Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beck in Black...

The first time I met Feri Beckenbauer, he was wielding a ninja sword and filleting Bo in the most savage manner….needless to say, the clothes he makes could have been total shite and I would have liked them!! Fortunately for all of us, his boots and clothes are far from that.

Feri’s Razor Trench Coat was a real stand out to me, even with Bo’s blood all over it, or maybe because of that?? Either way, it's sleek and black with nine different prim attachments to flesh the jacket out with - the razor spiked cuffs and belt make the coat more menacing than Kallisto in her teddy on man prowl at Armidi.…be afraid, be very afraid!!

Another thing that Feri Beckenbauer really knows is boots…thank goodness he was great enough to make these Perish boots from the girl's outfit in men's too. I already had the black and red crayons ready to make the protest sign and it was going to get ugly!! The detail and texture on the boots are gorgeous, and the steel-toe pieces on the outside - that's the right kind of badarse - where's my harley??

For some mad reason, Bitter Thorns decided to call this hair the “Wild” hair....I think I bought it in the summer and just now stumbled on it in my inventory, as is my custom. Not only does it live up to its name by looking suitably wild, but you're also liable to poke eyes out on the dancefloor - I know, I tried!! After wearing it for two days, I was just about to take it off when I decided to read the notecard that came with it....and wow....this hair is scripted and you can retexture the color of the bangs in two sections and the main strands in two sections as well, with a choice of 12 different textures - who knew notecards had useful information??

And now, I need to put on my Borat bathing suit and head to Armidi.…I'm gonna help Kalli scare the men out of the deep grass so we can net a keeper….wish us luck!!

MiaSofia In-World Photo Location

Bitter Thorns – Wild Hair (Black)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 12
Form – Tilt Dark Jeans
DMC – Thermal (Black)
Aitui – 4 Captive Bead Lip Rings, Bridge Spikes & Circular Septum Barbell
Beckenbauer Productions – Perish Boot, Razor Trench Coat
Kyoot Army – Dark Bella Morte Belt
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails


Kallisto Destiny said...

Quite a wicked outfit Law, I expect nothing but the best and most interesting from you. You never fail.

/me is waiting at Armidi in my Intimmizio ensemble for you. Let's go find me a man. I'm not that desperate but thanks for making me look that way. :)

Are you the president of SLMatch.com? YEAH! :O

Bonnie & Clyde said...

OMG could it be true, black is the new...black?!
Another top notch post Law ;)

Lawless McBride said...

thanks you dahlings, i keep telling you, always bet on black!!!...kallisto, sl.match eh??..im down as long as i dont have to do anything, as soon as it turns into work im selling my shares and going to the bahamas to drink and contract hep c.

Valle Giulia said...

oh pics are taken @ miasofia:

Lawless McBride said...

valle is dead right, and i suck for not mentioning it...if any of you want to discipline me with a wooden paddle, im taking applications all day!!!

MiaSnow said...

hehe great pics
*fills out an application and signs Valle's name*

Triangle Caudron said...

LOL@ Mia! xD

Valle, you always have a good eye on places people went for photos!

Lawwww, nice post again and its all about black!!!

Miasofia萬歲!!! <333

BoRee Vella said...

i demand a re-count...if i remember correctly i killed feri 10,234542343,2343 more times that day.....right?