Friday, May 23, 2008

Where the wild things are...

I was going to put up a “gone fishin” post, I had it all elaborately planned in my head, it involved me fishing on our dock and surrounded by all the cool fish I caught…. but then I remembered who I was and just buggered off instead. I’ve been sitting on these “Drow” pictures for a few weeks and I figured now was a perfect time because they so accurately reflect camping with Lawless 101.

First off, Fallen Gods Dust Skin is the official name…now some will tell you that a “Drow” is a mythical elf-like creature in Scottish folklore which lived in caves and forged magical metal work - but I'm here to tell you that in RL, Drow is an acronym for “didn’t rinse or wash”…five days of that whilst camping will give you a skin tone very reminiscent of your average mythical cave dweller. Not only did I change my skin for the first time ever (however temporarily), but I chose one with facial hair to boot!! This coincides with the fact that it's absolutely taboo to shave while camping…how else can you make fun of your baby-faced buddies at the end of the trip whilst you scratch at your mangy growth??

To truly leave the city behind, you need proper roughing it duds…I choose the Jungle King outfit by Electro Kitty for so many reasons. First, the fewer clothes you wear, the less you have to wash…which reminds me, that bag of clothes in the back of my truck is starting to smell. It's also a fearsome looking thing, what with all the sharp tusks and claws jutting out to and fro…this is important because if you look fierce enough, you might be able to discourage your peers from drinking your beer (annual event), dropping your tent down in the middle of the night (annual event), or my personal favorite…barfing in your tent (fortunately not an annual event, but occurring more than I'd like to admit to). Oh, and incidentally, the details on this outfit are fechin incredible…it's enough to make me want to go camping more often.

To be fair, I shaved my head before I went camping, but only because no matter how long I grew it, it would never look as bad arse as AVZ makes hair. I mixed two different styles and I really wish I had noted the name of the girl I copied it from, I'd totally give her props - or let her come over and clean my cooler for me, at the very least!! Anyways, next year you’re all invited! And incidentally, no fish were harmed in the making of this fishing trip memoir…mostly because amidst all that drinking and whisker growing and fiercing and whatnot I forgot to go out and fish...who knew?? In an effort to make up for that discrepancy, I'm off to see if I can dip my pole in Dove…don’t wait up!!

P.S.…Winter, I really wanted to call this “Electric Drow Apocalyptic Nightmare Sensation”, as you so cleverly coined it…but I didn’t want it to go to your head, now that you're a beefcake and all.

AVZ - Sense Hair, TRI bal Hair 2 (black)
Fallen Gods Inc. - Dust Skin (neutral/ blackbeard full)
Electro Kitty - Jungle King Set
Hybrid Prod - BO72 Matter Skirt (black)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Eyes 2C - Spotted1 Super Real Light Brown Green


Genevieve Lutetia said...

Not done by halves, despite the blog title. Rockin, Lawless!

Bonnie & Clyde said...

Holy shit dude, that is at least a level 20. Let me guess, Shaman/Monk?

Nice post, Law. =P

Strawberry Singh said...

That's one of my favorite books. :)
Welcome back Mr. McBride.

Rylan Carling said...

Awesome!! You'll do anything to get that skin from me...LOL! Glad to hear you had a great time, and welcome back :)

Dove Swanson said...

The part he's not showing you (the cawk) is super scurry! :o

Winter Jefferson said...

Absolutely freakin' seamless segues there, Lawless. You'd could almost think that the 2 subjects bore some sort of a relation to each other... almost...

I'm still stunned at the epicitude of the look you put together here. Truly awesome. And good to have you back. If only to stop Dove making more terrifying pose sets.

Kallisto Destiny said...

Scarey ensemble dude but great post as always! <3

Lawless McBride said...

full arsed, genevieve?? change my blog name but all those business cards would go to waste...
nic and dahl, i had to make a new character, my paladin died of dengue fever!!!
straw, you can read it to me at bedtime, ok?
rylan, dont be afraid to drop that skin on me even when im in busy, i check my trash daily....taps his foot impatiently..
waves his elephant trunk at dove...
winter, isnt segue the coolest word??..i mean, if your a nerd dork thats into words...which im not!!!
kallisto, come to the treehouse and ill show you the real scary part!!!