plaid in delicious, leathery blackness (as if there was any doubt I would choose leather). I think the details on both the belt/boots are great, the chains and studs contrast so well against the deep black leather…they both come in three different contrast colors (black, red, and silver) - and they’re cheap - my Scottish gramps would be so proud of me!! (or not, once he found out I bought all six variations) My last ninja-shopping session produced both this good looking brown leather jacket from Arai (60 lindens gramps!!!).…and this safety pin tie from amerie's Naughty - the flexi tie has some neat detail on it, you're going to have to take my word on that…c'mon, would I lie?....much?

Being the full moon tonight, I needed a hair to wear that would look good as I sit and howl away to my neighbour's discontent (I like to call it crooning). I thought this Mohawk Neko from Find Ash fit the bill.…shaggy enough to almost be a mane, it's just wild, unruly goodness.

Speaking of unruly goodness, it's almost time for my 3 o'clock show on our treehouse strip pole.…if you need me, I'll be bringing home the bacon one folded up dollar bill at a time!!

Find Ash – Mohawk Neko (Classic Black)
amerie's NAUGHTY – Safety Pin Tie (Black Check)
Arai – Leather Jacket (Brown)
Kikis Closet – Bluff Belt (Black), Bluff Boots (Black)
Sinistyle – Manhandled Black Gloves
AITUI – 4 Captive Bead Lip Rings
Skanks-R-Us – Earline Piercings
Indi Designs – Luke Outfit (Green Pants)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beck in Black...

The first time I met Feri Beckenbauer, he was wielding a ninja sword and filleting Bo in the most savage manner….needless to say, the clothes he makes could have been total shite and I would have liked them!! Fortunately for all of us, his boots and clothes are far from that.

Feri’s Razor Trench Coat was a real stand out to me, even with Bo’s blood all over it, or maybe because of that?? Either way, it's sleek and black with nine different prim attachments to flesh the jacket out with - the razor spiked cuffs and belt make the coat more menacing than Kallisto in her teddy on man prowl at Armidi.…be afraid, be very afraid!!

Another thing that Feri Beckenbauer really knows is boots…thank goodness he was great enough to make these Perish boots from the girl's outfit in men's too. I already had the black and red crayons ready to make the protest sign and it was going to get ugly!! The detail and texture on the boots are gorgeous, and the steel-toe pieces on the outside - that's the right kind of badarse - where's my harley??

For some mad reason, Bitter Thorns decided to call this hair the “Wild” hair....I think I bought it in the summer and just now stumbled on it in my inventory, as is my custom. Not only does it live up to its name by looking suitably wild, but you're also liable to poke eyes out on the dancefloor - I know, I tried!! After wearing it for two days, I was just about to take it off when I decided to read the notecard that came with it....and wow....this hair is scripted and you can retexture the color of the bangs in two sections and the main strands in two sections as well, with a choice of 12 different textures - who knew notecards had useful information??

And now, I need to put on my Borat bathing suit and head to Armidi.…I'm gonna help Kalli scare the men out of the deep grass so we can net a keeper….wish us luck!!

MiaSofia In-World Photo Location

Bitter Thorns – Wild Hair (Black)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 12
Form – Tilt Dark Jeans
DMC – Thermal (Black)
Aitui – 4 Captive Bead Lip Rings, Bridge Spikes & Circular Septum Barbell
Beckenbauer Productions – Perish Boot, Razor Trench Coat
Kyoot Army – Dark Bella Morte Belt
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Purty in Pink...

I have a hangover....a Valentine's day hangover that is. Don’t be surprised, I'm not just some gruff hoodlum that wears dresses. I do have a sensitive side that loves fluffy clouds and shower shows at the local strip joint too - speaking of which (that’s a segue, bishes, take note).…there was no way I could pass up this wet t-shirt from Emporio Naima…it’s so damned cool, it’s see through in all the proper places and it definitely left me pining for this Canadian winter to end!!

