Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back by Popular Demand!!!

And by popular demand, I mean Berry said she missed me, so how could I stay away? These twelve hour work days really knocked the wind out of my blogging sails but I'm really tired of wearing the same outfit for days on end... so fatigue be damned!! I'll tell you what though, if you're going to be stuck in the same outfit in SL, you could do much worse - although I'm going to have the worst case of hat hair, ever!! You’ve probably seen the new Argrace baseball cap before, but you seriously need to stop seeing it and start owning it - not only does this hat come with hair, but it's also the sweetest, curliest, mess. Goodbye half hour of modding my hair to fit underneath while I make up curse words that would make BoRee blush. As a bonus, the hat comes with scripted sizing and color changes…..and it looks good, most important when you’re out searching for your sugar momma!!

Next up is the Men's Used Shirt from Yamy.... I'm drawn to wrinkly, lived-in, comfortable looking clothes - this shirt looks like one of my bedroom floor “pickup and sniff the pit” winners that I managed to squeeze one more day of lounging about in. Decently drawn, nice shading, a nice white shirt that’s made to work with some faded denims. Which brings us to Miu’s ZXM jeans…these jeans are all about the flares…kind of faded with heavy stitching, they’re the jeans that make you shout “Eureka!!” when you find them in the last rack in the thrift store. Ok, if you really shout Eureka out loud in thrift stores, you prolly need to take those meds you think you don’t need anymore…but anyways…

Kalnins Optics makes some really cool, different looking sunglasses. I had seen them blogged before but it wasn’t until Domch tried to blind me with some neon yellow shop walls that I realized how badly I needed a pair. Scripted with a shite load of options that I'm loathe to list here, they are funky enough to let you get your inner diva or rawkstar on (whichever your preference). Helping remove the tarnish that “Walk like an Egyptian” put on the word “bangle”, Sey made this very sweet Sun Leather bangle. A picture being worth an infinite number of the words that dribble forth from my gob, I will say no more and let you stare admiringly at it whilst you fill in your own adjectives, punctuated by the occasional “oooh” and "aaaah." That being said, I'm off to change and throw these clothes in the laundry basket where they belong…(or the floor until the next sniff and wear)…

Kalnins Optics – Bordino Sunglasses
Argrace – Baseball Cap (curly black)
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops
Skanks R Us – Earlines Piercings
Love Soul - Mens Nails (cross black)
Yamy - Mens Used Shirt (white)
Miu' - ZXM Jeans Z501 Boy
Sey - Cuffs Necklace, "Sun" Leather Bangle


Winter Jefferson said...

My screen thanks you - the kilt picture was burnt into it. Weebees, Mr McBride.

And the obligatory "oooh" and "ahhh" is punctuated with a sigh of "Why didn't he give us a close up of the necklace?"

Strawberry Singh said...

I didn't miss you at all. Dove and I were busy tryin' to make babies! :P

Dove Swanson said...

That hat hair soooo makes you look like you should live around here RL. heh.


And welcome back baby!

Elusyve said...

we missed our sexy beast, yeses we did... looking hot mayor mccheeze :)

Lawless McBride said...

winter...the closeup of the necklace was sort of "meh", there just wasnt that much happening there...sorry about the mental images, i will try to replace them with happy thoughts
berry...thats all good and fine but dont think for one minute that im gonna watch them while you hoochies go out and dance!!! mean its cuntry??? you suppose mccheese hails from the highlands too???...things that make you go hmmm...

Ben Vanguard said...

Happy to see you back on your workbench!!!!
Necklace and bracelet are just fine! Thanks for showing them :-)