Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just talking about the Wither!!

Lets see if I remember how to do this - put on random clothes, check - take amateurish pictures, check - spout some random shite about the aforementioned clothes and then post! Ahh, the missing ingredient…fortunately, I'm full of shite, both random and otherwise.

This outfit started out being about Redgrave's cashmere sweater - ok, take notes, if you're a dude, you need nice, simple, cashmere sweaters in your RL wardrobe, especially in the spring. They look great, they're easy to match to a bunch of different looks and... they look great, in case you missed that the first time around. In this case, Redgrave's version is nicely shaded with slight wrinkles and a subtle arm-stripe adding some life to the grey. The pants? Another day, another pair of Armidi chinos, this time in grey. These are pants I could shamelessly wear every day of the week…erm, except when I was washing them - write that one down too guys....wash clothes occasionally, or no matter how good they look the smell will overwhelm your admirers!!

Although my outfit started out being about the sweater, because it was pretty simple, I decided I needed some accessories to my fashion crime…but not just any, I needed new ones! That's where Wither comes in, supplying a watch, belt and bandana necklace to the mix. I'm not sure I've ever owned anything close to this Rag Belt in RL, but I just loved it at first sight. First off, I love the surplus chic of the military style belt - the rag attachment is different, but I really liked the colors and how they played off my grey - and with my spring allergies, it's like having a week's worth of snot rags at any given time…no more snot rocketing for me!!

I've had to add a new hat foyer into my inventory warehouse to store all the hats I've been buying of late (Nic, you are solely to blame for this, I hope you're happy!!) The Unknown Boutique provided me with this nice looking fedora that comes in several colors…I shook things up and bought the black one!! A while ago, Urban Bomb Unit gave away checkered slip-on sneakers to their group, waited until the hook was set and then promptly reeled me in to their store to buy their new scripted slip-ons featuring a bazillion scripted color options amongst other customizable features - you need these shoes too!! The pics don’t show them much but would I lie to you?? Ok, I totally would lie but not about shoes, they're way too important to even joke about.

So yeah, there's your random bull shite, frame it or line your birdcage with it, it's all good. I'm going to go eat my leftover birthday cake and try all my new bikinis on again - you love me, you really love me!!

Wither – Bandana Necklace, Chipped Watch, Rag Belt
Unknown Boutique – Fedora Hat (black)
Armidi – The Individual (midnight), Low Rise Chinos (grey)
Redgrave – Cashmere Sweater (grey)
Urban Bomb Unit – Porn Star Slip-Ons


Rylan Carling said...

Stylin' as ever. Ummmm...where's the blog post on the latest bikinis though???? I got some great pics of those!!! hmmmmm...maybe I should post them on my blog???

Elaine Lisle said...

Did I just hear birthday cake? Happy birthday, Law!

oh, and thanks for the invaluable pieces of advice provided in your posts... you surely contribute to the improvement of the quality standards of the SL male community :-P

Alyx Sands said...

Yes, the community needs more bikini pics....far too many clothes in this blog entry!

Elusyve said...

/me joins the chant "bee keen eez...bee keen eez...bee keen eez"

Lawless McBride said...

im not a peice of meat you know!!!...i have tons of other things going for me like....well, theres....hmmmm...ok, dammit, ill blog the bikinis.

Rylan Carling said...

Wait...you're NOT a piece of meat...I confused...

Dove Swanson said...

Good on honey. Welcome back to blogging you slacker. :p Just cuz yer a birthday boy doesn't mean you can get lazy on the job!


Bonnie & Clyde said...

Duuude, I am happy! It's a horrible waste not to take advantage of such a classic and classy accessory. I'm definitely digging that fedora, why the fuck is it not in my inventory?