Feeling sentimental, I did a “pink” search in my inventory, then painstakingly searched through the myriad of items (4) that I ended up with. As soon as I saw the word “pink” and “camos” in the same folder, I knew I had a win!! These pants from Forgotten come with prim pocket/cuff combos and I actually love the color combination…I definitely won't wait til next VD day to break them out again. One thing I wonder, though, is in exactly which environment these pants would keep you safe from the enemies prying eyes? While I was deciding on a belt to keep these bad boys up, Muism kindly informed me that they had a brand new belt just waiting for the privilege - one semi-laggy tp later, and voila!! First of all, they had me at “skull,” second, it’s the same high quality that I've come to expect from Muism, and third, I really like the “belt floppy thing” (Tm by Dove Swanson) that hangs down at the buckle.

Anyways, loaded in pink and feeling like I might be overcome with emotion at any moment, it's time to go grab Dove and do what I should have done with her on VD day if it wasn’t so hard for me to show my emotions - yes, that’s right, I'm going to grab her, build a pillow fort in the living room of the tree house and watch the entire Die Hard library with her!! Ain't lub grand?

Long Awkward Pose – Poses Male Set 4
Muism – Oct Skull Leather Belt
Needful Things – Freaky NekoEyes Freaky 2
Atomic Kitty – Fishbone Necklace
FORM – Klunk Boots (Black)
Darkstar Designs – The Forsaken Steampunk Goggles
AITUI – 4 Captive Bead Lip Rings, Kaki Toto Tattoo
Emporio Naima – Wet Tshirt
Primitive Designs – Spiked Cuffs (Shadow Dark)
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails, Tube Socks (Black)
Truth – Kensei Hair (Black)
Forgotten – Pink Camos

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Matador...

After viewing at least a solid week's worth of smexy women in their lacy knickers, I was moved to make a risqué valentine's post of my own. Oh sure, I slinked around in a hawt dress earlier, but those devilish glitch pants did their job admirably and hid all my bits.…not so today!!

As I pondered on how best to show some skin, my mind kept drifting back to Pierce Brosnan’s recent movie The Matador - any misconceptions I may have had about Pierce were completely washed away when he balls-up pulled off the sweetest anti-bond scene ever. The image of drunk, aging hitman Julian Noble walking through a crowded hotel lobby in nothing but a black speedo and cowboy boots is burned indelibly into my brain…and it’s not such a bad thing!! I can't really do him justice here, but maybe, just maybe, in another fifteen years, I can in RL - I’ll meet you all at the Hotel Del Rey, Costa Rica, Valentine's Day 2023, just in time for my mid-life crisis!! Be there, you know you wanna. By the way, those aren’t Casa del Shai’s black boxers with (in)famous codpiece attached, I'm just really happy to see you!!

After wearing this around SL for a few days, my false modesty kicked in and I decided to make an outfit of it. I started it with my favorite cowboy boots, Gutterblood’s Slanders and topped them with the Reborn pants in black from AITUI. These pants are great, real versatile, easy to wear casual or semi formal - oh, plus they come in black!! Heh. I finally unpacked this sweet workshirt from WRONG that I bought lord knows when - kudos on making prim sleeves that were bigger than a condom and I didn’t have to stretch to BumfechEgypt to make fit.

Realizing I needed to buy glasses for this post, I took a mortgage out on the treehouse and was just heading to Cake Island to buy them when Dove suggested checking out primOptic. I'm glad I did, the glasses make me want to wear my sunglasses at night!! I'm more than happy with the quality, they’re loaded with options and gadgets, and you can tint the lenses more colors than I have empty beer bottles on my computer desk - let's pretend that’s a really small number, shall we?

Alright, I'm done….smoke'em if you got'em and Happy Anti V-Day!!

Casa del Shai – Basic Boxer Briefs & Package (Black)
Moderno – Keith Hair (Nocturne)
Wrong – Work Shirt (Skull)
Savvy Avvy – Leather Cuff Watch Set (Earth)
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails
Aitui – Reborn Pants (Black), Ariki Traditional Upper Body (Black)
booN – WG15 Belt
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Slander Boots
primOptic Glasses – Vizion
Tiki Tattoo – Black Pearl Necklace
The Good Life – Broder Hair (Midnight)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

These boots were made for...

