Monday, February 25, 2008

Chairman of the board...

If you’ve never been to Vancouver in your life, what the hell is wrong with you?? If you have, not only do you rawk, but you couldn’t help but notice the cradle of mountains surrounding the city - and of course, mountains can only mean one thing….snowboarding!! (no offense to skiing, hiking, avalanches, waterfalls, clean air and the other myriad of things that like to habituate around mountains) When I saw this cool down jacket, I bought it faster than you can say “Dove lend me 100 linden!!” I really love the retro look of the jacket, and the bright colored stripes over the white body scream “hey everyone, watch me hit this tree!!” After trying it on, I knew that I needed to bust my SL snowboarding cherry.

As I was excitedly rushing out the treehouse door, I realized I had no pants on….that’s where these sweet white Zippy pants from Wrong came to my rescue! Girl pants?? I think not!! Lord knows what damage sliding down that rope would have done without them!! My Saru hair from Black Maria comes with a camo headband to keep my hectic mop of hair out of my eyes while I spin, flip and hand plant the afternoon away. My next stop was Lost & Found Snowboarding shop, where I outfitted myself with the crucial gear. I found some great BRB snow goggles, with 3 different colored lenses - remember, protecting your eyes from glare doesn’t mean you have to look dorky!! Apparently, the folks at Lost & Found realized the easiest way to sell me a boot/board combination was to call it Naked. All their boards have great graphics and they are well proportioned, and more importantly, they actually work on the slopes!

Speaking of which, Onboard Snowboard Park needs to be on your SL vital destinations list!! It has several different runs, a kickarse half-pipe run, rail slides and huge slalom jumps, a chair lift, an après ski lounge and an equipment shop. Dove and I spent a good hour carving snowy serene slopes, grabbing huge air, and doing epic face plants. Important to note, if you are interested in getting your shred on, Onboard has a FREE board/boots set in the equipment shop that comes with a HUD equipped with a bunch of different extreme tricks, so now you have no excuse, little groms!!

Alright snow bunnies and hares, that’s the end or your lesson for today….if you need me, I'll be drinking gallons of coffee and writing Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet out in the snow…who says I’m not romantic?

Black Maria – Saru Hair (White)
Lost + Found Snowboarding – BRB Snow Googles, Naked model snowboard, Stomp BQA Boots (Black)
Body Soul – Black Orange Down Jacket
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 – 9
Wrong – Zippy Pants (white)
The Good Life – Strife Studded Belt (checkered)
Location – Onboard Snowboard Park


Bonnie & Clyde said...

Great post Law! hi5 for Vancouver and oh how I miss Whistler.

Kallisto Destiny said...

I've always wanted to go to Whistler as I hear it's gorgeous. But only your cute lil Snow Bunny Arse comes along and bring Dovers. Great airobatics, when's the Winter Olympic tryouts? And you know what?! You can RAWK White but I will still keep that color...sorry.

Dove Swanson said...

Good times... <3

Lawless McBride said...

whistler is awesome, tis true!!!...staying up there costs an arm and a leg these days...they think they are all that landing the winter olympics...

BoRee Vella said...

law, when dove and i come to visit your country "canada" i have a list of fun activities we should do based on research of your homeland "canada" or what i will be referring to henceforth as "that place".

fun things canadians do that bo and dove should do too!

1. visit law's igloo and play with his pet polar bear and seals

2. learn how to say A-BOOT in the canadian dialect along with how to add "eh" to the end of every sentence

3. play us some hockey while drinking the national beverage molson ice

Winter Jefferson said...

I *may* have been to Vancouver. I think that's where I stepped out of the Stargate, anyway. *puzzlement*

Lawless McBride said...

damn...the stargate to australia is still open???...that explains all these box jellyfish in my hot tub!!!