Sunday, February 3, 2008

A BareRose by any other name...

I broke one of my SL cherries this morning. No, not the one involving black latex, an orgy room, a strap-on and a dozen or so assorted furries. Instead, I bought....are you very first pair of cargo pants - and wow, what cargo pants they are!! Bo had one of her daily style alert IMs waiting for me at 6am this morning, telling me to get my sleepy arse to BareRose to do the fashion durty with her - how could I say no?

Cargo pants BareRose style come in three colors (as if you need any color other than black) - with five different pocket/zipper attachments…and of course, as always, are very affordable! After wearing them all day, I’m definitely moving these pants into high rotation. In fact, these are hands down my favorite cargo pants ever, and not just because they took my cherry!! heh.

Keeping my head dry today is the Mr. Smith 2 hair - Justin Timberlake, eat your heart out! It’s a hair/hat combo with a few scripted in hat color/pattern combinations, that should help it work with whatever you’re trying to rock on any given day. Dove and I spent a crapload of money the other day in a newly discovered store, the Tiki Tattoo - I’m wearing a sharkstooth necklace I bought there - check it out, especially if you’re down with island style Maori tats…or just because I say so, dammit!

I put on this wicked, grunged-up, striped sweater to hide the scratch marks Dove left last night. It reminds me of the shirt I accidentally washed with that permanent marker, but Inone Style's version is actually cool. EKO’s recovery bracelets are the kind of accessory that you keep zooming in closer and closer with your cam and just sort of stare at as you marvel at the detail. Lastly, Emery made an easy sale from me by reproducing one of my favorite RL sneakers - old skool Vans - and better yet, these don’t smell like a cat shite in them, so it's win win!!

And now, we return you to your previously scheduled program.

Truth – Mr Smith 2 Hair
BareRose – Cargo Trouser (black)
Emery – Vans Old School
Inone Style – Sweater Line B&W
TikiTattoo – SharkTeeth 1 Necklace
Sh*t Happens – RustedBlue Eyes
EKO - Recovery Bracelets


Dove Swanson said...

Hide them? Why you wanna hide my marks of devotion and love, my sweet? >:p


Get back in yer cage! Rawr!

Lawless McBride said...

cus if the cops see the marks, they'll know you're breaking the restraining order, dammit...

Kallisto Destiny said...

We need talk about you dawging my man JT. But you are rawking the look quite nicely. Cargos are cool. What are you going to do with all those pockets now, EH ?!!
Love the detail on the watch.

Nice job Law.

BoRee Vella said...

maybe he could put the phone number of every girl he's ever flirted with in each of those pockets? just a suggestion....*runs and hides*

Dove Swanson said...

Wait....Law flirts? Since when?