Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big In Japan

You know what's really big in Japan? Salamanders!! They have these giant bishes that are big enough to make shoes out of them - in fact, they may already be doing that…I'll ask Winter, if anyone has a pair, he will. I digress though, so back to business…cus if there's one thing my blog is, it's all business! My thoughts of Japan were originally stoked by one of my regular visits to WMD, and a pair of aptly named Ronin big in Japan jeans. I love WMD jeans, wanna know why? If you nodded yes, just look back at some of my old blogs - you lazy fech - I'm moving on. I decided to dig out a jacket I had been meaning to sport, which was also bedecked with a Rising Sun…coincidence? Nah, not at all. I really liked the look of the M65 jacket from NoaR, from the sleek, black color to the slightly faded front pockets and the flared cuff prims - one problem I had though was the waist prim, which I couldn’t make jive with my ao, no matter how hard I tried (which means all 10 seconds of my attention span).

You know what else are big? Iguanas!! Not in Japan though, but in Nassau for sure. Fresh off the boat, I saw one in the ditch and tried to creep up on it in a testerone fueled attempt to impress my mates (ie – girls) and found out not only are they big, they can run fast like cats - and in this case, in my general direction, which caused me to scream in a very schoolgirl-like fashion - not that there's anything wrong with that. If I had been wearing my RL Aussie boots, I may have just kicked the vile lizard…I guess I'll have to settle for kicking lizardmen in-world with WMD’s take on my favorite RL boots - nice texturing, and you can get them in either regular or lizard-kicking grungy.

My new Find Ash hair, the Worker's Holiday may or may not be big in Japan, but I'm sure it would be huge in Derek Zoolander's world. As soon as I put it on, I started bugging Dove to make a “Magnum” pose, so I could walk around the grid challenging people to walk offs and just being really really ridiculously good looking. So that’s another day in the life of, and now I'm off to feed my Komodo Dragon, and by “Komodo Dragon," I mean my willy, and by “feed," I mean inject it with this stuff guaranteed to add inches to my “Dragon” for a meager 250 dollars!!

WMD - Aussie Boots, Sugoi "Ronin" Big in Japan Jeans
NoaR - M65 Jacket (black)
B R LY1 N - Acc001 Belt (black)
Redgrave - Driving Gloves [long-finger] (black)
Find Ash - Workers Holiday (neo black)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elvis has left the building...

I hope that’s seriously not coming as any kind of news to you, if so, please accept my apologies and welcome to 2009! Although I missed his final pelvic thrust by a few years, I do have a friend who is an Elvis impersonator, and that obviously makes me an expert...right? Which is why it was so obvious to me that Elvis would have loved my new RJK2 jacket from sey…had there been several pounds of gold sequins added, of course, in lieu of sequins, sey gives you lots of attachments to play with, including a sweet jacket belt and two, different, resizable collars. I don’t generally dig pictures and slogans on my clothes, but I liked the funky collars and the black piping enough to override my prejudices - plus the picture is on the back and if you are checking it out instead of my arse when I walk by, something’s wrong with you….just saying.

In true Elvis fashion, I went to dig out my flared white pantsuit only to find Dove had used it as a grease rag while she was working on her Ferris wheel…kids nowadays! Instead of crying over spilled milk, I seized the opportunity to go shopping and voila - old stock denim from garage r.h - casual jeans, worn out in all the right places, and dark enough to suit my purposes, big arse cuffs on these bad boys though, almost 1950’s style, you know, like back when Elvis was hot. I knew that I needed black hair for my outfit, I could have tried one of the five hundred hairs I already have in my inventory, but that would have been taking the easy way out, and I'm never one to shirk my impulsive buying responsibilities. Thank you Sadistic Hacker and your Jetlink Hair in black for helping me complete my Dragon Ball Z Elvis…cus of course, that was his favorite cartoon ever…don’t believe me, don’t worry, I'll add it to his wiki right after lunch - isn’t the internet grand?

The next time someone accuses your mother of wearing combat boots, tell them, yes she does, and they’re the new short combat boots from Tonktastic - once they realize how brilliant these new boots are, they will wish their mum was so fashionably attired as well. These boots are scripted for both resizing and color change, with several options available...and that’s on top of the fact that they are amazingly detailed, which is par for the course for Tonk. If Elvis had been wearing these during his stint as a G.I., he may have gone regular army and quit his day job…heh. Finishing off my uber realistic Elvis 2009, I slapped on a new skin for effect…my koji skin was the perfect choice because everyone knows Elvis had some Cherokee in him, and Cherokee and Asian both share the letter…erm...well, I'd love to stay and chat but my peanut butter and jellybean sammich is done and I’m a growing pop icon!!

Sey – RJK2 Jacket
Tonktastic – Short Combat Boots
Garage R.H. – Old Stock Denim
Sadistic Hacker - Jetlink Hair(Black
ANIMUS&SF - Koji Skin – Clean
Monogrind - 8-ball Necklace
aC Studios - NCY - Aviator (Black)