….walking? Sure, maybe…more likely kicking arse though - all I know for sure is after the apocalypse, we might not have much food, or water, or even shelter, but apparently we will have barbwire!! A total shite load of it, I'd say, based on the amount of post-apoc, barb wired bracers, wraps, and boots you can find in SL when searching its grubby corners.

If you’re going to walk down the barb wire highway though, you need to check out Tonk Tomcat's new boots, the “Insane” boot. If you ever need to help grampa fix the fence on the “back 40,” these bishes are full of wire and nails!! Not surprisingly, the boots are high prim, full of amazing detail and textures - check out the freaking shadows under the laces, are you kidding me? As is his custom, Tonk scripted these boots too, amazingly so. They come in 3 different sizes, you can change the boot color (4), the lace colors (5), hide the barbed wire and the steel toe cap, they come with 4 different walking sounds that can be turned on and off and they will even get up in the middle of the night and change your baby's diapers!! Ok, I took liberties, but I’m sure he could do it if he wanted…

Just to be sure I didn’t run out of wire, I threw on Primitive Design's Reptile Blutnarr Bracelets - and then there’s the belt. I love this Awe Scull belt from Yukirei, just check the awesome chrome detail on the frontpiece. I did some creative modding with this belt, but only because I so dearly love editing, unlinking and deleting - not only does it help me get in touch with swearwords I thought I had forgotten, but all that teeth grinding is so very soothing.

Anyways, I need to go shite, shower and shave, I've got a hot date with singer Leslie Feist at the Orpheum tonight - the voices that talk to me through my table lamp assure me that the restraining order was a complete mistake and she really really digs me…wish me luck!!

Needful Things – NT Eyez 12
F.A.T – Raw T-Style V1
FNKY – Antonio Tan – Emo & Stubble, Bullring Nose
Homicide Design – Drone Jacket Dark
One Soul – Dirty Cargo Pants Brown
Primitive Designs – Blutnarr Bracelets Reptile
Simply Britnee – Brandon Mohawk Black
Sinistyle – Osiris Leg Strap, Tube & Dirty Gym Socks Black
Skanks R Us – Earlines Piercings, Tri Lip Piercings
Yukirei – Awe Scull Belt
Aitui – Standard Neck Cooler Red
Tonktastic – Insane Boots

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Belle of the balls...

So, when one of the up-and-coming young designers of SL drops free clothes on you, what are you going to do? Wear them of course (even if it is a dress)! The Valle Dark dress by Triangle Caudron!! I was going to wear it to the GLAM show yesterday, but somehow my invite got lost in the mail…*cough * bishes! *cough*…but never to be deterred, I decided to let my star shine today instead!!

This Valle dress from Ghost is hands down the greatest dress in my inventory - ok, it’s the only one - but that's not the only reason it's the greatest. First of all, it’s black!! I love the train, once you put it on I dare you not to twirl in circles like a blue tick hound chasing his tail. Or, squeal like a schoolgirl, the way I did, as you watch the train envelop everything around you like a sexy black fog. Triangle's texturing is getting so fine…especially check out the satin/lace glitch pants, you’ll find reasons to wear them without the dress - or Dove will find a reason for you, like she did for me last night.

After wearing the dress for a little while, I realized the only shoes that would do it justice were my old favorites - the Post Apoc boots by Gutterblood Spoonhammer. Plus, you never know when you might have to kick a drunk ape on the dance floor right in the package - and these are the kind of boots you don’t mind getting blood on!!

Complimenting this dress' awesome lacey shoulder finery is one of the new tattoos from Aitui, the Mask. Atop my dome is the Ellis hair from Muism…Dove says it makes me look purty, oh so purty, and you know, I have to agree!! Now it’s your turn, go buy it and make it work dammit!!

