Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skull & Moans

One day, I would really love to be a quiet observer inside Santa’s workshop - aka The Bare Rose clothing factory....I’m pretty sure they would give those little elves a run for the money. It confounds me how they are able to consistently put out a steady stream of men’s and women’s outfits, chock full of every attachment you could think to wear. I was kind of having a rant because their last release seemed to be two ladies outfits and nothing for the hairier sex - I was in mid moan when Dove pointed out the Hell Fire outfit for men....tis too bad really, cus it was going to be a great moan!!

Hell Fire is a overcoat/camo pant combination that comes in three different colors (black, dark brown, light brown), the jacket comes with six different prim attachments, and there's gloves, necklace and a tattoo to boot!! The overcoat has the sweetest long tattered tails on it…not since I squeezed into Tri’s Valle dress have I had so much fun simply walking around. I also dig the curvy shoulder prims and the high rounded collar…in fact, I liked this jacket so much it was a full day before I even noticed it was gray!!

Scrounging what ever attach points Bare Rose left me, I decided to adorn myself with trinkets of various shapes and sizes - somewhere along the way, a skullish theme seemed to happen (maybe not such a surprise given my tastes). Starting on my head, I unpacked (literally) my Virus Co. skully top hat, and dropped it on for a very “something wicked this way comes” look - I like the crimson band on this hat, and it has more skulls than my rabbit graveyard!! As a bonus, you can wear hair underneath this hat, which really should be more common. The skull adorning continued with my face, where I applied my nifty Aitui skull face tat...*waits for Bo to try to wipe it off with a wet finger*….

Next stop, midsection….heh, sounds like some kind of erotic elevator, doesn’t it? You know you all want to stay for one more floor. The Works provided both belt and bracelets, appropriately skully.…I took close ups because I think the textures on the belt are great, and the sculpty prims are very realistic - oh, and they have skulls, I mentioned that, right?

Moving down to the……ha!! pelvis stops for you perverts!! I have been waiting for a chance to wear these Skull Crusher Boots from Civvies - if not with this outfit, then when?? (except maybe with my next dress review) The details on these boots are brilliant, and hey, can you really go wrong with big old skulls on the end of your feet?? That being said, I’m off to jam more memory in this computer, not that I don’t love crashing out of SL every time my avatar burps!!

Aitui – Fire Fish Tattoo (fresh), Skull 01 Face Tattoo
Bare Rose – Hell Fire Outfit
Broken – Torn Fishnet Armlets
Civvies – Skull Crusher Boots
Inone Style – T Shirt (black)
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - #6
Muism – Shaggy Hair (black)
The Works – Skull Cuffs, Steel Skull Belt
Tiki Tattoo – Starfish Necklace
Virus Co. – Ringmaster Skully TopHat
Location - Toxian City


Kallisto Destiny said...

You are the king of attachments and gadgets. Very kewl Law.

/me moans


Lawless McBride said...

want some skulls to go with that?

Kallisto Destiny said...

/me raises hand, yes peez...nini

BoRee Vella said...

i'll wipe my wet finger somewhere else if you don't watch it mr. mcbride :D

Winter Jefferson said...

Ringmaster of Death - very classy.

You could call it an homage to Alice Cooper if you so desired.

Chrisy Jewell said...

/me loves Barerose-/me always loves Law's choices! :D

Elusyve said...

oh pooh..You went and blogged hellfire before me...grrrrr...I was taking my staring shots last night (its true dammit..they are on flickr..LOL), and the most funny thing is..oh yeah philotics top hat..but..I shall admit, you made it look whoa way better than moi..I fought the law and the law won!

Lawless McBride said...

@Bo...are you offering me a wet willy??...or a prostrate exam??..cus im down for either, or both!!!
@Winter...ill get right on my billion dollar baby post!!! thanks to you, i have more Barerose to wear....polishes his shield and sword
@Elusyve...i only did the boys side, elusyve, go for it!!! im not orange enough to bring out the real fire...