Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Kitty!!!

There I was, minding my own business, camming into random people's treehouses and admiring and inspecting their furniture (and by that, I mean taking pictures of their nasty bits) when achariya told me I could get free neko ears at the Nex-Core show and join the meow revolution…how could I say no?? I'd love to show them to you, the only problem is that as soon as I broke my neko cherry, I decided I needed more not-so-free ones of various spots and stripes, eventually culminating in these black ones from Acid that wiggle and move about and are almost as cute as Dove's new kittens.

Building an outfit from the ears down was my next task and I embraced it eagerly. Having just spent a shite load of lindens at Discord (see future blog), I rooted around in the clutter that calls itself an inventory and came up with a winner. The Garou hair is mega shaggy, tousled long hair and just what any self respecting cat about town would wear…and it's dirt cheap, so now you have no excuse. Almost furry in its own rights, the Charlatan coat from Civvies is something I’ve been meaning to wear for a while now. Things I love about this jacket are as follows; the fur lining, the oversized buckled arm cuffs and its long sleek cut…in black of course. The jacket also comes with a long coat bottom if you’re in the mood for a trench. Another day, another pair of WMD jeans, this time the Steel Darks…be warned, don’t wear these jeans if you’re uncomfortable with people telling you “those jeans are great’…stick to those ugly-arse, legs-painted-blue, things you’ve got now and you’ll be ok.

Although it sounds like they should be making recreational vehicles, I'm really glad NanaCraft makes clothes and stuff. Even though everyone and their cousin seems to have made a pair of engineer boots, I'm really impressed with the ones they made. First off, they just have a great shape to them, and if you add in the thick chunky sole and nicely detailed buckles, you end up with Lawless buying all of the available colors!

Making a brilliantly detailed belt can often leave the creators very little time to formulate a name for it…case in point, Belt02 by NanaCraft - personally, they can call their belts whatever they please if they make them all look like this one. Equipped with a wicked looking skull buckle, the coolest looking man purse I’ve ever worn and of course, a key ring for all of the skeleton keys that seem to accumulate in your modern day neko’s pockets, you’re set to go on the prowl….rowr!! Speaking of prowling, you’re on your own, I'm off to go and play another round of hide the catnip with Dove!!

Acid - Neko Ears Black
Civvies - "Charlatan" Coat
Discord - Garou Hair (black/grey)
NanaCraft - Belt02 (black), Engineer Boots (black)
WMD - Sugoi "Ronin" Steel Dark Jeans
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1


Winter Jefferson said...

Awww... Dove. You got yourself a Kitty...

I love the expression on the skull on your belt - it seems to be saying "Duuuude... would it kill you to change your underwear?"

Plus - insert random pussy joke here.

Lawless McBride said...


Achariya Rezak said...


oh boy, i feel like such a bad influence...

>> *ear scritch*

Elaine Lisle said...

Sheesh Lawless, you've reminded me that I was meaning to buy that coat from Civvies like three months ago (in white, though), but something diverted my 10-second attention span!!
Oh and btw... you're a spendthrift, that's what I came here to say :-P

PS. Do boots have a soul? Heh

Dove Swanson said...

I like you better as a ...wolf, babe. ;)


Dahlia Eilde said...

You took the Neko plunge!
Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver :)
But are you sure the game you and Dove were playing wasn't smoke the 'catnip'? I know where you're from...and it is good.

P.S. Those jeans are great.

Lawless McBride said...

ach, even your bad is good!!

elaine, everything i wear has soul, yours truly, lawless mcshaft!!!...i think i need that coat in white too!!

shares his hippy lettuce with dahlia and munches on the jumbo bag of doritos...

Kallisto Destiny said...

I was with you when you put that jacket my place. But Dove was with us, dammit. Anyways, :P very cool look, you have know how to put it all together.

Hope you had a fun weekend...

Kallisto Destiny said...

Oh yeah, watch out with you being gone, Dove might just become the next Fashion Blogger sensation! She is just whipping out kick arse outfit after kick arse cute.