Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't worry, be happy...

Although I have great intentions of regularly visiting stores that I like, to see what new picking they may have laid out for me, at the end of the day, they stay intentions. Which means one day I went to a very empty Aoharu and bought a samurai hair... and a couple of months or so later, I went and the fecher was filled with clothes for boys and girls!! With so much to choose from, I decided to shake things up and buy a black outfit and see if I could make it work for me…ok, I'm a creature of habit, but hey, with no lint, or dust, or dog hair to mess with your black, it's just such a win!!

Let's start with the short cotton jacket, shall we? It comes as a jacket layer base with prim cuffs, collar, and a bottom that didn’t take too much wrangling to line up. Now, if you're going to make black clothes, don’t make them so soul-sucking black that you lose all the details - Aoharu understands this and uses some real nice shading to bring the jacket to life. Speaking of shading, the best part of this jacket?? The giant happy face on the back!! It makes me happy to know that where ever I wear this jacket, I'm not only spreading a wide swath of my particular brand of bullshite, but good will and cheer for my fellow grid walkers!! (wipes a sentimental tear from his eye) By the way, if you don’t see the happy face, you suck….keep staring at it until you do, or delete your account and go play Hello Kitty island adventure.

Ever jealous that Nic has way better capris than me, I jumped on these Clopped (sic) pants faster than Dove's gramma can shout “whats the number to 911!?!” I like the uneven cuffs and their simple casual look…and the chance to show off my tanned ankles - unlike my ghostlike RL ones (grumbles about Juneuary in Vancouver). UBU’s Pornstar slip-ons mean never having to tie your shoes all summer, which is a must when you’re half arsed…and wearing sneakers without socks….what could go wrong - other than having the most skanky smelling shoes this side of the Rockies come September! My hair was a group gift from Find Ash, which means it was free…unlike RL, free things on the grid don’t generally equate with crap…case in point. Lastly, I've been wearing a lot of summery surf jewelry of late…much of it from M.R.M - Masaru Raymaker is to tiny prim work what Dove is to poo…a master - plus I like him so I'm gonna pimp him again. And speaking of pimp, I'm off to the fashcon cafĂ© to get paid …some of those girls have been holding out on me and buying shoes at Storm Schmooz with my money dammit!!

Aoharu - Clopped Pants (black), Short Cotton Jacket (black)
Find Ash – Normal Hair (neo black)
M.R.M. - Bracelet/Necklace (mix wood/metal)
Muism - 40% Transparency Tank Top (white)
Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Slip-ons

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wolf like me....

Got a curse I cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts
when the moon is round and full
gotta bust that box
gotta gut that fish….

Being an equal opportunist and already having taken a stab at the neko thing, I realized I needed to flex my canine genes - and if you're going to travel the path of the dog, don't mess around, you damned well better go with good old canine lupus: the big bad wolf!! First stop, Atomic Kitty, to get geared up with wolf ears and tail to match my genuinely wolfish grin. Matching my tail in pure shagaliciousness is my Kobra Kai Hair from Gritty Kitty, the envy of sheepdogs all around the world (little red won't be identifying you by your great big eyes if she can't see them). Be warned, wearing the Kobra Kai hair for too long may result in you running around the grid randomly shouting out “no mercy!!” and “sweep the leg!!”…not that there's anything wrong with that.

…..when the moon is round and full
gonna teach you tricks
that'll blow your
mongrel mind….

WMD, not just about jeans anymore…proof positive lays in this comfy looking Zipped Red Sweater. I love the muted red and it looks good enough to have jumped out of my closet…or more correctly, out of the pile of clothes in the general vicinity of my closet. What do big bad wolves do whilst they're waiting for lil red to show up at granny's house? The crosswords of course, fech suduko!! Bringing the fun to a pair of legs near you are Kalico Kreations' Crossword Jeans - kind of grungy and very unique in a “score” kind of way (just remember not to do the answers in permanent marker). If you survive the woodsman's axe like I did (John Wayne Bobbit assures me it will be ok), you can pop in to Mezzo and treat yourself with a trinket, I like mine heaps!! By the by, Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio is a song that you must hear by a band you must see. If you need me, I'll be at the treehouse practicing my wolf whistles while boy-Dove traipses around showing off hir moobs!!

now that we got gone for good
writhing under your riding hood
tell your gra'ma and your mama too
it's true
we're howling forever….

