Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was fourteen when I bought my first car stereo....two years later I bought a car to go with it - apparently, even then I understood the greatness of accessories (thingamajiggers in Dove speak) - or I’m just arse backwards, take your pick, I’m easy.

This outfit started with me, buck naked, wearing this wickedly detailed Mechanic Belt from EKO…heh, ok, maybe I wasn’t naked, but sex sells (I read that on the internerd). Seriously, EKO is full of quirky belts and other thingamajiggers that are all similarly detailed and definitely eye-catching. I liked the way the belt worked with the Wired Wristbands from Primitive Designs - worn together, you’re guaranteed to set off any airport metal detector of your choice!!

Dove and I both got these cute little Voodoo necklaces the other day, but I'm pretty sure mine's broken - I've been checking everyday and that turd who called me a "scrubby arse nub cake" still hasn't broken out in hives!

I did find a pair of legwarmers that a dude could wear without looking like a Julliard reject. The Wild Abyssinians continue my barbwired theme and hid my thick mankles from the world at large - form and function at its best!! My Ghetto Kiddz shoes don’t have any barb wire on them, but they do have nails and checker plate caps. Geyer Schnyder of Primitive Designs just does it right in my book, which would explain the wing I had to add for him in my SL walk-in closet.

Anyways, the rest of the outfit is down there…points...see? As for me, I'm off to work that voodoo doll some more - tell me I look like "rocky before he hit the ring," will you?

OutsiderZ – Patchwork Tatter Jeans
Armidi – The Emo One hair (true black)
EKO – The Mechanic Belt
Civvies – War-Torn Shirts Gear
Broken – Torn Fishnet Shirts & Tops, Torn Fishnet Tights & Stockings
Nooky Creations – Voodoo Necklace
Tigerpaw – Wild Abyssinian Legwarmers
Primitive Designs – Wired Wristbands, Ghetto KiddZ Shoes


Kallisto Destiny said...

Law - I just don't know what to do anymore with ya...You just crack my shit up. The "Julliard" reference is classic...I almost spit my mouthful of Diet Coke across my desk at work when I read it. Can we see a glimpse of the old school movie "FAME"...you dancing in the streets or singing to a little HOT LUNCH in your leg warmers....if you don't get the reference, GOOGLE it. BTW, your belt scares me, I think people might tackle you at an airport let alone let you even get close to a metal detector.

Chrisy said...

I want thingamajiggers!Did i write this right? :D

Dove Swanson said...

I think my voodoo doll is broken too...but I can't remember if yer supposed to hump it or stick it with pins???


BoRee Vella said...

aww i miss nub cakes, whatever happened to him? law can i borrow your voodoo doll....i have someone i can use it on........ *muhahwa*

Bonnie & Clyde said...

Yeaaaah Canada represent!
Love that Ace of spades cleverly tucked away. Remind me never to invite you over for strip poker night at the Sinatra household. Actually, scrap that- bring Dove and Boree too!

Mo Miasma said...

is you law depressed that there or wat! awww some parts of my body want to comford bad the master chef of steamy smelly kitchen of sl fashion blog scene-->> i m telling you such cold war over there i didnt see not even in my paese well known by killin each other for decades just cause its in our genes wihihi

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Next time I need to know what the time/temp is, can I come and look at your crotch area? err...no sorry I mean your belt :D