Saturday, August 9, 2008

Samurai Smackdown!!!

Nope, it's not the WWE’s latest pay-per-view extravaganza, it’s the hottest off the press Express Zenovka's blogging brain child - two bloggers, one cup…erm, no, that’s not right, one cage, two bloggers enter, only one blogger emerges…hmmm, not quite right either…I think I'll let him do the splaining. Basically the gist of the matter is I had to build an anime samurai warrior on a *gulp*…limited budget!!...and yes, it was as painful as it sounds. I mean, to get me all excited about shopping for samurai coolness and then limit me to 3,000 linden is both cruel and unusual punishment…it’s the kind of depraved idea that could only be born in a mind as dark, perverse, and discombobulated as Mr. Express Zenovka - but being the good sport that I am, I bravely pressed on, lindens in hand.

I was going to just mimic the samurai outfit that I blogged a few months back cus it was cheap as borsht but Dove said I wasn’t allowed to jump on the bed anymore during my photo shoots. Bloodied but unbeaten, I decided to keep Aoharu's Samurai hair and start anew. As much as I like the hair, when I saw this Samurai hat at Hanzo Blades Armory, I knew it was a winner…bad arse and lending a definite air of mystery to my future warrior, it was my first purchase…coincidentally, we ran into Express there as well…stalk much buddy??

The bulk of my outfit is sort of a mix and match, but I'd venture to say that you could buy either Discord's Kou-Ga outfit or Traum's Cyberpunk Ninja outfit as stand alones and you'd be pleased as punch. The color scripted boots are from the Kou-Ga set, with a heap of different color options and some great detailing, in my never humble opinion. Realizing that all future samurais know how to rawk cyber wings, the Cyberpunk outfit had just the right set to help me release my inner ronin. Now, while it is true that a samurai could kill you with just a fierce sneer and a rose petal, they also realize that chicks dig guys with skills and swordplay is way up high on the list…which leads us to my Devil Crow Swords from Discord. I'm not sure I've ever seen a Devil Crow, but holy hell, if they look anything like these swords, I don’t want them picking around in my garbage bags at the curb anytime soon…and just incase I don’t want to get blood on my samurai threads, my Shuriken belt is chock full of throwing star and knife goodness!!

So yeah, that was my Samurai 3,000 linden adventure in a nutshell. I even listed the prices to prove I didn’t cheat. Of course, that doesn’t mean I'm not going to go back to some of those stores and break the damned bank…and while I'm doing that, you should break your damned finger voting for me in this contest…and not because Express doesn’t wash his hands after he pees or because he has a hairy arse, not even because my outfit looked better than his, no, mostly I want you to vote for me because every vote for me is a vote for Free Tibet!!....unless you're happy with the situation there, in that case a vote for me will be a vote for things to remain unchanged….oh, that and the fact that every vote for Express = a dead kitten somewhere in the world…do you really want that on your conscience? Help me, help you!!....Lawless.

Dragon Claw Clan - Hoe Shuriken Belt (380 linden)
2C Eyes - Spotted8 Super Real Red Eyes (93 linden)
Discord - SCC Devil Crow Sword (70 linden)
Hanzo Blades Armory - Death and Life Samurai Hat (150 linden)
Traum - Cyberpunk Ninja Outfit (500 linden)
Moonlight Sindrome – Syounen Outfit (Jacket) (80 linden)
Discord – Kou-Ga Outfit (Boots) (300 linden)
Aoharu – Japanese Samurai Hair (150 linden)
FORM – Skin Pale Hair No Facial Eyeliner 1 (750 linden)


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I voted for ya!!! So, don't say I never did anything for ya! ;p

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Congrats you winner!!!!!!!!!