WMD - Zipped Red Sweater
Urban Underground - Wip'd Belt (brown), Brawler Wrist Band
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Slip-ons
Skanks-R-Us - Tri Lip Piercings
Mezzo - Buffalo Bracelet & Necklace
Kalico Kreations - Crossword Jeans
Gritty Kitty - Kobra Kai Hair (black)
Atomic Kitty - Wolf Ears/Tail (Black)

Monday, June 16, 2008

This is what it sounds like…..when sith cry..

I was maybe 18, walking downtown around 1am, wearing my favorite vans, black 501 button flys, and a skull sk8te hoodie pulled down over my shaved head, when I noticed the carload of girls watching me as I crossed in front of their idling car. Before I had a chance to gloat and add fuel to my ego's fire, I watched the girls in the passenger seat both reach up and lock the car doors…at that moment, I felt what it must be like to be Sith. Yes, the poor Sith, forever being judged because of their sinister looking hooded cloaks …and maybe the way they only care about themselves…and their willingness to use brutality to get the power they lust…annnd using their Sith sorceries to inflict misery, suffering and corruption on the masses in general…in other words, just like you and me!!

Disembodied Hand is a person that understands that Sith just want to have fun, and he proves it at Defectiva, his new store. Besides having a name that is worthy of being added to my all-time cool names list (right below Gutterblood Spoonhammer), he's got an eye for detail that should make you give him your lindens. His remake Sith Hoodie is a winner, from the skull and crossbones stormtrooper logo on the back, to a hood deep and dark enough to hide my very impressive Sith Lord Hair. Although Disembodied sells the hair separately at his store (with a few others worth taking a poke at), the Hoodie comes with or without the hair.…choose with the hair, don’t make me break out my crazy arse Sith hand lightning shite on you!!

The Return of the Bounty belt sports some real great detail, but in my opinion, it’s the texturing that takes the cake. I don’t have a lot of brown belts in-world, especially distressed looking ones because most of the time they are baby poo brown and look like crap (is that redundant?). This belt is neither, mostly because the texturing is so brilliant, it looks like a worn out belt that I could have hanging in my rl closet…erm, except for the rather large boba fett buckle (heh, winter)in front (mine has the punisher logo).

Sinistyle is definitely in touch with their dark side, which is why I covered up my full body Sith tattoos with some new leather, the Death Dealer leather pants!! I love the heavy seam work and the worn faded leather in all the right places. Blasphemy boots finish the look, with a few wrist and face spikes thrown in for good measure and voila...Le Sith!! Anyway, I'm going to go strut my stuff back on the mean streets of Korriban and see if I can get some girls to lock the doors of their land speeder.

Needfull Things – Freaky Nekoeyez - Freaky 4
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
SiniStyle - Death Dealer Black Leather Pants (from outfit), Blasphemy Boots
Primitive Design - Spiked Cuffs - Shadow Dark, Insurrection Piercing Set
Defectiva - The Remake Sith Hoodie, Return of the Bounty Belt
Location - Korriban Star Wars RP

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If the suit fits...

After spending several hours carefully calculating on my calculator, my grandfather's antique abacus, the Aztec sun calendar, and more than a few shakes of my all-knowing magic 8-ball, I’ve come to the shocking conclusion that I buy more outfits than I blog. In fact I buy more outfits than I wear….prolly even more than I unpack!! I know, I know, I'm even more surprised than you are!! In an effort to make alms for my clothes hoarding sins, I decided to share a veritable shite load of suits today - as a bonus, I decided to use Tempura Island as my backdrop so I could add halfarsed tour guide to my resume!! And on that note….

