Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wish you were here…

My brain took a vacation; I only wish the rest of me could have joined it!! If I could have, I would have made sure the trip covered my vacation “essential three” list - warm sun, white sand, and fresh mangos. Which explains why in my fifteen years living in Canada, vacation means heading south. Yearning for a break, but buried in work, I fed my wanderlust with travel agency window shopping and some SL exploring…which led me to one of my favorite all time destinations in RL, Costa Rica (well, besides Red Lobster, that is)!!

Essential vacation gear starts with a hat, to protect your acclimatized Canadian head from that equatorial sun - but not just any hat, as Harrison Ford will tell you, it has to look cool too. Clearly Super Possessed understood this when they made the Street Shaman hat, even the damned name is slick; with its nice wide brim and sinister looking hat band, this hat is an adventurer's must. Another must is great shades, of course…Primoptics Blues glasses are as always, chock full of scripted options and the classic ray-ban look announced to anyone who cares that I'm “on a mission from God”…erm, ok, I'm on a mission to drink myself into a Central American stupor is probably more accurate…

Being an explorer at heart, I couldn’t pass up the “Dora” shorts at DeLa, nor the chance to make that corny reference. These shorts are so great, the faded worn in textures, the prim cuffs with their button ties, and the bulky prim pockets to jam your colones into…no, not your large intestine, your monies, duh!! Another bonus to shorts is I get to show off another wicked tattoo from Etchd, the Jekyll tat. Keeping my trekking frame warm is my Leonardo Sweater, found at the Rahz Store - there’s so many things I dig about this sweater, from the collarless low cut, the way that it hangs so comfortably on you, the deep rich brown woven wool, the flared sleeves, it screams rest and relaxation, almost as much as jumbo margaritas....and that’s a lot!! Finally, lest I forget about Dove while I was winking at foreign senoritas, I tore out her little bird heart and inserted it into this sweet skeletal claw hand I got at Primitive Design - who says you can't take it with you??

Aitui – Sway Hair (black)
DeLa – Dora Jeans Short (black)
Etchd – Jekyll Tattoo
Primitive Design – Heartbeat Bone Necklace, Insurrection Mouth Piercing
PrimOptic – Blues Glasses
Rahz Store – Leonardo Sweater (brown)
Super Possessed – Street Shaman Hat
Urban Underground – Duty Belt
Location: Costa Rica Sim

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Ok, I seriously was inclined to drag my arse and write my “ode to emerald” post fashionably late, like in a day or two, but Dove said if the cascade of green on the feed didn’t end soon, she might go postal, and truth be told, I'm kind of scared of her. So here it is, on time and just catching the end of Patty’s weekend…whoever the hell she was…

Normally, a couple of days bereft of the dark comfort of my leather would leave me shaking like a Chihuahua in the Canadian cold, but Rot. Designs somehow fed my jones with wool. The Broder Vest in Olive not only got me into today’s green parade, but unlike some of the hideous flora and fauna disguised as clothes, it actually looks great!! More layering today, this time starting with a long-sleeved, dressy olive shirt and tie combo - I really like the contrast the white collar adds to the look, and I love the “unbuttoned shirt, just waiting for the day to end, so I can throw off this fechin tie” feel!! I’m totally down with the deep green of the tailored heavy wool vest, and it keeps you looking hawt while hiding your pit stains…how’s that for functionality?? The shock of black on my head is wild greatness from Candy House, another ninja shopping find - I may be wearing a tie but my unruly, long locks and my Porn Star kicks tell anyone listening I'm not your dad's accountant!!

