Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr October

For those of you keeping score at home, baseball playoffs are just around the corner - of course, being in Canada, I'm far more excited about the upcoming provincial sled-dog championships and igloo building extravaganza, but that’s another post. Realizing no slugger is complete without a bat, Primitive Design brings you the “action bat," blood, spikes and all!!

Yeah, that’s right, the Yankees might not be swinging any bats come next week, but I sure as hell will be! This bat is fully functional in RP sims, if that’s your bag of marbles - after chasing Dove all over the tree house for a few hours, I can vouch for its functionality…they say you only hurt the ones you love, right? As much as I've sort of had my fill of camouflage pants, I've got far too big of a man crush on Geyer Schnyder to leave the store without buying a few pairs of his new Camo Pants...bedecked with prim cuffs and side pockets, they come in both long or short versions and I won't judge you if you get some too!

Speaking of crushes, my crush on the store name Skanks-R-Us led me back there following a fashcon notice, where we met Poe Tatum, the skank herself! If you're looking for somebody to swoon over, you need to go there and behold her in all her glorious skankiness, you won't be disappointed (unless you really expected her to be a skank, then you're shite out of luck, but yeah…). Either way, I found some more trinkets of lovely delight there, two of which I'm about to share your way. First, the steampunky “Biker Goggles”…great detailing, with a futuristic bad arse flair, and scripted to boot! Next on the Skank's list is my Grungy Boots, perfect for sliding into home plate feet first…it takes a special kind of catcher to brave the steel toe caps! All of my shiny things came from Yabusaka today…do I really need to break it down for you? I mean, look at those pictures…wicked details, unique in a good way, and the dragon has a glowing stone in its mouth! All those reasons and more are why Yabusaka is like crack to me.

And now, speaking of crack, I'm off to try to pry Dove off of Plurk.....pray for me.

Oh, and go Cubs!!

Yabusaka – 03 Bracelet, 03 Necklace, 09 Flare Ring
WMD- Sugoi "Skull of an Oriental Bastard" Long Black T
Uncle Web - Hibiki Hair (cool black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings, Grungy Boots, Biker Goggles (V4)
Primitive Design - Studded Belt , Primitive Cigarette, Action Bat, Camo Pants (grey/clean)
Muism - Mu Mei Do Tattoo (ink)
SiniStyle - Faded Black Nails


Dove Swanson said...

*looks up distractedly*

Oh ...wha?


I was too busy plurking.


Gabby Panacek said... mustn't pry Dove from plurk. We lurve her there. You just need to give in to the addiction...let yourself roll in the smarminess of it all. Diggin' the bat...but Go Cubs? Really? *faints*

Elusyve said...

hmm..I think you will need that bat to get ANYONE we know off plurk.. cept me..cause I am challenged that way. ohh..Im going shopping for PANTS..ty Law.. nice balance of geek-sexy as always!

Rylan Carling said...

You look hawt as always...and YAY for the Cubs shout out!!!! We Chicagoans are very doesn't take much...the Bears suck. I wanna plurk you!!!

Wrath Paine said...

Go Mariners! First team to lose 100 games this season - kickass! That's just how much Seattle rawks, ya'll.

Dude, let me borrow that bat for a second, I think I know a few people who need to step away from the Plurk® also...

Lawless McBride said...

dove, youll never know what it is to be a plurk widower...if you did, youd nae snickle again
gabby, the cubs havent won in a hundred them help you!!
elusyve, ive been telling anyone that will listen that youre challenged for months now!!!
rylan, give me some karma please..
wrath, you know seattle is our home away from home but im tired of the mariners crapping on my love for them

CeN said...

ahem... coffee?

Lawless McBride said...

adds cen to the list of things to do!!

Rylan Carling said...

Cen's now on the list...becareful girl!!! ;p

hansheiner said...

I'd love to know where to buy those goggles, your LM leads nowhere. TIA

Dove Swanson said...

I updated the post with the correct SLURL.