The modern black suit by Hasendow is my all time favorite black suit…it's awesomely detailed and comes with a butt load of options, with prim cuffs to boot. It’s the kind of black suit that could put the “fun” back in funeral. Virtual tourists take note, there are some real pretty trees at Tempura Island!! They say on certain days when the light is just right you can see an almost ghostly Wrath Paine wandering through the forests there on his endless search for the perfect tree. If you liked the pretty yellow trees, check out the crystals behind me while I wore the Business Suit in Olive from Simone - this suit is simple, with only three layers, but it's well drawn and I loved the gold tie…it lets you be all business without the no-fun aftertaste!!

Next on our tour de farce is Random’s Big Shot Suit in Grey, a nice single breasted, light, two layer suit, with a pile of different colored shirts and ties to spice it up. Behind me, in Tempura Island, is this cool fish tank thing or port hole or….ok, I totally forget what it was, but hey, it's not like I got paid, so there! This tweed suit from 1-800 Betties is another favorite….brill texturing and a great double breasted look with a handful of prims added in for good measure…the obvious choice for skulking around the island's marshy parts.

Bazaar's Antoine Suit is technically not a suit…heh…my ten second attention span being what it was, I think I forgot I was sampling them and got enamored by the big pink tie!! I do like their take on the classic look though, with the low riser pants and tailored vest. Back there are more trees, but not just any trees, these trees are….hmmm, ok, they're just more trees. The gold Italia Suit from Armidi was so pimp on that store hanger, I had to have it - just your basic layers, but it's gold!! If this blog had a soundtrack, you'd so be hearing gold member right about now. Also, this suit gave me a chance to show you just how elite my photography skills are…I mean, who else would have thought to put on a gold suit and then go find golden flowers to stand in front of?? Don't try this at home kids, when you got it, you just got it.

I think if I had to rename the Affair suit from Bazaar, I'd call it 'buttons gone wild suit'…I like the cut of the suit, and they added some prim cuffs and all, but the hell if there isn’t a button in the middle of the tie and every second button is bigger than the next?? Or maybe it’s the drugs talking, you be the judge. I went back to the island's crystal mines for the pics because it's actually one of the biggest bling mines in-world - day and night, workers mine these babies and break down their precious bling gems to tiny slivers, which then get distributed in pimp and hooker boots, belts and paraphenalia across the grid!! Worth the price of admission, no? Last suit and thank goodness, this fech is long and I'm running out of steam (ie – getting sober)…not too many options on this suit, but the Capri suit from Sartoria Italiana just shouts spring to me…and the cuffs??...erm, I forgot to take them off from the last suit (takes a bow). To the back is the pretty, aqua blue, shiny tree that signals the end of the tour. Please unload from the right and don’t forget your cameras and other valuables. Feel free to leave your phone number if you’re single and your hands are under size 50 - Dove and I will go through them and notecard you if you’re eligible for our super elite treehouse bed of love tour.

Suits1 - Hasendow - Black Modern Suit
Suits 1 – Simone Men's Wear - Business Suit - Carl in Olive Suit
Suits 2 – Random - Big Shot Suit (Grey)
Suits 2 - 1-800 Betties - Tweed Suit Coat - (black)
Suits 3 – Bazaar - Antoine Suit
Suits 3 - Armidi Gisaci - Classic Italia Suit - (gold)
Suits 4 – Bazaar - Affair Suit
Suits 4 - Sartoria Italiana - Capri Suit
Aoharu – wayne hair (black)
artilleri - buddy glasses (taped)
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
Location - JAPAN Tempura Island

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring has sprung...

It's true, the shite west coast weather aside, all the evidence is in and spring really must be upon us - the freaking torrential rain showers, the pollen-infested air, horny cats squealing throughout the night, and of course, mother birds puking on their newly hatched nestlings!! Obviously uplifted and very much enchanted by all this springtime wonder, I decided I needed clothes befitting the season.

And so, I started with this eye-catching, uber-verdant shirt from H&V, aptly named Birdpuke - bright bright green, nicely shaded with a simple collar and cuffs, and the graphic…well it speaks for itself. Springtime is when you can break out those wicked-comfy jeans that you wear sparingly because they are so worn they are on the edge of becoming ex-jeans. In this case, KR’s Skate Pants...these are great looking jeans, sporting some decent detail, faded and baggy, and one season away from the dustbin - as a bonus, they come with a swiss army style multi tool, for that instant boy and his toys appeal.