Determined not to wear my black Aitui Reborn slacks again, I grabbed my hidden forest pair instead!! Formal or just sipping coffee on the patio at Starbucks, pants like these are always there for you. Of course, if you are sitting on that patio as the low-lying sun starts to thaw out the frozen north, you seriously need good shades - to protect your eyes of course, and more importantly, to hide your obvious girl ogling. PrimOptic’s Arctic glasses to the rescue!! These brilliant glasses boast a mad array of built-in script changes, including a lens color of green!!! To keep me from being late for the first round of Guinness at the pub is my new Spiked Bracelet Watch from RICX…it's finely detailed, freaking cool and the spikes?? my favorite part! They just shout “I'm Lawless and I'm here to foight”!! Before I take off to go watch a movie with Dove (not ripped of course, lord forbid!) let me check my Patty’s day stereotype checklist - - hmmm...shamrocks, olive, forest, green and Guinness…looks good…I tink for good measure I could trow in a few potatoes, a pot of gold and a leprechaun (pronounced la-preach-kin for the uneducated)…and we're all good til next year!! Top of the evening to you!!

Aitui – Reborn Slacks – Hidden Forest
Candy House – Cohey Hair (smokey)
Urban Bomb Unit – Porn Star Hi-Tops
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - #9
Rot. Designs – Broder Vest Olive
Skanks R Us – Earlines Piercings
TikiTattoo Jewel – Black Pearl Necklace
Urban Underground – Duty Belt
RICXs Fine Jewelry – Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102GT
PrimOptic – Arctic Glasses

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ok, I know it's Saturday, but hey, I told you I was a procrastinator - or maybe I'm such an eager beaver I'm writing this six days in advance, you decide!! If there’s one day that people get to go casual in the office, it's usually Friday. In my case, Friday is a day to get out of my work grubs and go schmooze (definition – shove my nose incredibly far up some union bigwigs arse). To schmooze these guys you want to show them you can clean up well without getting too dressy….jeans are essential to show them you’re still one of the boys.

That being said, my Sugoi Ronin Jeans were perfect for my brown nosing forays!! I love how the denim on these jeans looks so heavy and the wrinkles and faded out parts are just right. In fact, I liked them enough that after wearing them for a few minutes, I bought a couple of different pairs from the store - they are versatile in that you can dress down these jeans with a simple tee or in my case, dress them up when I go and wash the stink off my nose with a few Crantinis…

Dressing up was easy with the Casual Friday's top from Nylon Outfitters. Sadly, the shirt/vest/jacket are all one layer, but I really like the combo itself - starting with the slightly frumpled striped shirt, to the zipper front sweater in brown (which matches my contract seeking nose!!) and ending with a slick looking subtly striped jacket, this outfit is just right to announce to the world “Hi ladies, my name is Lawless and I have my nose wedged in all the right arses!!” Topping it all off, I threw on my new Knit Cap…or “toque” as everyone calls it here in Vancouver, eh. This cap comes with hair attached and is color scripted - my multiple 5,000 watt face-lights washed out the color somewhat but I was happy with the look, it made the cap look well-worn and a bit color-faded - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now I'm off to the washroom to see if I can't brillo pad some of this old industrialist stink off until next Friday!!

Aitui Tattoo – Stars 01 Face Tat
EG PrimHair – Knit Cap (black)
WMD Ronin Jeans – Sugoi Ronin Vintage Jeans Lowrise
Nylon Outfitters – Casual Fridays (brown)
RICXs Fine Jewelry – Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102GT
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails
Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops
TikiTattoo Jewel – Sharkteeth 1 Necklace

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon

Ok, at the end of five crappy days, I officially declare the score to be Lawless – 1, Illness - 0....hell yeah, a shutout!! Moving on, I present the “Byron” outfit from Avid. I have to tell you, this outfit had a lot going against it right from the start. First of all, I rarely find a whole boxed outfit that I like all or even most of the pieces of. Secondly, it was verging on the 1,000 linden mark, so if it ends up sucking arse, that’s just insult on injury. Fortunately, it had some pros, one of the foremost being Winter told me that Avid makes some of the best leathers he has ever come across in SL, and being of the vampiric ilk, I was assured of the fact that he knew leather as well as he knew blood types (group A if you’re keeping score at home). That in mind, I decided to break the Sailor Moon piggybank Dove got me for Festivus and took the plunge!!

