Saturday, February 9, 2008

I saw red...

With all the Valentine's stuff on the feed these days, it was inevitable that I was going to begin rooting in my inventory for things red, crimson, wine, rose, maroon and otherwise. As I was struggling to put together something I really liked, Refuge saved the day by deciding to make my favorite leather pants (and Dove's fav arse pants) in red!! They are officially gurl pants, but I love them anyways...although, be warned, they are a little low cut, so you risk a plumber's crack - that wouldn’t be a first for me, in either life.

As great as the pants are, after seeing Cleo work them with her sexy curves, I realized I was going to need help to look half as hot. My first stop was at Versteck, for their cool star gloves and this red Striped Pullover - not only was it a great match to the pants, but just in case I get chubby eating all the chocolates I meant to give as gifts, I can blame the stripes!!

I was still working on the outfit and ninja shopping at the same time, when I came across Krius Misfit on a mission of his own - after some frenetic zooming and inspecting, I tp'd to his store, Sinistyle, and broke the bank. I decided these seven-buckle Blasphemy boots were total keepers!! The texturing is awesome and I like the way that they fall somewhere between mega-goth and scrubby biker boot, making them versatile and easy to wear with different outfits. I finished my leather buffet with the Nemesis belt and Osiris leg straps, and tossed on the Fire necklace from Primitive Designs to complete my red-hawtness (lame pun intended).

Anyways, I’m off to eat more chocolate roses and bon-bons and work on my Valentine's Day booty - watch out Cleo, I'm coming for you!!

Versteck – Red Pullover, Star Gloves
Refuge – Leather Pants (red)
Sinistyle – Blasphemy Boots, Nemesis Belt, Osiris Leg Straps
Primitive Design – Steel Series Fire Necklace
BooN – BON75 Hair (black)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 21


Kallisto Destiny said...

I love a man that loves Valentine's Day. Your rocking the pants like no woman can....nice arse. Again, you made me laugh my arse off but at least I'm drinking a Diet Coke to spit out...You RAWK!!

Cleo Carbetta said...

I agree, you are totally rocking those yummy leather pants Law. But where is the arse shot Kallisto is talking about? ;)

Triangle Caudron said...

Waaaaaa Law, nice post again even though i am anti-valentine this yr but i super LUB LUB LUB those pants! <3

Dove Swanson said...

<3 arse pants.

He doesn't love valentine's ladies...he just loves eating the chocolate and pretending he actually bought it for someone besides himself. :p

Lawless McBride said...

kallisto, im gonna buy you a plastic lining for your keyboard soon...cleo, the pic is in the mail....aww tri, you can be my valentine, you can buy me chocolates!!...dove, i swear my intentions were good!!!...maybe.

BoRee Vella said...

your bum was made for leather..true story since we now all have seen the infamous hot buns photo you've passed around to all of your womeens