Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hottest Male Ava - WHOA!

It's me, Dove. I'm stealing control of Law's blog for a moment to direct your attention to this:

If you could go there and at least cast one vote for Law, I'd love you forever. Law wouldn't normally post something like this on his blog, or use it for this purpose - so shhhh this is top secret. heehee.

Okay, I promise I won't do this again ...unless he's in the "Hottest Male Who Wishes he was an Elf 08 Christmas List" ...then I might.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blame it on the Rain...

No, this is not my incredibly epic ode to Rob and Fab, but a nod to the changing of the guard in Vancouver - as the sun prepares to go wherever the hell it goes for the next four months or so and we do our best impression of the UK. Yes, sadly it's time to fold up my well-worn tangerine speedo and break out the trench coat…or in this case, go buy a trench coat. Making that purchase more than easy was SF Design, with one brilliantly detailed piece of work. The coat has some very sweet texturing, and prim cuffs, shoulder straps, with a flexi bottom in small and large sizes - my favorite part is the collar though... standing up at just the right angle (I was going to say “standing erect," but then Winter would be distracted all day tomorrow and not get any work done…see how I have your back?).

Having come into some money lately (Dove's), I decided to take the plunge and go to Redgrave to get some new Fall footwear! My new black leather boots are nicely detailed, and the best part is that I don’t have to shine or waterproof them…..ever....not that I do that in RL, but it’s on my voluminous list of things to do. While I was on my spending spree, I dropped in at Muism to get me some jeans…the Vintage Jeans come in several variations, and though I'm usually shite with choices, it's always easy when one of the choices is “dirty.” The jeans are great, but I already knew, cus I saw Nic rocking a pair last month…don’t tell him though, lord knows his head is big enough already…or was that his feet?...shrugs…

The very best thing about summer's end in Vancouver is that your hair care = wearing a toque for four months…think of all the shampoo and conditioner you save!! Panache and Kari obviously understand this philosophy and thus provided me with a new beanie and hair, can't you just feel the love? Appropriately messy and black, it’s the cap stone to my gloomy alley “hey mate, do you want to buy a watch ™” look! Yeah, that’s right, I trademarked that look, so step back you poaching bishes! Last but never least, Lurvebite’s Sofia London gave me my Toasty Thermal Shirt...if you’ve never checked her out, go for the following reasons; she's cute, she makes different things (in a good way), and I said so!!

And on that note, I'm off to watch people fall out of their underwear on Survivor….does it get any better than that?

Redgrave - Boots (Black Leather)
Muism - Vintage Jeans (rolled up cuff/dirty)
Panache ZF & Kari - New School Hair – Blacks
SF Design - Trench Coat (charcoal)
Belleza - Ewan Skin (1-E)
Primitive Design – Primitive Cigarette, Studded Belt
Yabusaka – 09 Flare Ring
eXcess - Shaded Eyes (blue)
Lurvebite - Toasty Thermal Shirt (plain)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr October

For those of you keeping score at home, baseball playoffs are just around the corner - of course, being in Canada, I'm far more excited about the upcoming provincial sled-dog championships and igloo building extravaganza, but that’s another post. Realizing no slugger is complete without a bat, Primitive Design brings you the “action bat," blood, spikes and all!!

Yeah, that’s right, the Yankees might not be swinging any bats come next week, but I sure as hell will be! This bat is fully functional in RP sims, if that’s your bag of marbles - after chasing Dove all over the tree house for a few hours, I can vouch for its functionality…they say you only hurt the ones you love, right? As much as I've sort of had my fill of camouflage pants, I've got far too big of a man crush on Geyer Schnyder to leave the store without buying a few pairs of his new Camo Pants...bedecked with prim cuffs and side pockets, they come in both long or short versions and I won't judge you if you get some too!

Speaking of crushes, my crush on the store name Skanks-R-Us led me back there following a fashcon notice, where we met Poe Tatum, the skank herself! If you're looking for somebody to swoon over, you need to go there and behold her in all her glorious skankiness, you won't be disappointed (unless you really expected her to be a skank, then you're shite out of luck, but yeah…). Either way, I found some more trinkets of lovely delight there, two of which I'm about to share your way. First, the steampunky “Biker Goggles”…great detailing, with a futuristic bad arse flair, and scripted to boot! Next on the Skank's list is my Grungy Boots, perfect for sliding into home plate feet first…it takes a special kind of catcher to brave the steel toe caps! All of my shiny things came from Yabusaka today…do I really need to break it down for you? I mean, look at those pictures…wicked details, unique in a good way, and the dragon has a glowing stone in its mouth! All those reasons and more are why Yabusaka is like crack to me.

And now, speaking of crack, I'm off to try to pry Dove off of Plurk.....pray for me.

Oh, and go Cubs!!

Yabusaka – 03 Bracelet, 03 Necklace, 09 Flare Ring
WMD- Sugoi "Skull of an Oriental Bastard" Long Black T
Uncle Web - Hibiki Hair (cool black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings, Grungy Boots, Biker Goggles (V4)
Primitive Design - Studded Belt , Primitive Cigarette, Action Bat, Camo Pants (grey/clean)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
SiniStyle - Faded Black Nails

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grimly Fiendish

Hooray September!! Although it means the end of another summer, for me personally, September means my community service is over and I can hang up the orange coveralls, trash picker and get back to blogging! So, I took a fashion dart and randomly threw it at my burgeoning inventory, I wasn’t surprised when I hit a Bare Rose outfit (*cough* homeawayfromhome*cough*)….in this case, their new Grim Boy Outfit. I really love the fact that their prims are getting better and better as time progresses, considering they already had me at “hello” …this outfit is definitely proof positive.

