Friday, May 23, 2008

Where the wild things are...

I was going to put up a “gone fishin” post, I had it all elaborately planned in my head, it involved me fishing on our dock and surrounded by all the cool fish I caught…. but then I remembered who I was and just buggered off instead. I’ve been sitting on these “Drow” pictures for a few weeks and I figured now was a perfect time because they so accurately reflect camping with Lawless 101.

First off, Fallen Gods Dust Skin is the official name…now some will tell you that a “Drow” is a mythical elf-like creature in Scottish folklore which lived in caves and forged magical metal work - but I'm here to tell you that in RL, Drow is an acronym for “didn’t rinse or wash”…five days of that whilst camping will give you a skin tone very reminiscent of your average mythical cave dweller. Not only did I change my skin for the first time ever (however temporarily), but I chose one with facial hair to boot!! This coincides with the fact that it's absolutely taboo to shave while camping…how else can you make fun of your baby-faced buddies at the end of the trip whilst you scratch at your mangy growth??

To truly leave the city behind, you need proper roughing it duds…I choose the Jungle King outfit by Electro Kitty for so many reasons. First, the fewer clothes you wear, the less you have to wash…which reminds me, that bag of clothes in the back of my truck is starting to smell. It's also a fearsome looking thing, what with all the sharp tusks and claws jutting out to and fro…this is important because if you look fierce enough, you might be able to discourage your peers from drinking your beer (annual event), dropping your tent down in the middle of the night (annual event), or my personal favorite…barfing in your tent (fortunately not an annual event, but occurring more than I'd like to admit to). Oh, and incidentally, the details on this outfit are fechin incredible…it's enough to make me want to go camping more often.

To be fair, I shaved my head before I went camping, but only because no matter how long I grew it, it would never look as bad arse as AVZ makes hair. I mixed two different styles and I really wish I had noted the name of the girl I copied it from, I'd totally give her props - or let her come over and clean my cooler for me, at the very least!! Anyways, next year you’re all invited! And incidentally, no fish were harmed in the making of this fishing trip memoir…mostly because amidst all that drinking and whisker growing and fiercing and whatnot I forgot to go out and fish...who knew?? In an effort to make up for that discrepancy, I'm off to see if I can dip my pole in Dove…don’t wait up!!

P.S.…Winter, I really wanted to call this “Electric Drow Apocalyptic Nightmare Sensation”, as you so cleverly coined it…but I didn’t want it to go to your head, now that you're a beefcake and all.

AVZ - Sense Hair, TRI bal Hair 2 (black)
Fallen Gods Inc. - Dust Skin (neutral/ blackbeard full)
Electro Kitty - Jungle King Set
Hybrid Prod - BO72 Matter Skirt (black)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Hip Arai!!!

Ah, the good old glory days of school - sucking up to my teachers, the straight A’s, the long hours studying in the library, sitting with the nerds in the cafeteria, looking hot in my plaid skirt and white blouse….oh wait, that was my sister. My school years were a little more inglorious, prolly best summed up with the oft repeated “…if lawless would only apply himself..”…hard to believe, I know…heh…if only I could turn back time.

Oh whatever, if I could turn back time, I'd most likely do it all the same - except, I'd return in style. No ripped up levis and concert tees this time. I'd be styling in a sweet arse school uniform, maybe even something like my new School Uniform 01 from Arai!! First off, I love the untucked shirt and loose tie putting the 'I' in uniform…the outfit is nicely textured and the shading is really great, how great you ask? So great that when I excitedly put this outfit on while standing in Arai, I forgot to take off the tie and shirt I was previously going to blog…don’t believe me?? It's peeking out of the open collar in these and the other 200 pictures I took…good thing I caught it in time...heh…

In order to make sure I don’t accidentally learn anything at school, I grabbed the finely detailed Ume headphones at Boon so I can daydream at the back of the class and listen to the Fratellis in style. They can make me wear a uniform, but the hair is all mine to let run wild…Discord's Garou hair is unkempt, wild, long and slightly reminiscent of a hippy chick's armpits, but in a far grander scale. Finishing my 'back to school daze' post is my Shoulder Bag from Kalico Kreations - full of Incredible Hulk comic books and playboy centerfolds of course (the latter being enough to get a young Lawless suspended for a day in grade 1, who knew?) Ok, anyways, it's time for me to go flirt with Dove, my favorite nerd girl in the library.…who knows, maybe I will let her carry my books home for me!!

