Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last night, we went to the SL event of the year - Nic and Dahl’s house wrecking….erm, housewarming party at Harajukubox Town!! Wow, what a party!! Hobbit orgies, cawk sawks, vampire gentlemen, Depende stalking, and the usual depravity that takes place at these events. As the guests started to trickle home, Dove filled her purse with “gifts” while I distracted our gracious hosts and we both snuck off into the night…

Sneaking into the night was easy for me, thanks to my new Chuck All Stars from Akeyo…if you didn’t hear it from Nic already, why haven’t you?? Like Nic said, these shoes have 12 color combinations, you can change the tongue, laces and main body separately and best of all, they look great!! Oh, and look mum, I don’t tie my laces in SL either!!

I complimented the best-ever sneakers with my most favorite cargo pants, Barerose Cargo Trousers in khaki - these things have more prim attachments than my MegaUberX2000 Xcite Package, if you can believe that!! Dove talked me into the Soul Doubt Hoodie at Emery, and after wearing it a bit, I was glad she did. The jacket comes with a prim hoodie, and I really liked the way the wild patterns played off my solid pants. These are the kind of function meets fashion clothes I look for in RL, I can easily imagine kicking around in them down Robson Street, or in this case, a perfect outfit for kicking around Hbox Town while Dove shows me all the things Nic and Dahl “gave” us at the party.

On my head, this waterfall of cascading black locks is the Maguma hair. I like the textures used in the hair, and I also like the way it stays shaggy all the way around my head. If you’re interested, you can find it at Black Maria (once again)…you’d think I went and spent 3,000 linden there or something. *cough* They say the first step is admitting you have a problem….”Hi, I’m Lawless, and I can't stop buying hair on SL”…now you all say “Hi Lawless!!”…

Anyways, I need to go and help Dove set up our new fish tank that only looks suspiciously identical to Nic and Dahl’s…except the fact that their fish wasn’t hopping all over the table like a Mexican jumping bean.

Black Maria – Maguma hair (black)
Akeyo – Chuck All Stars
Barerose – Cargo Trousers (khaki)
Emery – Soul Doubt Hoodie
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 - #42
Location – Harajukubox Town


Dove Swanson said...

I dunno what's wrong with that dad-blamed fish - I think he's mentally challenged or something. I just threw him in the bowl and he started hopping all over the place. :o

I prolly did NOT drop him on the floor and I certainly did NOT forget to feed him.

I think. It's not my fault he was born in Japan and speaks Japanese...and won't tell me how to fucking LOVE HIM! *sobs*

Yay for Hbox Town! <3

Lawless McBride said...

another thing you did not do today, was delete the treehouse, as long as we are talking about things that you absolutely did NOT do...

BoRee Vella said...

"hi lawless"

i only got a can of tab from nick and dah'

Winter Jefferson said...

Vampire gentleMEN? You had other Undead guests besides me?

*Runs off sobbing*

Great ensemble, seriously. Goes nicely with the decaying fish.

Kallisto Destiny said...

Hi Lawless......

1) Is that a hint of pink/purpleish laces creeping from your cargo pants I see <3 ??
2) Nice "arse" shot
3) Welcome to the hair buying clubbers of SL, nice to meet ya.
4) The HBox Town party was the event, 3ft 10inches. Lub to Ayden, Pill, Dove and Law for the entertainment last night.
5) Thx for diverting Nic's attention, while Dahl gave me the Flat screen TV and some other stuff. <3 transferable fun stuff.

Great job as always.

Mo Miasma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mo Miasma said...

ok i want that sexhair for my um secret guy:p SO get ready and your sculp when this beasty woman treks you down Law to rip it off raaaa

AND p.s LOL you started talking balkan now Law HARAJUKUFUL that is!lmao!!

Bonnie & Clyde said...

ZOMG you stole/cloned our Skrimps!
Hm, well this post made it worth it. Dove - kudos to you for talking him into that emery hoodie though i doubt it took much persuasion.
And sticky fingers or not, you both are welcome back anytime :)
And BoRee...nobody looks better holding a big ol' pink can of whoop ass...err tab, than you do.

Bonnie & Clyde said...

You damned hoodlums! I want back my boxers back, Law!

Honestly though, way to rock the chucks..

Elusyve said...

Law..have you been *hated* today..because I DID NOT need more hair..and of course I was working on my-anti your post..found the black maria hair, and ..well chit..I need lindens again..
Oh Dove..dun let him guilt you for treehouse deletion..I accomplish that at least once a week..there should be a way we can set our homes to not have the "take" menu options.

Lawless McBride said...

@Bo..interested in a rare hopping fish?
@Winter..youre right, i took liberties with the word "gentleman", but its my blog!!!
@Kallisto..Yes!!..Thanks!!..Wheres my name tag??..i concur!!!..Wheres my cut??
@Mo..Balkan?? mean im speaking the language of love and didnt even know it??..come here woman, i have some cooking to do!!
@Bonny&Clyde..yay for broken goldfish and more parties at your sweet pad!!..and boxers??..i thought that was a ski mask, eh??... i wondered about the one eye hole, go figure!!! know you cant hate me for long, dont make me break out the puppy dog look!!!...and great guess about the "take" option!!