The outfit comes in three colors (blue, grey, and brown), the jacket, shirt and skirt basics have a dozen various prim attachments to play with (and I thought 3 balls was fun!). A standout to me would be the leg straps, just because I've not really seen anything like them before…even though they would make running from my parole officer a total shite endeavor. The belt and bag are brilliantly detailed, and the feathers look real enough to tickle someone's arse with (looks for any takers…), it has skulls on it!! Yeah, I'm easy, didn’t we all know?

Of course, I discovered this cool hawk all on my own, do you even know who I am?? .......Or maybe it was Winter, all that trash picking in the hot sun has withered my memory down to nada - either way, the Double Duster is black and wild and definitely right up my alley. My skin is one of the Adam skins from Fallen Gods…seriously, I was around two years old when he was relevant, but in retrospect, I decided Adam Ant was one of the coolest guys to wear a pirate outfit and sing about fetish and sex - so when I saw this skin inspired by him, I was on it like an ant to sugar. While it won't be displacing my FNKY anytime soon, I love the face makeup and the gothy pale hues…and with that, I return to the world that is blog, farmer tan and all!!

And now for something completely different, my SL avatard of the week award! This week's winner is for one particular so-called “SLebrity” hanging around in the new “it” club with her “it” clique making snide remarks in third person about people who aren’t blessed enough to be one of her crowd…all those things don’t make you cool, they just prove that another RL asshat figured out how to make a pretty avatar…here's hoping that in the future, you can figure out a way to be a blip on the radar without being a twat…cheers to you, donkeyfresh wateveryournameis!!

The Stringer Mausoleum - Double Duster Hair (black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Fallen Gods Inc. - Adam Skin (Stand and Deliver)
Bare Rose - Grim Boy Outfit
Monogrind - Combat Boots

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Samurai Smackdown!!!

Nope, it's not the WWE’s latest pay-per-view extravaganza, it’s the hottest off the press Express Zenovka's blogging brain child - two bloggers, one cup…erm, no, that’s not right, one cage, two bloggers enter, only one blogger emerges…hmmm, not quite right either…I think I'll let him do the splaining. Basically the gist of the matter is I had to build an anime samurai warrior on a *gulp*…limited budget!!...and yes, it was as painful as it sounds. I mean, to get me all excited about shopping for samurai coolness and then limit me to 3,000 linden is both cruel and unusual punishment…it’s the kind of depraved idea that could only be born in a mind as dark, perverse, and discombobulated as Mr. Express Zenovka - but being the good sport that I am, I bravely pressed on, lindens in hand.

I was going to just mimic the samurai outfit that I blogged a few months back cus it was cheap as borsht but Dove said I wasn’t allowed to jump on the bed anymore during my photo shoots. Bloodied but unbeaten, I decided to keep Aoharu's Samurai hair and start anew. As much as I like the hair, when I saw this Samurai hat at Hanzo Blades Armory, I knew it was a winner…bad arse and lending a definite air of mystery to my future warrior, it was my first purchase…coincidentally, we ran into Express there as well…stalk much buddy??

The bulk of my outfit is sort of a mix and match, but I'd venture to say that you could buy either Discord's Kou-Ga outfit or Traum's Cyberpunk Ninja outfit as stand alones and you'd be pleased as punch. The color scripted boots are from the Kou-Ga set, with a heap of different color options and some great detailing, in my never humble opinion. Realizing that all future samurais know how to rawk cyber wings, the Cyberpunk outfit had just the right set to help me release my inner ronin. Now, while it is true that a samurai could kill you with just a fierce sneer and a rose petal, they also realize that chicks dig guys with skills and swordplay is way up high on the list…which leads us to my Devil Crow Swords from Discord. I'm not sure I've ever seen a Devil Crow, but holy hell, if they look anything like these swords, I don’t want them picking around in my garbage bags at the curb anytime soon…and just incase I don’t want to get blood on my samurai threads, my Shuriken belt is chock full of throwing star and knife goodness!!

So yeah, that was my Samurai 3,000 linden adventure in a nutshell. I even listed the prices to prove I didn’t cheat. Of course, that doesn’t mean I'm not going to go back to some of those stores and break the damned bank…and while I'm doing that, you should break your damned finger voting for me in this contest…and not because Express doesn’t wash his hands after he pees or because he has a hairy arse, not even because my outfit looked better than his, no, mostly I want you to vote for me because every vote for me is a vote for Free Tibet!!....unless you're happy with the situation there, in that case a vote for me will be a vote for things to remain unchanged….oh, that and the fact that every vote for Express = a dead kitten somewhere in the world…do you really want that on your conscience? Help me, help you!!....Lawless.