Kalico Kreations - Kalico Shoulder Bag
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStars Hi-Tops MultiColor V2
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1
Arai - School Uniform 01
Boon - Headphones (Ume)
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green
Location – Creators Pavillion

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Kitty!!!

There I was, minding my own business, camming into random people's treehouses and admiring and inspecting their furniture (and by that, I mean taking pictures of their nasty bits) when achariya told me I could get free neko ears at the Nex-Core show and join the meow revolution…how could I say no?? I'd love to show them to you, the only problem is that as soon as I broke my neko cherry, I decided I needed more not-so-free ones of various spots and stripes, eventually culminating in these black ones from Acid that wiggle and move about and are almost as cute as Dove's new kittens.

Building an outfit from the ears down was my next task and I embraced it eagerly. Having just spent a shite load of lindens at Discord (see future blog), I rooted around in the clutter that calls itself an inventory and came up with a winner. The Garou hair is mega shaggy, tousled long hair and just what any self respecting cat about town would wear…and it's dirt cheap, so now you have no excuse. Almost furry in its own rights, the Charlatan coat from Civvies is something I’ve been meaning to wear for a while now. Things I love about this jacket are as follows; the fur lining, the oversized buckled arm cuffs and its long sleek cut…in black of course. The jacket also comes with a long coat bottom if you’re in the mood for a trench. Another day, another pair of WMD jeans, this time the Steel Darks…be warned, don’t wear these jeans if you’re uncomfortable with people telling you “those jeans are great’…stick to those ugly-arse, legs-painted-blue, things you’ve got now and you’ll be ok.

Although it sounds like they should be making recreational vehicles, I'm really glad NanaCraft makes clothes and stuff. Even though everyone and their cousin seems to have made a pair of engineer boots, I'm really impressed with the ones they made. First off, they just have a great shape to them, and if you add in the thick chunky sole and nicely detailed buckles, you end up with Lawless buying all of the available colors!

Making a brilliantly detailed belt can often leave the creators very little time to formulate a name for it…case in point, Belt02 by NanaCraft - personally, they can call their belts whatever they please if they make them all look like this one. Equipped with a wicked looking skull buckle, the coolest looking man purse I’ve ever worn and of course, a key ring for all of the skeleton keys that seem to accumulate in your modern day neko’s pockets, you’re set to go on the prowl….rowr!! Speaking of prowling, you’re on your own, I'm off to go and play another round of hide the catnip with Dove!!

Acid - Neko Ears Black
Civvies - "Charlatan" Coat
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
NanaCraft - Belt02 (black), Engineer Boots (black)
WMD - Sugoi "Ronin" Steel Dark Jeans
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Cover Up...

Usually when I think of coveralls, I think of a nametag with the name “Hank” or “Chester” and a decent collection of oil/grease spots…or maybe your stereotypical machete swinging, horror film mass murderer, avoiding the telltale blood and viscera stains on his good clothes - but coveralls as a fashion statement?? Yes, it's true, coverall couture is here and not since those flickr pics of Winter on his hands and knees wearing a dog collar have I been so excited about something!!