WIN!! This outfit made me quickly forget about its price and my trepidations over its possible “suck” factor. The details front and back are amazing, the textures are well done and the pieces work so well together. I'm afraid these pictures don’t really do the leather pants justice, what with their textured rich black folds and subtle highlights - the pants themselves come in two versions; over the boots and under boots. I loved the woolen jacket right off, and it comes with more prim attachments than I have crumpled up Kleenex on my bedroom floor right now. The only bad thing about the jacket is that its hiding a really sexy black silk shirt - rowr!! The side cloak attachment is so wicked, sheer and delicate, almost ethereal, like a wispy black vapor haunting your backside - much cooler than the black heads that normally grace it, I'd venture to say!! I also love the quill-like sleeve laces hanging off the jacket…there’s actually two of them but some dork didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing one of them until days after…can I blame it on the Nyquil??

If Prince had been to Acid Designs, he would have tossed that raspberry pretender and been singing about my black Beret instead!! Of course, If I wasn’t “wearing much more," he probably would have jumped to his death from the tree house, but that’s his loss. This outfit also comes with boots, and I have to be honest, I didn’t try them on - the thing is, I have a boner for my Gutterblood boots, and it's hard for me to stop humping them in all their black leathery grandeur!! Thus ends my first post since I practically died from the flu - for all of those I have been handing fashion cookies out to since last Friday, I'm sorry for double dipping in the dough and here’s hoping you feel better!!

Acid Designs – Beret Hair (Black)
Avid – Byron Outfit
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Terminator Boots

Sunday, March 9, 2008

On The Road Again….

It's that age old story, told over and over again in SL - boy meets girl, girl pegs him for “trouble” but hangs around anyways, girl and boy build dream tree house in the sky together, girl tells sim owner Juan Cusack to lay off with the creepy, old man, fatal attraction impression and keep it professional, boy gets banned from the sim immediately and girl spends all day packing up the goldfish and empty wine bottles....but (there’s always a but)....although homeless, and forced back to the hard streets he started on, the boy now has a vast inventory and a paid account meaning if he’s going hobo, he’s going to do it in style!!

Any self-respecting tramp knows you aren’t shite without a decent backpack to carry the sum of your worldly possessions around in - that’s why I went shopping at PrimtroniCS!! I give you the Realshape Rucksack, this 255 prim, nicely detailed wonder has everything a hobo in his prime might need; canteens, bed roll, bits of rope, and a condom (*cough* xtra large *cough*)! If yellow is not your vagabond cup of tea it has eight texture choices scripted in too - nuff said!! You’d think after watching 15 straight seasons of Survivor, I'd know how to light a fire…but taking no chances, I got this rusty mining helmet to light my way, and keep my unwashed locks safe from pigeon crap. Dumpster diving always reeks havoc on my waistline, so I grabbed this Hemp Rope Tech Belt, it's pimped out with a canteen, compass, watch and tin cup, and it's adjustable and looks damned fashionable, in a sort of rustic, rope-like way!!

Knowing my boots needed to be made for walking, I went with my Civvies Basic Workboots…I like the way the extra long laces wrap around the top of the boots, helping to keep that road dirt off my wooly socks. I'd love to say that the my long hard minutes on the street are the reason I'm looking a little tattered around the edges, but really, I bought my jeans and shirt a little worse for wear - I'm playing the public sympathy card…*flashes a puppydog look and holds his hand out* Looking for the final piece of my hobo puzzle, I remembered my Drone Jacket from Homicide Designs...this faded-out, rumpled, fatigue jacket is one piece that will not go back into my transient trunk when I finally find a place to lay my head again…*sighs forlornly*…ok, we bought land already, but for a second there, you were starting to mist up, admit it…

As a public service announcement, I just wanted to thank slightly-unbalanced and considerably unprofessional sim owner Juan Cusack for the inspiration for this post and for helping me to find PrimtroniCS. I'd love to repay you by sending people to buy land from you, but I've never met anyone I hate that much in either life - cheers mate!!