Dragon Claw Clan - Hoe Shuriken Belt (380 linden)
2C Eyes - Spotted8 Super Real Red Eyes (93 linden)
Discord - SCC Devil Crow Sword (70 linden)
Hanzo Blades Armory - Death and Life Samurai Hat (150 linden)
Traum - Cyberpunk Ninja Outfit (500 linden)
Moonlight Sindrome – Syounen Outfit (Jacket) (80 linden)
Discord – Kou-Ga Outfit (Boots) (300 linden)
Aoharu – Japanese Samurai Hair (150 linden)
FORM – Skin Pale Hair No Facial Eyeliner 1 (750 linden)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fresh Pie

Here's some things you probably didn’t know about Pie. First off, Pie is a person, not a baked good and her real name is Pill Randt (don’t call her Pie to her face or she might call you something back…ie: “braless”). Secondly, she collects B&E’s like Dove collects socks (she puts the “mature” in mature sim). Thirdly, and bestly, she started building stuffs!! Case in point, my brand new Pillbugg Bunny Hat. I like it heaps, in fact, I liked it enough to spend twenty minutes making my hair peek out underneath it…yup, that’s true love!! It comes in five different colors, including pink - I’d show you, but I didn’t want to steal Winter's thunder.

Although I was quite content to walk around all day naked as a bunny, Dove said she can't concentrate on her procrastination when I'm all nude, so she made me go shopping!! Armed with my essential checklist, I hopped into Miau Haus and checked out the jeans there. Are they black? check! Are they festooned with skulls? check! Are they black? check! Nicely faded, and kind of wrinkly…I'm going to say not off the bedroom floor wrinkled, more like under the damp towel in the laundry hamper wrinkled - not that I'd wear something out of my laundry hamper. The leather jacket isn’t the most detailed thing you’ve ever worn, but come on, the shop's name is AyYaiYai!! Total winner, it's going onto my cool name's list right under Skanks-R-Us. The jacket is pretty simple, but it does come with some prim cuffs, plus everytime you wear it you can say AyYaiYai in your worst Mexican accent (the editor and staff would like to apologize to anyone offended by anything Lawless Mcbride says but c'mon, do you even know who he is?).

So if we were all in high school right now, Kari’s new high top chucks would be the ones that you'd be pestering your folks for each and every day after school…c'mon please please please?? All the other cool SL kids are wearing them!! I'm pretty much still in love with my Pornstars, if only for all the options you get from the scripts, but these shoes are nicely worn in, kind of scuffed and dirtied up a bit, and they do have some cool pictures…how could mum and dad say no? Lastly, I threw on another Sey trinket, this time the Kabbalah necklace…not only does it look great, but it protects you from the dreaded evil eye, one of the most destructive forces in the universe!! I would know, Dove gives me one everytime I push her off the treehouse deck when she’s afking. So yeah, two in a row, look at me go!! Anyway, if you need me, I'm going to be searching under the wet towel in my hamper for something to wear tomorrow…remember everyone, dress for success!!

*Pillbugg's* – Conejito Hat
Primitive Design – Anarchy Buckle Belt
Miau Haus – Skull Jeans (black)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo
Armidi Hair - The Individual - Midnight Collection
Kari - S&S&T High Tops Sneakers
Tuli - Piercing Eyes (blue)
Puncture - Satiated Facial Piercing Set
AyYaiYai - Impress Leather Jacket (charcoal)
Sey - Kabbalah Necklace

Back by Popular Demand!!!

And by popular demand, I mean Berry said she missed me, so how could I stay away? These twelve hour work days really knocked the wind out of my blogging sails but I'm really tired of wearing the same outfit for days on end... so fatigue be damned!! I'll tell you what though, if you're going to be stuck in the same outfit in SL, you could do much worse - although I'm going to have the worst case of hat hair, ever!! You’ve probably seen the new Argrace baseball cap before, but you seriously need to stop seeing it and start owning it - not only does this hat come with hair, but it's also the sweetest, curliest, mess. Goodbye half hour of modding my hair to fit underneath while I make up curse words that would make BoRee blush. As a bonus, the hat comes with scripted sizing and color changes…..and it looks good, most important when you’re out searching for your sugar momma!!

Next up is the Men's Used Shirt from Yamy.... I'm drawn to wrinkly, lived-in, comfortable looking clothes - this shirt looks like one of my bedroom floor “pickup and sniff the pit” winners that I managed to squeeze one more day of lounging about in. Decently drawn, nice shading, a nice white shirt that’s made to work with some faded denims. Which brings us to Miu’s ZXM jeans…these jeans are all about the flares…kind of faded with heavy stitching, they’re the jeans that make you shout “Eureka!!” when you find them in the last rack in the thrift store. Ok, if you really shout Eureka out loud in thrift stores, you prolly need to take those meds you think you don’t need anymore…but anyways…

Kalnins Optics makes some really cool, different looking sunglasses. I had seen them blogged before but it wasn’t until Domch tried to blind me with some neon yellow shop walls that I realized how badly I needed a pair. Scripted with a shite load of options that I'm loathe to list here, they are funky enough to let you get your inner diva or rawkstar on (whichever your preference). Helping remove the tarnish that “Walk like an Egyptian” put on the word “bangle”, Sey made this very sweet Sun Leather bangle. A picture being worth an infinite number of the words that dribble forth from my gob, I will say no more and let you stare admiringly at it whilst you fill in your own adjectives, punctuated by the occasional “oooh” and "aaaah." That being said, I'm off to change and throw these clothes in the laundry basket where they belong…(or the floor until the next sniff and wear)…

Kalnins Optics – Bordino Sunglasses
Argrace – Baseball Cap (curly black)
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops
Skanks R Us – Earlines Piercings
Love Soul - Mens Nails (cross black)
Yamy - Mens Used Shirt (white)
Miu' - ZXM Jeans Z501 Boy
Sey - Cuffs Necklace, "Sun" Leather Bangle

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Damn near kilt him...

