Monday, February 25, 2008

Hair Force One

Ok, I admit it, sometimes I’m easily swayed - after watching Dove walk around for the last few days with the Digit Darkes voluminous Glitter Punk hair, I realized I needed in on the big arse hair action!! Setting out with lindens in hand and a bald head to load down, I stumbled across Black Maria, and as you can see, I scored big time!! From the psychedelic rawk star head wrapping, to the explosion of black, long, spiky greatness, the “Lightning” hair was everything I was looking for and more.…approximately twenty pounds more!! I so want to wear this to a cinema and sit in the middle row.

So I had the hair, now what to wear with it?? As much as I love it, I have to admit, I prolly don’t have anything in my inventory that was going to be a complete “hand in glove” fit…but that’s only because I don’t think that outfit has been invented yet…

As I was pondering, I got an IM from Bo, telling me she had to show me a store - dun dun dun!! Wincing because I had already spent the baby’s milk money at Black Maria, I quickly pawned Dove's Xbox360 and rushed to join Bo - good thing too, because Massimo made my SL day yesterday. Where do I start with this Hijikata Suit?? First of all, I really love the cut of this suit, it’s this delicious darkest of dark green, with a lighter green lining that peeks out when you’re walking. You can wear it with the jacket, or just the shirt/vest combo, or both - I actually like the built in belt that comes with the suit, which is generally a rare thing for my fickle self. The suit has some prim attachments and also comes with its own shoes….you’ll have to take my word on that. The only (little) problem I have is that the suit’s jacket tails don’t flow so well so when you’re walking around, forming this lovely “rocket tube” pointing from your arse….always good when people are following too close in those crowded malls!!

Anyways, I need to go, Dove is making me set up a petting zoo for my hair to try to get that damned Xbox out of’s on a donation basis, and please people, no kids with cotton candy or mouths full of chewing gum!!

Black Maria – Lightning Hair (black)
AITUI – Bridge Spikes & Circular Septum Barbell
FNKY – Antonio Tan – Emo & Stubble
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Slander Boots
Massimo – Hijikata Suit
MR Design – Eyes Set 3 – 9
Sinistyle – Faded Black Nails
Location – Shimokitazawa Sim


Winter Jefferson said...

So very tempted to break out the Attenborough voice with this one. I think your mating dance would be quite impressive.

Have you taken anyone's eye out yet?

Lawless McBride said...

you're right winter, this hair should come with safety waivers for your closest companions..."by signing this, you acknowledge that you cannot hold lawless accountable for any loss of vision caused by his porcupine on steroids masquerading as a coiffure"

Triangle Caudron said...

/me pets the palm tree on Law's head! :D Great post! This hair is laughable and look koolz on you! :DD

Bonnie & Clyde said...

That hair is headdress-a-riffic.
Hoooowwww Chief McBride!

Kallisto Destiny said...

OMG Tri it does look like a plam tree. LMAO
composing myself....I actually was going to say you like some "royal" Prince from a foreign country I've never heard of before like Lawtakistan or something. Way to go to Bo for the great suit find...she's so clever.

BoRee Vella said...

law, i ran into your brother the other day...he says hi

Lawless McBride said...

soooooo bo...hows the packing coming???

BoRee Vella said...

i got the boxes out of my car....and i learned how to fold them go me!