PrimtroniCS – Rusty Oberarmschmuck Feather (feathered arm band), Grubenhelm (mining helmet with light), Hemp Rope Tech Belt, Realshape Rucksack Male
OutsiderZ – Patchwork Tatter Jeans
Aitui Tattoo – Mr Midnight
Civvies – Basic Workboot (black), War Torn SS Tee (brown)
Tukinowaguma Hair – Cool Hair (black)
Emery – Black Hand Bandanas
Homicide Designs – Drone Jacket (green)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Bazaar!!

I think I'm starting to figure out this FashCon thing! High 5!! It appears if you actually take time to read the notices now and then, you may just stumble across stores you haven’t heard of containing clothes you want to own!! Who knew?? Case in point, I recently stumbled into Temple Oe’s store, Bazaar, after reading a notice that was both amusing and promised boy's clothes - this combination being rare, I immediately told Dove she could stop filing my corns and tped - - - into a furniture store - - - after some mild cursing into Dove’s ear (she likes it), I noticed a sign on the store wall promising clothes around the corner and voila! - another FashCon happy ending!!

I started off buying the pinstriped pants....I like their versatility, easy to dress down or dress up - I dig their style and I really love the hipster 60’s pinstripes. Be warned, all these pants are very low cut, so be prepared to show some arse if you’re not careful. I tried to leave after that one simple purchase (scout's honor), but then I noticed the vest with wide tie combo…with the nice subtle stripes running down the shirt's body and arms, it was screaming to be worn with my new pants - and the tie?...great big wide retro shop sweetness!! You’d think wearing Magikas “Time Has No Meaning” Bracelet (thanks Bo!) would help me be on top of the time at any point in the day, but strangely, six wrist watches all showing different times and running faster than the white rabbit's pocket watch is kind of confusing. On the other hand, there is no confusion with Jeepers Creepers' new Dublin shoes…you know you are getting quality, great looking, beautifully detailed shoes.

After wearing this combo around for a day and a half, which is a lifetime in my 10 second attention-span world, I decided to go back and add a few more Bazaarities to my closet. I had fun mix and matching my new threads together for all the world to see (or my three readers…love you guys!!). While I really do like the styles I found there, I'd really love them if the textures didn’t blur so much upon close inspection and it would be great if they came in separates with more layer options - dare to dream!! That being said, if you need me, I will be at the mirror in the washroom, carefully plucking all the white hairs off my head…….3002, 3003, 3004, 3005….

Bazaar – Vest With Wide Tie / Dangerous Pinstriped Pants, Cardigan With Shirt & Tie / Dangerous Houndstooth Pants, Black Vest / Dangerous Confused Plaid Pants
Armidi Hair – The Individual (Pearl)
Jeepers Creepers – Dublin Shoes (Black)
Magika – Time Has No Meaning Bracelet
Civvies – Vintage Soviet Anemometer Belt

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

its all about me!!me!!

Ok, I got tagged...twice!..I was distracted by shiny things again, otherwise they'd never have caught me...I was going to keep with my time honored tradition and pretend I didn't notice, but somehow Kallisto even got Dove to respond??...Hell hath frozen over...Raises a toast to busting his meme cherry and pronounces Kallisto Destiny and Milla Michinaga the lucky girls...cherish this moment forever!!!..(but don't be surprised if i'm gone in the morning, k?)