There's two ways to end up with a skin like this. Number one, head down to the beach early on Canada Day with a gallon or two of sangria, some tanning butter and your banana hammock and waste away the day on a beach towel - George Hamilton eat yer heart out!! Or you can jump off the melanoma highway and grab MiaSnow's Rodaidh Drow Skin. Since I spent most of my fechin holiday stuck on a bridge for six hours whilst the cops talked a jumper down from her perch, Mia's option was the one I took as well…but I'm not complaining…I'm no Drow expert, but I like her skins - her Drow's offer subtle changes in the face shadows and even blue war paint!!

It seemed so natural to get badarse once I slipped into this skin and I knew just the hair to start with: Thea Tamuras Punk Vein Hair. I only discovered this hair because I saw the word “punk” in the fashcon notice, kudos to her for so deftly taking advantage of my three second attention span. Kind of a rapunzel from the wrong side of town look, I'm not sure I'll be rocking this hair with a lot of outfits, but it definitely fit the bill here. I dusted off my Aitui nipple rings to celebrate the holiday, after a little adjusting they are ready to roll, in sl anyways - as a side note, although I've pierced several bits and bobs of my RL body, hell will freeze over before I ever mess with my nipples, or chest clits as I so affectionately have come to call them!!

Several months ago, I came across a dude wearing a madly detailed kilt, which of course led me to inspect my way to the store myself. While the outfit was incredible and a total prim fest, I was feeling cheap (a throwback to my ancestors?), so I saved a landmark and decided to come back another day. Another day almost never happened, because finding that LM two months later was akin to Scrooge McDuck finding a particular penny in his swollen money vault - like a bloodhound on a trail, I persisted though, and after TPing into 200 random stores or so, I found my Roman Legionnaire Heavy Armor Outfit, all 442 prims of it! But what prims they are - from the studded kilt, to the gauntlets and boots, this is one of the best historical outfits I almost never bought!!

On that note, today is the 4th of July, so I best get onto the internerd and start scouting out the most likely bridge to be caught up in a so-called “police incident" so I can be on deck bright and early. Why mess with tradition?

by Mia - Rodaidh Drow Skin 3
Groll Inn – Noble Rogue Set (ashgrey)(forearm and hand ornaments)
Aitui - Silver Hoop Nipple Rings
Thea Tamura Fashion - I Have a Punk Vein Hair Crest (black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Mikazuki Weaponry Mainstore - Roman Legionnaire Heavy Armor Outfit
(studded kilt, boots and greaves)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 22
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set (mouth and nose)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't worry, be happy...

Although I have great intentions of regularly visiting stores that I like, to see what new picking they may have laid out for me, at the end of the day, they stay intentions. Which means one day I went to a very empty Aoharu and bought a samurai hair... and a couple of months or so later, I went and the fecher was filled with clothes for boys and girls!! With so much to choose from, I decided to shake things up and buy a black outfit and see if I could make it work for me…ok, I'm a creature of habit, but hey, with no lint, or dust, or dog hair to mess with your black, it's just such a win!!

Let's start with the short cotton jacket, shall we? It comes as a jacket layer base with prim cuffs, collar, and a bottom that didn’t take too much wrangling to line up. Now, if you're going to make black clothes, don’t make them so soul-sucking black that you lose all the details - Aoharu understands this and uses some real nice shading to bring the jacket to life. Speaking of shading, the best part of this jacket?? The giant happy face on the back!! It makes me happy to know that where ever I wear this jacket, I'm not only spreading a wide swath of my particular brand of bullshite, but good will and cheer for my fellow grid walkers!! (wipes a sentimental tear from his eye) By the way, if you don’t see the happy face, you suck….keep staring at it until you do, or delete your account and go play Hello Kitty island adventure.

Ever jealous that Nic has way better capris than me, I jumped on these Clopped (sic) pants faster than Dove's gramma can shout “whats the number to 911!?!” I like the uneven cuffs and their simple casual look…and the chance to show off my tanned ankles - unlike my ghostlike RL ones (grumbles about Juneuary in Vancouver). UBU’s Pornstar slip-ons mean never having to tie your shoes all summer, which is a must when you’re half arsed…and wearing sneakers without socks….what could go wrong - other than having the most skanky smelling shoes this side of the Rockies come September! My hair was a group gift from Find Ash, which means it was free…unlike RL, free things on the grid don’t generally equate with crap…case in point. Lastly, I've been wearing a lot of summery surf jewelry of late…much of it from M.R.M - Masaru Raymaker is to tiny prim work what Dove is to poo…a master - plus I like him so I'm gonna pimp him again. And speaking of pimp, I'm off to the fashcon cafĂ© to get paid …some of those girls have been holding out on me and buying shoes at Storm Schmooz with my money dammit!!

