Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon

Ok, at the end of five crappy days, I officially declare the score to be Lawless – 1, Illness - 0....hell yeah, a shutout!! Moving on, I present the “Byron” outfit from Avid. I have to tell you, this outfit had a lot going against it right from the start. First of all, I rarely find a whole boxed outfit that I like all or even most of the pieces of. Secondly, it was verging on the 1,000 linden mark, so if it ends up sucking arse, that’s just insult on injury. Fortunately, it had some pros, one of the foremost being Winter told me that Avid makes some of the best leathers he has ever come across in SL, and being of the vampiric ilk, I was assured of the fact that he knew leather as well as he knew blood types (group A if you’re keeping score at home). That in mind, I decided to break the Sailor Moon piggybank Dove got me for Festivus and took the plunge!!

WIN!! This outfit made me quickly forget about its price and my trepidations over its possible “suck” factor. The details front and back are amazing, the textures are well done and the pieces work so well together. I'm afraid these pictures don’t really do the leather pants justice, what with their textured rich black folds and subtle highlights - the pants themselves come in two versions; over the boots and under boots. I loved the woolen jacket right off, and it comes with more prim attachments than I have crumpled up Kleenex on my bedroom floor right now. The only bad thing about the jacket is that its hiding a really sexy black silk shirt - rowr!! The side cloak attachment is so wicked, sheer and delicate, almost ethereal, like a wispy black vapor haunting your backside - much cooler than the black heads that normally grace it, I'd venture to say!! I also love the quill-like sleeve laces hanging off the jacket…there’s actually two of them but some dork didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing one of them until days after…can I blame it on the Nyquil??

If Prince had been to Acid Designs, he would have tossed that raspberry pretender and been singing about my black Beret instead!! Of course, If I wasn’t “wearing much more," he probably would have jumped to his death from the tree house, but that’s his loss. This outfit also comes with boots, and I have to be honest, I didn’t try them on - the thing is, I have a boner for my Gutterblood boots, and it's hard for me to stop humping them in all their black leathery grandeur!! Thus ends my first post since I practically died from the flu - for all of those I have been handing fashion cookies out to since last Friday, I'm sorry for double dipping in the dough and here’s hoping you feel better!!

Acid Designs – Beret Hair (Black)
Avid – Byron Outfit
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Terminator Boots


Iustinian said...

Love it

Kallisto Destiny said...

Welcome back. You poor baby. Glad you kicked the shit out of the flu...nasty bugger isn't it?!!
Black leather..mmmmmm. See you soon.

Dove Swanson said...

Me: I like snot, so suck it!
Me: Hmm, I think I just said I like sucking snot.

I <3 joo - even when yer all snotty and sicky. *snuffles*

Winter Jefferson said...

I'm just waiting on my kickback cheque from Avid to clear now, actually... Not that I'm not working on cleaning out his inventory. He has a new one out this week - I may have to race you to it.

And - glad to hear you are better. Those wadded tissues disturb me, however. What percentage of them are actually snot....?

BoRee Vella said...

winter is one slick vampire gentlemen..good find winty!

Dove Swanson said...

I told him that when I was reading it pre-publishing, Winter. I was like "honey, yanno, that can be taken two ways" lol. He's fine with either way apparently. :D

Winter Jefferson said...


The sardonic aloof Vampire Lord part of me is sputtering at the indignity of that.

The foolish male part is currently emailing the Lindens to see if they will officially change my name now.

We now return you to this hijacked thread - sorry, Lawless