Jumping the spring puddles has never been as fun as it is now that I have my newest pair of kicks, this time the Chux sneakers from SVRLY Ltd. Plastered with some really cool graphics, the shoes are definitely unique and come scripted and easy to size. I think you need them, I really do. So as to not miss any of mother nature's springtime wonders (ie: mother birds puking into their baby's wide open maws), I opted for a swept back hair, specifically the new Raw hair from Laqroki. I could tell you how the messy collar length hair is brill and stuff, but seriously, if it were shite, I wouldn’t be wearing it, so yeah. Lastly, the shark tooth necklace is a freebie from Ubercrummy & Kitsch (Express, eat your heart out).

Anyways, I need to go dry out my rain gear and grab some old apples to throw at the feline gigolos that like to congregate below my window each and every work night. Counting the days til summer, this is Lawless and I'm out!!

KS industries - Studded Belt w/chains
Laqroki - Raw Hair (black)
M.R.M. - Bracelet/Necklace (mix wood/metal)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 17
Primitive Design - Insurrection Mouth Piercing
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
Ubercrummy & Kitsch - Shark Tooth Necklace
Garden of Ku - 1972 Tattoo
Heartattack & Vine - Birdpuke Shirt
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
KR - Skate Pants + Multi Tool
SVRLY Ltd - Chux Sneakers (skulls)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just talking about the Wither!!

Lets see if I remember how to do this - put on random clothes, check - take amateurish pictures, check - spout some random shite about the aforementioned clothes and then post! Ahh, the missing ingredient…fortunately, I'm full of shite, both random and otherwise.

This outfit started out being about Redgrave's cashmere sweater - ok, take notes, if you're a dude, you need nice, simple, cashmere sweaters in your RL wardrobe, especially in the spring. They look great, they're easy to match to a bunch of different looks and... they look great, in case you missed that the first time around. In this case, Redgrave's version is nicely shaded with slight wrinkles and a subtle arm-stripe adding some life to the grey. The pants? Another day, another pair of Armidi chinos, this time in grey. These are pants I could shamelessly wear every day of the week…erm, except when I was washing them - write that one down too guys....wash clothes occasionally, or no matter how good they look the smell will overwhelm your admirers!!

Although my outfit started out being about the sweater, because it was pretty simple, I decided I needed some accessories to my fashion crime…but not just any, I needed new ones! That's where Wither comes in, supplying a watch, belt and bandana necklace to the mix. I'm not sure I've ever owned anything close to this Rag Belt in RL, but I just loved it at first sight. First off, I love the surplus chic of the military style belt - the rag attachment is different, but I really liked the colors and how they played off my grey - and with my spring allergies, it's like having a week's worth of snot rags at any given time…no more snot rocketing for me!!

I've had to add a new hat foyer into my inventory warehouse to store all the hats I've been buying of late (Nic, you are solely to blame for this, I hope you're happy!!) The Unknown Boutique provided me with this nice looking fedora that comes in several colors…I shook things up and bought the black one!! A while ago, Urban Bomb Unit gave away checkered slip-on sneakers to their group, waited until the hook was set and then promptly reeled me in to their store to buy their new scripted slip-ons featuring a bazillion scripted color options amongst other customizable features - you need these shoes too!! The pics don’t show them much but would I lie to you?? Ok, I totally would lie but not about shoes, they're way too important to even joke about.

So yeah, there's your random bull shite, frame it or line your birdcage with it, it's all good. I'm going to go eat my leftover birthday cake and try all my new bikinis on again - you love me, you really love me!!

Wither – Bandana Necklace, Chipped Watch, Rag Belt
Unknown Boutique – Fedora Hat (black)
Armidi – The Individual (midnight), Low Rise Chinos (grey)
Redgrave – Cashmere Sweater (grey)
Urban Bomb Unit – Porn Star Slip-Ons