Aoharu - Clopped Pants (black), Short Cotton Jacket (black)
Find Ash – Normal Hair (neo black)
M.R.M. - Bracelet/Necklace (mix wood/metal)
Muism - 40% Transparency Tank Top (white)
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Slip-ons

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wolf like me....

Got a curse I cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts
when the moon is round and full
gotta bust that box
gotta gut that fish….

Being an equal opportunist and already having taken a stab at the neko thing, I realized I needed to flex my canine genes - and if you're going to travel the path of the dog, don't mess around, you damned well better go with good old canine lupus: the big bad wolf!! First stop, Atomic Kitty, to get geared up with wolf ears and tail to match my genuinely wolfish grin. Matching my tail in pure shagaliciousness is my Kobra Kai Hair from Gritty Kitty, the envy of sheepdogs all around the world (little red won't be identifying you by your great big eyes if she can't see them). Be warned, wearing the Kobra Kai hair for too long may result in you running around the grid randomly shouting out “no mercy!!” and “sweep the leg!!”…not that there's anything wrong with that.

…..when the moon is round and full
gonna teach you tricks
that'll blow your
mongrel mind….

WMD, not just about jeans anymore…proof positive lays in this comfy looking Zipped Red Sweater. I love the muted red and it looks good enough to have jumped out of my closet…or more correctly, out of the pile of clothes in the general vicinity of my closet. What do big bad wolves do whilst they're waiting for lil red to show up at granny's house? The crosswords of course, fech suduko!! Bringing the fun to a pair of legs near you are Kalico Kreations' Crossword Jeans - kind of grungy and very unique in a “score” kind of way (just remember not to do the answers in permanent marker). If you survive the woodsman's axe like I did (John Wayne Bobbit assures me it will be ok), you can pop in to Mezzo and treat yourself with a trinket, I like mine heaps!! By the by, Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio is a song that you must hear by a band you must see. If you need me, I'll be at the treehouse practicing my wolf whistles while boy-Dove traipses around showing off hir moobs!!

now that we got gone for good
writhing under your riding hood
tell your gra'ma and your mama too
it's true
we're howling forever….

WMD - Zipped Red Sweater
Urban Underground - Wip'd Belt (brown), Brawler Wrist Band
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Slip-ons
Skanks-R-Us - Tri Lip Piercings
Mezzo - Buffalo Bracelet & Necklace
Kalico Kreations - Crossword Jeans
Gritty Kitty - Kobra Kai Hair (black)
Atomic Kitty - Wolf Ears/Tail (Black)

Monday, June 16, 2008

This is what it sounds like…..when sith cry..

I was maybe 18, walking downtown around 1am, wearing my favorite vans, black 501 button flys, and a skull sk8te hoodie pulled down over my shaved head, when I noticed the carload of girls watching me as I crossed in front of their idling car. Before I had a chance to gloat and add fuel to my ego's fire, I watched the girls in the passenger seat both reach up and lock the car doors…at that moment, I felt what it must be like to be Sith. Yes, the poor Sith, forever being judged because of their sinister looking hooded cloaks …and maybe the way they only care about themselves…and their willingness to use brutality to get the power they lust…annnd using their Sith sorceries to inflict misery, suffering and corruption on the masses in general…in other words, just like you and me!!

Disembodied Hand is a person that understands that Sith just want to have fun, and he proves it at Defectiva, his new store. Besides having a name that is worthy of being added to my all-time cool names list (right below Gutterblood Spoonhammer), he's got an eye for detail that should make you give him your lindens. His remake Sith Hoodie is a winner, from the skull and crossbones stormtrooper logo on the back, to a hood deep and dark enough to hide my very impressive Sith Lord Hair. Although Disembodied sells the hair separately at his store (with a few others worth taking a poke at), the Hoodie comes with or without the hair.…choose with the hair, don’t make me break out my crazy arse Sith hand lightning shite on you!!

The Return of the Bounty belt sports some real great detail, but in my opinion, it’s the texturing that takes the cake. I don’t have a lot of brown belts in-world, especially distressed looking ones because most of the time they are baby poo brown and look like crap (is that redundant?). This belt is neither, mostly because the texturing is so brilliant, it looks like a worn out belt that I could have hanging in my rl closet…erm, except for the rather large boba fett buckle (heh, winter)in front (mine has the punisher logo).

Sinistyle is definitely in touch with their dark side, which is why I covered up my full body Sith tattoos with some new leather, the Death Dealer leather pants!! I love the heavy seam work and the worn faded leather in all the right places. Blasphemy boots finish the look, with a few wrist and face spikes thrown in for good measure and voila...Le Sith!! Anyway, I'm going to go strut my stuff back on the mean streets of Korriban and see if I can get some girls to lock the doors of their land speeder.

Needfull Things – Freaky Nekoeyez - Freaky 4
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
SiniStyle - Death Dealer Black Leather Pants (from outfit), Blasphemy Boots
Primitive Design - Spiked Cuffs - Shadow Dark, Insurrection Piercing Set
Defectiva - The Remake Sith Hoodie, Return of the Bounty Belt
Location - Korriban Star Wars RP

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If the suit fits...

