Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wolf like me....

Got a curse I cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts
when the moon is round and full
gotta bust that box
gotta gut that fish….

Being an equal opportunist and already having taken a stab at the neko thing, I realized I needed to flex my canine genes - and if you're going to travel the path of the dog, don't mess around, you damned well better go with good old canine lupus: the big bad wolf!! First stop, Atomic Kitty, to get geared up with wolf ears and tail to match my genuinely wolfish grin. Matching my tail in pure shagaliciousness is my Kobra Kai Hair from Gritty Kitty, the envy of sheepdogs all around the world (little red won't be identifying you by your great big eyes if she can't see them). Be warned, wearing the Kobra Kai hair for too long may result in you running around the grid randomly shouting out “no mercy!!” and “sweep the leg!!”…not that there's anything wrong with that.

…..when the moon is round and full
gonna teach you tricks
that'll blow your
mongrel mind….

WMD, not just about jeans anymore…proof positive lays in this comfy looking Zipped Red Sweater. I love the muted red and it looks good enough to have jumped out of my closet…or more correctly, out of the pile of clothes in the general vicinity of my closet. What do big bad wolves do whilst they're waiting for lil red to show up at granny's house? The crosswords of course, fech suduko!! Bringing the fun to a pair of legs near you are Kalico Kreations' Crossword Jeans - kind of grungy and very unique in a “score” kind of way (just remember not to do the answers in permanent marker). If you survive the woodsman's axe like I did (John Wayne Bobbit assures me it will be ok), you can pop in to Mezzo and treat yourself with a trinket, I like mine heaps!! By the by, Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio is a song that you must hear by a band you must see. If you need me, I'll be at the treehouse practicing my wolf whistles while boy-Dove traipses around showing off hir moobs!!

now that we got gone for good
writhing under your riding hood
tell your gra'ma and your mama too
it's true
we're howling forever….

WMD - Zipped Red Sweater
Urban Underground - Wip'd Belt (brown), Brawler Wrist Band
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Slip-ons
Skanks-R-Us - Tri Lip Piercings
Mezzo - Buffalo Bracelet & Necklace
Kalico Kreations - Crossword Jeans
Gritty Kitty - Kobra Kai Hair (black)
Atomic Kitty - Wolf Ears/Tail (Black)


Elusyve said...

/me humps your leg... nuff said!

Lawless McBride said...

offers you his other leg too....

Zaara said...

u never fail to get my attention....

Lawless McBride said...

zaara, was it the way i was swishing my tail in your face while you swept?

Winter Jefferson said...

Ummm.. my Mom says I'm not allowed to play with you any more....

Lawless McBride said...

what if i let her hump my leg too???

Dove Swanson said...

That hair is good for staring at girl bewbs...they'll never know. :o

*lixx yer nose*

Jonny Tobias said...

OMFG a Karate Kid reference in a blog! Hilarious. That necklace looks good, but damn, you need to go around yelling "Sweep the leg!" when Sl makes you crash as much as I was the other day.