Sunday, March 9, 2008

On The Road Again….

It's that age old story, told over and over again in SL - boy meets girl, girl pegs him for “trouble” but hangs around anyways, girl and boy build dream tree house in the sky together, girl tells sim owner Juan Cusack to lay off with the creepy, old man, fatal attraction impression and keep it professional, boy gets banned from the sim immediately and girl spends all day packing up the goldfish and empty wine bottles....but (there’s always a but)....although homeless, and forced back to the hard streets he started on, the boy now has a vast inventory and a paid account meaning if he’s going hobo, he’s going to do it in style!!

Any self-respecting tramp knows you aren’t shite without a decent backpack to carry the sum of your worldly possessions around in - that’s why I went shopping at PrimtroniCS!! I give you the Realshape Rucksack, this 255 prim, nicely detailed wonder has everything a hobo in his prime might need; canteens, bed roll, bits of rope, and a condom (*cough* xtra large *cough*)! If yellow is not your vagabond cup of tea it has eight texture choices scripted in too - nuff said!! You’d think after watching 15 straight seasons of Survivor, I'd know how to light a fire…but taking no chances, I got this rusty mining helmet to light my way, and keep my unwashed locks safe from pigeon crap. Dumpster diving always reeks havoc on my waistline, so I grabbed this Hemp Rope Tech Belt, it's pimped out with a canteen, compass, watch and tin cup, and it's adjustable and looks damned fashionable, in a sort of rustic, rope-like way!!

Knowing my boots needed to be made for walking, I went with my Civvies Basic Workboots…I like the way the extra long laces wrap around the top of the boots, helping to keep that road dirt off my wooly socks. I'd love to say that the my long hard minutes on the street are the reason I'm looking a little tattered around the edges, but really, I bought my jeans and shirt a little worse for wear - I'm playing the public sympathy card…*flashes a puppydog look and holds his hand out* Looking for the final piece of my hobo puzzle, I remembered my Drone Jacket from Homicide Designs...this faded-out, rumpled, fatigue jacket is one piece that will not go back into my transient trunk when I finally find a place to lay my head again…*sighs forlornly*…ok, we bought land already, but for a second there, you were starting to mist up, admit it…

As a public service announcement, I just wanted to thank slightly-unbalanced and considerably unprofessional sim owner Juan Cusack for the inspiration for this post and for helping me to find PrimtroniCS. I'd love to repay you by sending people to buy land from you, but I've never met anyone I hate that much in either life - cheers mate!!

PrimtroniCS – Rusty Oberarmschmuck Feather (feathered arm band), Grubenhelm (mining helmet with light), Hemp Rope Tech Belt, Realshape Rucksack Male
OutsiderZ – Patchwork Tatter Jeans
Aitui Tattoo – Mr Midnight
Civvies – Basic Workboot (black), War Torn SS Tee (brown)
Tukinowaguma Hair – Cool Hair (black)
Emery – Black Hand Bandanas
Homicide Designs – Drone Jacket (green)


Kalli Serevi said...

Im glad to see time is healing the wound on this one... want me to hunt him down and kill him with the brutality that only an Irish can? Seriously what a cunt fuck may his testicals rot off (once he grows a pair that is)... Kalli Serevi

Triangle Caudron said...

lol@ Kalli xD

Classic, where is your hobo bike btw? you should get one from Boree and ride over that face >:D
oh well, now you still have somewhere to settle; nothing to worry anymore, Mr. Hobo

Kallisto Destiny said...

OMG - This is classic. I can not believe that happened this weekend, what a freak. Sorry guys. I hope there's a tree house party to celebrate a new beginning. I have my UHAUL in case you need help. <3

/me grabs Dahl to come over and cut him.

Elaine Lisle said...

ah well, I was going to offer sharing some space on my skybox and taking turns to sleep on the sofa, but since you already bought land... nevermind

Bonnie & Clyde said...

Oh noes! I knew something went down but i didn't know it was quite as juicy/disturbing as this.
You know you and Dove are welcome over at the Sinatra residence because a) you guys are fun and b) moving is a nightmare.
Haha Kalli knows how I roll
To whom it may concern (Juan)
Way to say it with fashion Homeless McBride!

Dove Swanson said...

It's not so bad living in our movie theater for right now is it? :p Coke, popcorn, movies = win!

Feel better soon honey so we can go shopping for a new treehouse. <3

Lawless McBride said...

@kalli...time heals wounds??...i thought only alcohol did that...
@triangle...youre right!!!...i need that bike..all bo gives me is stripper poles...
@kallisto...were going to have a tiny tree house best go shopping...
@elaine...ill hit your sofa the next time dove tries to make me sleep in the doghouse, kk?
@dahl...if we come, i promise to make dove sit on her fish stealing hands!!
@dove...yay for new treehouses and jobless stalking twats on mute!!