After spending several hours carefully calculating on my calculator, my grandfather's antique abacus, the Aztec sun calendar, and more than a few shakes of my all-knowing magic 8-ball, I’ve come to the shocking conclusion that I buy more outfits than I blog. In fact I buy more outfits than I wear….prolly even more than I unpack!! I know, I know, I'm even more surprised than you are!! In an effort to make alms for my clothes hoarding sins, I decided to share a veritable shite load of suits today - as a bonus, I decided to use Tempura Island as my backdrop so I could add halfarsed tour guide to my resume!! And on that note….

The modern black suit by Hasendow is my all time favorite black suit…it's awesomely detailed and comes with a butt load of options, with prim cuffs to boot. It’s the kind of black suit that could put the “fun” back in funeral. Virtual tourists take note, there are some real pretty trees at Tempura Island!! They say on certain days when the light is just right you can see an almost ghostly Wrath Paine wandering through the forests there on his endless search for the perfect tree. If you liked the pretty yellow trees, check out the crystals behind me while I wore the Business Suit in Olive from Simone - this suit is simple, with only three layers, but it's well drawn and I loved the gold tie…it lets you be all business without the no-fun aftertaste!!

Next on our tour de farce is Random’s Big Shot Suit in Grey, a nice single breasted, light, two layer suit, with a pile of different colored shirts and ties to spice it up. Behind me, in Tempura Island, is this cool fish tank thing or port hole or….ok, I totally forget what it was, but hey, it's not like I got paid, so there! This tweed suit from 1-800 Betties is another favorite….brill texturing and a great double breasted look with a handful of prims added in for good measure…the obvious choice for skulking around the island's marshy parts.

Bazaar's Antoine Suit is technically not a suit…heh…my ten second attention span being what it was, I think I forgot I was sampling them and got enamored by the big pink tie!! I do like their take on the classic look though, with the low riser pants and tailored vest. Back there are more trees, but not just any trees, these trees are….hmmm, ok, they're just more trees. The gold Italia Suit from Armidi was so pimp on that store hanger, I had to have it - just your basic layers, but it's gold!! If this blog had a soundtrack, you'd so be hearing gold member right about now. Also, this suit gave me a chance to show you just how elite my photography skills are…I mean, who else would have thought to put on a gold suit and then go find golden flowers to stand in front of?? Don't try this at home kids, when you got it, you just got it.

I think if I had to rename the Affair suit from Bazaar, I'd call it 'buttons gone wild suit'…I like the cut of the suit, and they added some prim cuffs and all, but the hell if there isn’t a button in the middle of the tie and every second button is bigger than the next?? Or maybe it’s the drugs talking, you be the judge. I went back to the island's crystal mines for the pics because it's actually one of the biggest bling mines in-world - day and night, workers mine these babies and break down their precious bling gems to tiny slivers, which then get distributed in pimp and hooker boots, belts and paraphenalia across the grid!! Worth the price of admission, no? Last suit and thank goodness, this fech is long and I'm running out of steam (ie – getting sober)…not too many options on this suit, but the Capri suit from Sartoria Italiana just shouts spring to me…and the cuffs??...erm, I forgot to take them off from the last suit (takes a bow). To the back is the pretty, aqua blue, shiny tree that signals the end of the tour. Please unload from the right and don’t forget your cameras and other valuables. Feel free to leave your phone number if you’re single and your hands are under size 50 - Dove and I will go through them and notecard you if you’re eligible for our super elite treehouse bed of love tour.

Suits1 - Hasendow - Black Modern Suit
Suits 1 – Simone Men's Wear - Business Suit - Carl in Olive Suit
Suits 2 – Random - Big Shot Suit (Grey)
Suits 2 - 1-800 Betties - Tweed Suit Coat - (black)
Suits 3 – Bazaar - Antoine Suit
Suits 3 - Armidi Gisaci - Classic Italia Suit - (gold)
Suits 4 – Bazaar - Affair Suit
Suits 4 - Sartoria Italiana - Capri Suit
Aoharu – wayne hair (black)
artilleri - buddy glasses (taped)
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
Location - JAPAN Tempura Island

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring has sprung...

It's true, the shite west coast weather aside, all the evidence is in and spring really must be upon us - the freaking torrential rain showers, the pollen-infested air, horny cats squealing throughout the night, and of course, mother birds puking on their newly hatched nestlings!! Obviously uplifted and very much enchanted by all this springtime wonder, I decided I needed clothes befitting the season.

And so, I started with this eye-catching, uber-verdant shirt from H&V, aptly named Birdpuke - bright bright green, nicely shaded with a simple collar and cuffs, and the graphic…well it speaks for itself. Springtime is when you can break out those wicked-comfy jeans that you wear sparingly because they are so worn they are on the edge of becoming ex-jeans. In this case, KR’s Skate Pants...these are great looking jeans, sporting some decent detail, faded and baggy, and one season away from the dustbin - as a bonus, they come with a swiss army style multi tool, for that instant boy and his toys appeal.

Jumping the spring puddles has never been as fun as it is now that I have my newest pair of kicks, this time the Chux sneakers from SVRLY Ltd. Plastered with some really cool graphics, the shoes are definitely unique and come scripted and easy to size. I think you need them, I really do. So as to not miss any of mother nature's springtime wonders (ie: mother birds puking into their baby's wide open maws), I opted for a swept back hair, specifically the new Raw hair from Laqroki. I could tell you how the messy collar length hair is brill and stuff, but seriously, if it were shite, I wouldn’t be wearing it, so yeah. Lastly, the shark tooth necklace is a freebie from Ubercrummy & Kitsch (Express, eat your heart out).

