Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fresh Pie

Here's some things you probably didn’t know about Pie. First off, Pie is a person, not a baked good and her real name is Pill Randt (don’t call her Pie to her face or she might call you something back…ie: “braless”). Secondly, she collects B&E’s like Dove collects socks (she puts the “mature” in mature sim). Thirdly, and bestly, she started building stuffs!! Case in point, my brand new Pillbugg Bunny Hat. I like it heaps, in fact, I liked it enough to spend twenty minutes making my hair peek out underneath it…yup, that’s true love!! It comes in five different colors, including pink - I’d show you, but I didn’t want to steal Winter's thunder.

Although I was quite content to walk around all day naked as a bunny, Dove said she can't concentrate on her procrastination when I'm all nude, so she made me go shopping!! Armed with my essential checklist, I hopped into Miau Haus and checked out the jeans there. Are they black? check! Are they festooned with skulls? check! Are they black? check! Nicely faded, and kind of wrinkly…I'm going to say not off the bedroom floor wrinkled, more like under the damp towel in the laundry hamper wrinkled - not that I'd wear something out of my laundry hamper. The leather jacket isn’t the most detailed thing you’ve ever worn, but come on, the shop's name is AyYaiYai!! Total winner, it's going onto my cool name's list right under Skanks-R-Us. The jacket is pretty simple, but it does come with some prim cuffs, plus everytime you wear it you can say AyYaiYai in your worst Mexican accent (the editor and staff would like to apologize to anyone offended by anything Lawless Mcbride says but c'mon, do you even know who he is?).

So if we were all in high school right now, Kari’s new high top chucks would be the ones that you'd be pestering your folks for each and every day after school…c'mon please please please?? All the other cool SL kids are wearing them!! I'm pretty much still in love with my Pornstars, if only for all the options you get from the scripts, but these shoes are nicely worn in, kind of scuffed and dirtied up a bit, and they do have some cool pictures…how could mum and dad say no? Lastly, I threw on another Sey trinket, this time the Kabbalah necklace…not only does it look great, but it protects you from the dreaded evil eye, one of the most destructive forces in the universe!! I would know, Dove gives me one everytime I push her off the treehouse deck when she’s afking. So yeah, two in a row, look at me go!! Anyway, if you need me, I'm going to be searching under the wet towel in my hamper for something to wear tomorrow…remember everyone, dress for success!!

*Pillbugg's* – Conejito Hat
Primitive Design – Anarchy Buckle Belt
Miau Haus – Skull Jeans (black)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo
Armidi Hair - The Individual - Midnight Collection
Kari - S&S&T High Tops Sneakers
Tuli - Piercing Eyes (blue)
Puncture - Satiated Facial Piercing Set
AyYaiYai - Impress Leather Jacket (charcoal)
Sey - Kabbalah Necklace

Back by Popular Demand!!!

And by popular demand, I mean Berry said she missed me, so how could I stay away? These twelve hour work days really knocked the wind out of my blogging sails but I'm really tired of wearing the same outfit for days on end... so fatigue be damned!! I'll tell you what though, if you're going to be stuck in the same outfit in SL, you could do much worse - although I'm going to have the worst case of hat hair, ever!! You’ve probably seen the new Argrace baseball cap before, but you seriously need to stop seeing it and start owning it - not only does this hat come with hair, but it's also the sweetest, curliest, mess. Goodbye half hour of modding my hair to fit underneath while I make up curse words that would make BoRee blush. As a bonus, the hat comes with scripted sizing and color changes…..and it looks good, most important when you’re out searching for your sugar momma!!