First step to getting on this new fashion wave is heading your arse down to 19 Sosaku-Kobo where you’ll find good and bad news. The good news here is the coveralls are easy to find, the shop has very few items at the moment - the bad news is that you’ll wish they had more after you try a few things on (sort of like me and those pictures of Winter). The coveralls come in several great colors separately or in a fat pack…cautiously, I bought the black ones and ended up with the fat pack not long after…cus you know, I hardly have anything to wear in SL. They come in both mens and ladies sizes, with plain or logo back uppers. They're baggy without looking sloppy, and I really love the rolled down to the waist sculpty option…kind of a mix between hipster and hip hop. They also feature prim sleeves, bottoms, collar and great texturing…they’re the last thing you’ll want to wear when it's time to change the oil …or when you’re collared and walking about on your hands and knees like Snoopy.

After impressing me with the detail on the coveralls, 19’s PaintO Jie blew me away with the sculpties on his O-Swiss Kicks…these shoes are a builders showcase, this is how sculpties are supposed to work!! Crazy details, from the pebbled rubber of the upper sole to the wrinkled creases where the shoe bends at your toes, they actually made me take off my pornstars for a few days in a row ( I think Dove burned them). With my top rolled down, I decided it was time to show off my Mu Mei Do tattoo from Muism…not for the faint of wallet, this tattoo translates to approximately 58 hours of straight camping (definitely a recipe for slemorrhoids) - after you get over the price though, you can revel in the awesome detail and almost negligible seams.

Having broken the bank on the rest of my outfit, I was happy to find a freebie hat that you can not only wear with your hair but it looks good too!! Yabusaka as usual has another fine piece of jewelry, the Silver Alphabet Changer Pendant. Mine says “Poo” fittingly, first off because it's one of Dove's favorite words and secondly, with five million birds flying around in the background, it’s an inevitability of this photo shoot. So now little hipsters and hipstettes, it's time for you to join the coverall revolution…in the meantime, I'm going to go search some Gorean sims and see if I can't find a nice present for a former Dark Lord of the Vampires I once knew.

19 Sosaku-Kobo - Onenine Coveralls, O-Swiss Kicks (v1.0)
Muism - 40% Transparency Tank Top (white), Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
Yabusaka - Silver Alphabet Changer Pendant
Key Main Shop - Checkered Hat
Primitive Design - Insurrection Mouth Piercing
Location - Hasendow

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am...

Iron Man!! Ok, not really…Tony Starks is Iron Man, and we’re nothing alike…he’s an athletic playboy, incredibly wealthy, genius inventor with an addiction to the bottle. Oh well, one out of six ain't bad. I may not be Iron Man, but I am a geek male…we’re talking thousands of comic books stored out of direct sunlight in cool conditions with cardboard backing in plastic bags kind of geek - and the midnight preview showing of any comic book character who manages to hit the big screen kind of geek too!! Which of course has its lows…*cough* Elektra* cough* and its highs…hopefully, Iron Man, sometime tomorrow evening?? Either way, when Dove and I wandered into the Boxed Heroes store, it was a given I was going to get suited up to play.

The store has a bunch of film and comic heroes and villains to choose from. As tempted as I was by Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow man, my heart already belonged to this Iron Man suit - fearsome looking, yet smooth, supple, sleek and full of gadgets, it was screaming out to both my inner and outer geek!! For 400L you get three different versions of the suit, the classic red/gold, black/red and my favorite, the black/gold combinations, all equipped with an Iron Man AO. It comes with damage dealing repulsors in the hands and of course, a circular chestbeam with an emergency light beam spotlight!! Although the armored suit comes with a built in flight assistant, be warned that if you’ve been around me in voice when I'm wearing it, the sounds you hear do not come with the suit!! I know it may be hard to believe, but those amazing sonic booms and roars and thunders you heard were coming from your's truly. After I unboxed my new toy at home, was I disappointed?? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here's 80,000 words worth of praise….I'll meet you in the sky!!

PS, just to confirm it, that disturbance you felt in the force at approximately 10 am SLT was the after effects of my sister adding another unit to the Lawless collective. That’s one step closer to world dominance, if you're keeping track at home (insert evil laugh here)!!

Boxed Heroes - IronMan AlikeAV(2.0)
Location - Midian City