Anyways, I need to go dry out my rain gear and grab some old apples to throw at the feline gigolos that like to congregate below my window each and every work night. Counting the days til summer, this is Lawless and I'm out!!

KS industries - Studded Belt w/chains
Laqroki - Raw Hair (black)
M.R.M. - Bracelet/Necklace (mix wood/metal)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 17
Primitive Design - Insurrection Mouth Piercing
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
Ubercrummy & Kitsch - Shark Tooth Necklace
Garden of Ku - 1972 Tattoo
Heartattack & Vine - Birdpuke Shirt
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
KR - Skate Pants + Multi Tool
SVRLY Ltd - Chux Sneakers (skulls)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just talking about the Wither!!

Lets see if I remember how to do this - put on random clothes, check - take amateurish pictures, check - spout some random shite about the aforementioned clothes and then post! Ahh, the missing ingredient…fortunately, I'm full of shite, both random and otherwise.

This outfit started out being about Redgrave's cashmere sweater - ok, take notes, if you're a dude, you need nice, simple, cashmere sweaters in your RL wardrobe, especially in the spring. They look great, they're easy to match to a bunch of different looks and... they look great, in case you missed that the first time around. In this case, Redgrave's version is nicely shaded with slight wrinkles and a subtle arm-stripe adding some life to the grey. The pants? Another day, another pair of Armidi chinos, this time in grey. These are pants I could shamelessly wear every day of the week…erm, except when I was washing them - write that one down too guys....wash clothes occasionally, or no matter how good they look the smell will overwhelm your admirers!!

Although my outfit started out being about the sweater, because it was pretty simple, I decided I needed some accessories to my fashion crime…but not just any, I needed new ones! That's where Wither comes in, supplying a watch, belt and bandana necklace to the mix. I'm not sure I've ever owned anything close to this Rag Belt in RL, but I just loved it at first sight. First off, I love the surplus chic of the military style belt - the rag attachment is different, but I really liked the colors and how they played off my grey - and with my spring allergies, it's like having a week's worth of snot rags at any given time…no more snot rocketing for me!!

I've had to add a new hat foyer into my inventory warehouse to store all the hats I've been buying of late (Nic, you are solely to blame for this, I hope you're happy!!) The Unknown Boutique provided me with this nice looking fedora that comes in several colors…I shook things up and bought the black one!! A while ago, Urban Bomb Unit gave away checkered slip-on sneakers to their group, waited until the hook was set and then promptly reeled me in to their store to buy their new scripted slip-ons featuring a bazillion scripted color options amongst other customizable features - you need these shoes too!! The pics don’t show them much but would I lie to you?? Ok, I totally would lie but not about shoes, they're way too important to even joke about.

So yeah, there's your random bull shite, frame it or line your birdcage with it, it's all good. I'm going to go eat my leftover birthday cake and try all my new bikinis on again - you love me, you really love me!!

Wither – Bandana Necklace, Chipped Watch, Rag Belt
Unknown Boutique – Fedora Hat (black)
Armidi – The Individual (midnight), Low Rise Chinos (grey)
Redgrave – Cashmere Sweater (grey)
Urban Bomb Unit – Porn Star Slip-Ons

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where the wild things are...

I was going to put up a “gone fishin” post, I had it all elaborately planned in my head, it involved me fishing on our dock and surrounded by all the cool fish I caught…. but then I remembered who I was and just buggered off instead. I’ve been sitting on these “Drow” pictures for a few weeks and I figured now was a perfect time because they so accurately reflect camping with Lawless 101.

First off, Fallen Gods Dust Skin is the official name…now some will tell you that a “Drow” is a mythical elf-like creature in Scottish folklore which lived in caves and forged magical metal work - but I'm here to tell you that in RL, Drow is an acronym for “didn’t rinse or wash”…five days of that whilst camping will give you a skin tone very reminiscent of your average mythical cave dweller. Not only did I change my skin for the first time ever (however temporarily), but I chose one with facial hair to boot!! This coincides with the fact that it's absolutely taboo to shave while camping…how else can you make fun of your baby-faced buddies at the end of the trip whilst you scratch at your mangy growth??

To truly leave the city behind, you need proper roughing it duds…I choose the Jungle King outfit by Electro Kitty for so many reasons. First, the fewer clothes you wear, the less you have to wash…which reminds me, that bag of clothes in the back of my truck is starting to smell. It's also a fearsome looking thing, what with all the sharp tusks and claws jutting out to and fro…this is important because if you look fierce enough, you might be able to discourage your peers from drinking your beer (annual event), dropping your tent down in the middle of the night (annual event), or my personal favorite…barfing in your tent (fortunately not an annual event, but occurring more than I'd like to admit to). Oh, and incidentally, the details on this outfit are fechin incredible…it's enough to make me want to go camping more often.