Next up is the Men's Used Shirt from Yamy.... I'm drawn to wrinkly, lived-in, comfortable looking clothes - this shirt looks like one of my bedroom floor “pickup and sniff the pit” winners that I managed to squeeze one more day of lounging about in. Decently drawn, nice shading, a nice white shirt that’s made to work with some faded denims. Which brings us to Miu’s ZXM jeans…these jeans are all about the flares…kind of faded with heavy stitching, they’re the jeans that make you shout “Eureka!!” when you find them in the last rack in the thrift store. Ok, if you really shout Eureka out loud in thrift stores, you prolly need to take those meds you think you don’t need anymore…but anyways…

Kalnins Optics makes some really cool, different looking sunglasses. I had seen them blogged before but it wasn’t until Domch tried to blind me with some neon yellow shop walls that I realized how badly I needed a pair. Scripted with a shite load of options that I'm loathe to list here, they are funky enough to let you get your inner diva or rawkstar on (whichever your preference). Helping remove the tarnish that “Walk like an Egyptian” put on the word “bangle”, Sey made this very sweet Sun Leather bangle. A picture being worth an infinite number of the words that dribble forth from my gob, I will say no more and let you stare admiringly at it whilst you fill in your own adjectives, punctuated by the occasional “oooh” and "aaaah." That being said, I'm off to change and throw these clothes in the laundry basket where they belong…(or the floor until the next sniff and wear)…

Kalnins Optics – Bordino Sunglasses
Argrace – Baseball Cap (curly black)
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops
Skanks R Us – Earlines Piercings
Love Soul - Mens Nails (cross black)
Yamy - Mens Used Shirt (white)
Miu' - ZXM Jeans Z501 Boy
Sey - Cuffs Necklace, "Sun" Leather Bangle

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Damn near kilt him...

There's two ways to end up with a skin like this. Number one, head down to the beach early on Canada Day with a gallon or two of sangria, some tanning butter and your banana hammock and waste away the day on a beach towel - George Hamilton eat yer heart out!! Or you can jump off the melanoma highway and grab MiaSnow's Rodaidh Drow Skin. Since I spent most of my fechin holiday stuck on a bridge for six hours whilst the cops talked a jumper down from her perch, Mia's option was the one I took as well…but I'm not complaining…I'm no Drow expert, but I like her skins - her Drow's offer subtle changes in the face shadows and even blue war paint!!

It seemed so natural to get badarse once I slipped into this skin and I knew just the hair to start with: Thea Tamuras Punk Vein Hair. I only discovered this hair because I saw the word “punk” in the fashcon notice, kudos to her for so deftly taking advantage of my three second attention span. Kind of a rapunzel from the wrong side of town look, I'm not sure I'll be rocking this hair with a lot of outfits, but it definitely fit the bill here. I dusted off my Aitui nipple rings to celebrate the holiday, after a little adjusting they are ready to roll, in sl anyways - as a side note, although I've pierced several bits and bobs of my RL body, hell will freeze over before I ever mess with my nipples, or chest clits as I so affectionately have come to call them!!

Several months ago, I came across a dude wearing a madly detailed kilt, which of course led me to inspect my way to the store myself. While the outfit was incredible and a total prim fest, I was feeling cheap (a throwback to my ancestors?), so I saved a landmark and decided to come back another day. Another day almost never happened, because finding that LM two months later was akin to Scrooge McDuck finding a particular penny in his swollen money vault - like a bloodhound on a trail, I persisted though, and after TPing into 200 random stores or so, I found my Roman Legionnaire Heavy Armor Outfit, all 442 prims of it! But what prims they are - from the studded kilt, to the gauntlets and boots, this is one of the best historical outfits I almost never bought!!

On that note, today is the 4th of July, so I best get onto the internerd and start scouting out the most likely bridge to be caught up in a so-called “police incident" so I can be on deck bright and early. Why mess with tradition?

by Mia - Rodaidh Drow Skin 3
Groll Inn – Noble Rogue Set (ashgrey)(forearm and hand ornaments)
Aitui - Silver Hoop Nipple Rings
Thea Tamura Fashion - I Have a Punk Vein Hair Crest (black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Mikazuki Weaponry Mainstore - Roman Legionnaire Heavy Armor Outfit
(studded kilt, boots and greaves)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 22
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set (mouth and nose)