1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Reaching the books was easy, I read them several at a that a Gemini thing?...i've decided to give you

"Can i borrow you a minute?" she asked. He quirked an eyebrow at her, waiting for an explanation. "I've got a potential recruit. - Sister Time..John Ringo & Julie Cochrane

"Hundreds of Frenchmen saw the sun that day for the last time; and even their leader, Dieskau himself, fell into our hands, so cut and torn with the lead that he has gone back to his own country, unfit for further acts in war.' 'Twas a noble repulse!' exclaimed Heyward in the heat of his youthful ardour; 'the fame of it reached us early, in our southern army.' 'Ay! but it did not end there. - Last of the Mohicans..J.Fenimore Cooper

As far as the tags, i'm sending them out know who you are...yeah, thats right, you and you and you and you and you!!!..make it so!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Going Medieval on your arse…

So there I was, having a secret mid-day tryst with Chrisy backstage at the SL Globe Theatre - and by tryst, of course I mean innocently hanging out looking at pictures of the most amazing costumes the actors are wearing for their performance of Hamlet - wanting a piece of the action, I tickled Chrisy until she gave me enough lindens for one of the Barerose medieval outfits and I was on my way!!

I started with the Rogue outfit from Barerose, with its fitted silver breastplate, gauntlets, and flowing red mantle - recognizing that the quality of a knight's armor was a reflection of his status and lifestyle, this outfit screams on the battlefield “who’s your daddy now?? starts with an L!” I couldn’t go feudal without breaking the kilts out again.…this time it’s the bad arse red plaid kilt from Snatch, the Oi boy!! It comes as part of an outfit which is quite nice in its own right - and what a coincidence, the kilt comes with my family crest attached…. the anarchy sign!!

Final touches to my costume were my Underworld silver boots, from L&B Designs…these boots are gorgeously detailed and shinier than Mr. Clean's head - in fact, if one were to stand in just the right position, you could prolly see my Celtic bits!! Topping this mash-up off with my King of Fools crown again, I was satisfied - until I realized, I needed a kingdom to tromp around in!!

I did a search for the word “castle” and then carefully skipped over every entry that had the words Gorean, sex dungeon, xxx, and the like. I stopped at Triskele.…a quick tp and minutes later, I was in love. Starting with a majestic castle, and spreading out from there in all directions, it's a very realistically detailed and sprawling fantasy world encompassing over 10 sims!! I was also lucky enough to run into the gracious Leanne Jael, the real heathen Queen who seemed to enjoy my head in a guillotine a little too much. I brought Dove back the next day and we walked about for a good hour and a half, exploring Castles, a market square, fairy gardens, and the like...*rubs his aching feet*…oh, my kingdom for a horse!!

Calico Creation – Jet (ivory)
Barerose – Rogue outfit (mantle, sash shirts, gloves)
Lapointe and Bastchild Designs – Underworld Silver Boots
MR Designs – Eyes Set 3 - # 17
Primitive Designs – King of Fools crown
Sn@tch – Oi Boy outfit (kilt, kilt pants, socks)
Location - Realm of Triskele

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Big Bomb Theory

Take one Bettie Page lucky chair, set to the letter L, strike your sexiest [LAP] pose, add some tartan red, a swath of gray and mix in some checkers for good measure and you have a recipe for RAWR!!

For some strange reason, I was the only dude in the anxious circle that surrounded the Big Bomb lucky chair when Bo tped me the other day - what a win!! Can you say emo Samoan drag queen, anyone?? (one of my lifelong dreams) Not only is this hair just one big pile of tangly curled fun, but Dove didn’t dump my arse when I came home wearing it (if you're keeping score at home, that’s a double win!!). Slowly sinking into my sea of hair is my brand new King of Fools crown from Primitive Design - I know it's not much of a title, but it beats my old one, the “Prince of Profanity!!"

I'm not much for silk-screened t-shirts in real life, but this Samurai shirt from P.D. is starting to win me over on occasion, especially when I'm getting my grubby on. I snatched the tartan tie out of Emery’s Thrice set because I figured it was a nice tie into my very well-worn Fightclub Punk Pants - hopefully I can help undo the damage that Avril did to all t-shirt/tie wearing people around the world. I decided to wear not one, but two belts in an effort to ebb the flow of “Lawless crack” shots that have begun to make their way onto Flickr….damn you low cut jeans!! The misfit belt by Beckenbauer was a real pleasant surprise, I really should unpack stuff when I get it…

With all that plaid working it, I slapped on my checked joker socks, realizing that checks are last year's plaid, which is next year's stripes…erm…(*consults his fashion for dummies guidebook*)...anyways, last and not least at all, I had tons of fun scuffing up my new Pornstar kicks as I crawled around the photosphere floor, shaking my arse at Dove and trying to look my seductive best!! Did it work?? Hell no, I eventually packed it in, took the hair off, and promised to take her shoe shopping!! My Momma didn’t raise no fool!

