Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Going Medieval on your arse…

So there I was, having a secret mid-day tryst with Chrisy backstage at the SL Globe Theatre - and by tryst, of course I mean innocently hanging out looking at pictures of the most amazing costumes the actors are wearing for their performance of Hamlet - wanting a piece of the action, I tickled Chrisy until she gave me enough lindens for one of the Barerose medieval outfits and I was on my way!!

I started with the Rogue outfit from Barerose, with its fitted silver breastplate, gauntlets, and flowing red mantle - recognizing that the quality of a knight's armor was a reflection of his status and lifestyle, this outfit screams on the battlefield “who’s your daddy now?? starts with an L!” I couldn’t go feudal without breaking the kilts out again.…this time it’s the bad arse red plaid kilt from Snatch, the Oi boy!! It comes as part of an outfit which is quite nice in its own right - and what a coincidence, the kilt comes with my family crest attached…. the anarchy sign!!

Final touches to my costume were my Underworld silver boots, from L&B Designs…these boots are gorgeously detailed and shinier than Mr. Clean's head - in fact, if one were to stand in just the right position, you could prolly see my Celtic bits!! Topping this mash-up off with my King of Fools crown again, I was satisfied - until I realized, I needed a kingdom to tromp around in!!

I did a search for the word “castle” and then carefully skipped over every entry that had the words Gorean, sex dungeon, xxx, and the like. I stopped at Triskele.…a quick tp and minutes later, I was in love. Starting with a majestic castle, and spreading out from there in all directions, it's a very realistically detailed and sprawling fantasy world encompassing over 10 sims!! I was also lucky enough to run into the gracious Leanne Jael, the real heathen Queen who seemed to enjoy my head in a guillotine a little too much. I brought Dove back the next day and we walked about for a good hour and a half, exploring Castles, a market square, fairy gardens, and the like...*rubs his aching feet*…oh, my kingdom for a horse!!

Calico Creation – Jet (ivory)
Barerose – Rogue outfit (mantle, sash shirts, gloves)
Lapointe and Bastchild Designs – Underworld Silver Boots
MR Designs – Eyes Set 3 - # 17
Primitive Designs – King of Fools crown
Sn@tch – Oi Boy outfit (kilt, kilt pants, socks)
Location - Realm of Triskele


Mo Miasma said...

i didnt read this post cause of staring mode, mixture of schotish kilt, roman emperor's cloak and armor and king's crown oh mama i just cannot stop thinking whats going on under that skirt of yours effer!!!

Winter Jefferson said...

Alas, poor Lawless - I barely knew him. A fellow of infinite style, he hath sent me landmarks a thousand times. Where be your piercings now? Your tattoos? Your flashes of crack, that hath sent Flikr into a roar?

Anonymous said...

you're never going to take off that crown are you?

*waves to winter*

Anonymous said...

/me bows to his royal highness

P.S. If you want to play, you've been tagged, you're it:


Shoot me later but I'm up for fun and games - and I actually learned something about PS CS3 in mine.

Dove - Are you smiling?

Bonnie & Clyde said...

A glimpse into my train of thought...
Medieval on your arse = medieval on your hiney = Weird Al Yankovic = I will now have Amish Paradise stuck in my head all day.
Awesome theme, awesome outfit, awesome location. hi5!

Dove Swanson said...

Did Mo just call yer kilt a ...skirt?

*hides in the bomb shelter*

Bo - I stole it and hid it in the empty fish tank ...he keeps feeding it but I don't think he's noticed yet!

Great post honey. <3

Great location to anyone reading comments - you should go! It's HUGE, not just spanning the bajillion sims, but it also climbs high high high with huge castles and fortresses and there are hidden sections beneath the surface too, caves and tunnels and stuff. Lots of beautiful flower garden areas, willow-lined paths thru the forests and so on.

Lawless McBride said...

mo, you know damned well what is going on under my kilt!!!...Mangina!!
winter, i assure you the rumors of my demise are completely exaggerated
bo, dont be jealous..want me to buy you one instead of the shoes i owe you?
kallisto, stop whatever youre doing and buy a Wii...do eet!!
dahl and nic...hitching up the buggy, churning lots of butter, raised a barn on monday, soon ill raise another...hi5's back!!

Anonymous said...

grrr..I go away for a couple o days and miss you in a skirt again *ducks*