To be fair, I shaved my head before I went camping, but only because no matter how long I grew it, it would never look as bad arse as AVZ makes hair. I mixed two different styles and I really wish I had noted the name of the girl I copied it from, I'd totally give her props - or let her come over and clean my cooler for me, at the very least!! Anyways, next year you’re all invited! And incidentally, no fish were harmed in the making of this fishing trip memoir…mostly because amidst all that drinking and whisker growing and fiercing and whatnot I forgot to go out and fish...who knew?? In an effort to make up for that discrepancy, I'm off to see if I can dip my pole in Dove…don’t wait up!!

P.S.…Winter, I really wanted to call this “Electric Drow Apocalyptic Nightmare Sensation”, as you so cleverly coined it…but I didn’t want it to go to your head, now that you're a beefcake and all.

AVZ - Sense Hair, TRI bal Hair 2 (black)
Fallen Gods Inc. - Dust Skin (neutral/ blackbeard full)
Electro Kitty - Jungle King Set
Hybrid Prod - BO72 Matter Skirt (black)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Hip Arai!!!

Ah, the good old glory days of school - sucking up to my teachers, the straight A’s, the long hours studying in the library, sitting with the nerds in the cafeteria, looking hot in my plaid skirt and white blouse….oh wait, that was my sister. My school years were a little more inglorious, prolly best summed up with the oft repeated “…if lawless would only apply himself..”…hard to believe, I know…heh…if only I could turn back time.

Oh whatever, if I could turn back time, I'd most likely do it all the same - except, I'd return in style. No ripped up levis and concert tees this time. I'd be styling in a sweet arse school uniform, maybe even something like my new School Uniform 01 from Arai!! First off, I love the untucked shirt and loose tie putting the 'I' in uniform…the outfit is nicely textured and the shading is really great, how great you ask? So great that when I excitedly put this outfit on while standing in Arai, I forgot to take off the tie and shirt I was previously going to blog…don’t believe me?? It's peeking out of the open collar in these and the other 200 pictures I took…good thing I caught it in time...heh…

In order to make sure I don’t accidentally learn anything at school, I grabbed the finely detailed Ume headphones at Boon so I can daydream at the back of the class and listen to the Fratellis in style. They can make me wear a uniform, but the hair is all mine to let run wild…Discord's Garou hair is unkempt, wild, long and slightly reminiscent of a hippy chick's armpits, but in a far grander scale. Finishing my 'back to school daze' post is my Shoulder Bag from Kalico Kreations - full of Incredible Hulk comic books and playboy centerfolds of course (the latter being enough to get a young Lawless suspended for a day in grade 1, who knew?) Ok, anyways, it's time for me to go flirt with Dove, my favorite nerd girl in the library.…who knows, maybe I will let her carry my books home for me!!

Kalico Kreations - Kalico Shoulder Bag
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStars Hi-Tops MultiColor V2
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1
Arai - School Uniform 01
Boon - Headphones (Ume)
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green
Location – Creators Pavillion

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Kitty!!!

There I was, minding my own business, camming into random people's treehouses and admiring and inspecting their furniture (and by that, I mean taking pictures of their nasty bits) when achariya told me I could get free neko ears at the Nex-Core show and join the meow revolution…how could I say no?? I'd love to show them to you, the only problem is that as soon as I broke my neko cherry, I decided I needed more not-so-free ones of various spots and stripes, eventually culminating in these black ones from Acid that wiggle and move about and are almost as cute as Dove's new kittens.

Building an outfit from the ears down was my next task and I embraced it eagerly. Having just spent a shite load of lindens at Discord (see future blog), I rooted around in the clutter that calls itself an inventory and came up with a winner. The Garou hair is mega shaggy, tousled long hair and just what any self respecting cat about town would wear…and it's dirt cheap, so now you have no excuse. Almost furry in its own rights, the Charlatan coat from Civvies is something I’ve been meaning to wear for a while now. Things I love about this jacket are as follows; the fur lining, the oversized buckled arm cuffs and its long sleek cut…in black of course. The jacket also comes with a long coat bottom if you’re in the mood for a trench. Another day, another pair of WMD jeans, this time the Steel Darks…be warned, don’t wear these jeans if you’re uncomfortable with people telling you “those jeans are great’…stick to those ugly-arse, legs-painted-blue, things you’ve got now and you’ll be ok.

Although it sounds like they should be making recreational vehicles, I'm really glad NanaCraft makes clothes and stuff. Even though everyone and their cousin seems to have made a pair of engineer boots, I'm really impressed with the ones they made. First off, they just have a great shape to them, and if you add in the thick chunky sole and nicely detailed buckles, you end up with Lawless buying all of the available colors!

Making a brilliantly detailed belt can often leave the creators very little time to formulate a name for it…case in point, Belt02 by NanaCraft - personally, they can call their belts whatever they please if they make them all look like this one. Equipped with a wicked looking skull buckle, the coolest looking man purse I’ve ever worn and of course, a key ring for all of the skeleton keys that seem to accumulate in your modern day neko’s pockets, you’re set to go on the prowl….rowr!! Speaking of prowling, you’re on your own, I'm off to go and play another round of hide the catnip with Dove!!

Acid - Neko Ears Black
Civvies - "Charlatan" Coat
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
NanaCraft - Belt02 (black), Engineer Boots (black)
WMD - Sugoi "Ronin" Steel Dark Jeans
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1