Saha Creations – Prim Socks (Black)
OutsiderZ – Joker Socks (v2)
Aitui – 4 Captive Bead Lip Rings (surgical steel), Bridge Spikes & Circular Septum Barbell (gunmetal), Fire Fish (worn)
Beckenbauer Productions – The Misfit Belt
Broken – Torn Fishnet Armlets
EKO – Poison Belt / Starr Collar
Emery – Black Hand Bandana / Red Hand Bandana / Tartan Tie Red (from Thrice set)
FNKY – Antonio Tan (stubble & emo)
Primitive Design – The Samurai Shirt (mud), King Of Fools Crown, Fightclub Punk Pants (red)
UBU -- PornStar Hi-Tops Multicolor Sneakers
MR Designs – Eyes Set 3 - #30

A Boy and his Toys

I….like free things and I cannot lie!! And what I especially like is the fact that free in SL doesn’t necessarily mean shite, as it more often does in RL. Case in point, the two free shirts I got from About (not to mention the free monkey avatar, but that’s another post!!). As is my custom, having saved some money, I decided I needed to spend it immediately - and what better way to spend it than on shiny things!! Big boy sized, shiny things that go vroom!! And after seeing the sweetest ride outside Truth the other day, I knew just where I needed to go.

Walking in to AM Pro Rides, piggybank in hand, I was glad I chose the black shirt from About, I thought it might hide the drool easier. I think this shirt is great, it’s casually wrinkled, and the white panels in front are a great contrast, especially against the darker black on the undershirt. I paired it with one of my favorite pair of pants, the Reborn Pants from Aitui - I like these pants cus they are versatile as all hell and as a bonus, they are as dark black as my soul! I was excited to find these Stivalletti shoes at Naima the other day because they matched the pair I have here in RL…they are glossy and sleek, and as a bonus, no fechin laces!!

Studio Sidhe helped add details to my car shopping threads with these awesomely detailed celtic knotwork belts and cuffs. The belt is actually the first belt I ever bought, and the cuffs are a welcome new addition to the fold. I have seriously been meaning to mention the faded black nails I found at Sinistyle for weeks - after wasting money on a few other attempts, I was so glad to find these. The positioning of the nails is perfect, and the way the polish is slightly dull and starting to chip is exactly the look I was trying to find. Plus I have a man crush on Krius….*cough* Moving on, I topped off my outfit (all pun intended!) with the FAA25 hair from Boon. I love its bad boy stylings, it’s long and wild and it's sweet the way the hair looks to be straining to get out of the bandana wrapped over it, sort of reminds me of the sports equipment in my hall closet!!

And just for the record?? I have no recollection how those dirty footprints ended up in the back seat of that Camaro - and the scratches on the hood of the GTO?? Those were totally already there - and someone scratching “Lawless was here” on the side of the General Lee??.....Oh wow, look at the time...*exits stage left*...

Studio Sidhe – Mens Celtic Knotwork Leather Belt w. Silver, Mens Celtic Knotwork Leather Cuff
Flipside – Guys F1 piercings
Form – Hana Tattoo Upper
About – Free Shirt (Black)
Aitui – Reborn Pants (Black)
Boon – FAA25 Hair (Black)
FNKY – Antonio Tan – Emo/Stubble
Skanks-R-Us – Earlines Piercings
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails
Naima – Stivaletti Style Shoes (Black)
Mhaijik Things – Black and Blue with Platinum Necklace
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - # 42
Location – AM Pro Rides