Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Hip Arai!!!

Ah, the good old glory days of school - sucking up to my teachers, the straight A’s, the long hours studying in the library, sitting with the nerds in the cafeteria, looking hot in my plaid skirt and white blouse….oh wait, that was my sister. My school years were a little more inglorious, prolly best summed up with the oft repeated “…if lawless would only apply himself..”…hard to believe, I know…heh…if only I could turn back time.

Oh whatever, if I could turn back time, I'd most likely do it all the same - except, I'd return in style. No ripped up levis and concert tees this time. I'd be styling in a sweet arse school uniform, maybe even something like my new School Uniform 01 from Arai!! First off, I love the untucked shirt and loose tie putting the 'I' in uniform…the outfit is nicely textured and the shading is really great, how great you ask? So great that when I excitedly put this outfit on while standing in Arai, I forgot to take off the tie and shirt I was previously going to blog…don’t believe me?? It's peeking out of the open collar in these and the other 200 pictures I took…good thing I caught it in time...heh…

In order to make sure I don’t accidentally learn anything at school, I grabbed the finely detailed Ume headphones at Boon so I can daydream at the back of the class and listen to the Fratellis in style. They can make me wear a uniform, but the hair is all mine to let run wild…Discord's Garou hair is unkempt, wild, long and slightly reminiscent of a hippy chick's armpits, but in a far grander scale. Finishing my 'back to school daze' post is my Shoulder Bag from Kalico Kreations - full of Incredible Hulk comic books and playboy centerfolds of course (the latter being enough to get a young Lawless suspended for a day in grade 1, who knew?) Ok, anyways, it's time for me to go flirt with Dove, my favorite nerd girl in the library.…who knows, maybe I will let her carry my books home for me!!

Kalico Kreations - Kalico Shoulder Bag
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStars Hi-Tops MultiColor V2
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1
Arai - School Uniform 01
Boon - Headphones (Ume)
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green
Location – Creators Pavillion


Domch said...

Oh I love this look, Lawless! Fits your name perfectly, too. :)

Lawless McBride said...

thanks so glad i didnt take Pills advice and go with Braless now!!!

Dove Swanson said...

I really like the way you wear that double collar/tie combo there. Total new.....(b) fashion statement if I ever saw one! :p

*snickles and ducks*

Bonnie & Clyde said...

Suit-on-suit? Doth he dare? Oh, he dares. I could definitely see that fashion trend becoming quite popular in the criminal underworld. "You gots a $3000 dolla Italian suit? Well guess what ya mook, I got TWO!"

Anonymous said...

/me pulls your pigtails from the desk behind and makes you cry after school!

Lawless McBride said...

dove, of course it was a fashion statement, as if anyone could take pictures for an hour without noticing 2 sets of ties!!!

nic and dahl, fuhgedaboutit!!!..

elusyve, dove says you have to stop taking my lunch money, im a growing boy...

Jonny Tobias said...

Haha, you are a hilarious bugger!
I have done the classic take pics and realise you had an undershirt layer on and cursed at my screen also. It is fun. So I can't say you are alone there.

Anonymous said...

Very cool post Law, I always just love your stories which I think is actually my fav part of your blogs...and of course the fashion is 2nd and you are 3rd, I mean #1, but seriously great post, nice outfit.


Zaara said...

LOLOL, how cool(wierd?!) is this!!
Lawless really can get away with anything :P