This liberated post was brought to you by the letter G, for Ghost and Gutterblood and the number 10, as in I bet I’m 10 times hotter in it than you’re going to be, so reap it!!

Ghost – Valle Dark Dress
Muism – Ellis Hair (Black)
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Post Apoc Boots
AITUI – Masks Tattoo (Fresh)
FNKY – Antonio Tan (Emo & Stubble)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 21
LAP – Poses
Tiki Tattoo – Black Pearl Necklace

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I saw red...

With all the Valentine's stuff on the feed these days, it was inevitable that I was going to begin rooting in my inventory for things red, crimson, wine, rose, maroon and otherwise. As I was struggling to put together something I really liked, Refuge saved the day by deciding to make my favorite leather pants (and Dove's fav arse pants) in red!! They are officially gurl pants, but I love them anyways...although, be warned, they are a little low cut, so you risk a plumber's crack - that wouldn’t be a first for me, in either life.

As great as the pants are, after seeing Cleo work them with her sexy curves, I realized I was going to need help to look half as hot. My first stop was at Versteck, for their cool star gloves and this red Striped Pullover - not only was it a great match to the pants, but just in case I get chubby eating all the chocolates I meant to give as gifts, I can blame the stripes!!

I was still working on the outfit and ninja shopping at the same time, when I came across Krius Misfit on a mission of his own - after some frenetic zooming and inspecting, I tp'd to his store, Sinistyle, and broke the bank. I decided these seven-buckle Blasphemy boots were total keepers!! The texturing is awesome and I like the way that they fall somewhere between mega-goth and scrubby biker boot, making them versatile and easy to wear with different outfits. I finished my leather buffet with the Nemesis belt and Osiris leg straps, and tossed on the Fire necklace from Primitive Designs to complete my red-hawtness (lame pun intended).

Anyways, I’m off to eat more chocolate roses and bon-bons and work on my Valentine's Day booty - watch out Cleo, I'm coming for you!!

Versteck – Red Pullover, Star Gloves
Refuge – Leather Pants (red)
Sinistyle – Blasphemy Boots, Nemesis Belt, Osiris Leg Straps
Primitive Design – Steel Series Fire Necklace
BooN – BON75 Hair (black)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 21

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hump Day

Hump Day - nDefinition: the middle of the workweek, usually Wednesday - that being said, since it’s hump day, I decided to blog the suit most likely to get me humped!! The Luna suit from Casa del Shai. This suit just works so well together.…the dark navy pants and jacket look so rich, especially against the white barong shirt that comes with it. Plus, did I mention that whenever I put it on, I get humped!! It's almost enough to make you forget about the color black.…almost.

Adding shiny, humpy, goodness to my suit is this belt, the WG15 from booN - be aware, I spent a goodly sum of time modding this belt and swearing frequently all the while....but at the end of the day, this belt came out total greatness. If you’re not down, the suit does come with its own belt, but then you’d miss out on the cursing. I spent a whole day with Dove last month looking for a watch that wasn’t suck, and the winner was this Seamaster watch from SteinWerk. Not only is it a great looking watch, but it actually works and comes with a HUD that I couldn’t be half arsed ™ to ever use - it also beeps on the hour, every hour and it only took me a day to figure out where the sound was coming from!!

I figure if you’re going to own only one pair of brown shoes in SL, pick these Spencers made by Fallingwater Cellardoor. The shoes have a nice sheen and I love the details - like the straps and buckles. They're casual enough to work well with a less formal looking suit like the Luna…how well do they work, you ask? Well, I'm probably getting humped as you read this!! Or I’m at the gym, working out and looking at myself in the mirror and wondering how feching long has it been since I last got humped? Maybe I need to buy this suit in RL and get the hell out of the sweats...

Armidi - The Individual (true black)
Needful Things - nt eyez 21
Casa del Shai – The Luna Suit
booN – WG15
SteinWerk – Seamaster
Shiny Things – Spencers(brown),Belou Necklace