Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Remember the Tartans!!!

Fourscore and nine days ago, our forefathers brought forth this post on my blog - erm, ok, there were no forefathers involved, it was just me, and it was only nine days ago that I started this post. You’d think with that much time behind it, this would be the most detailed, wondrous post ever, but nope….par usual, I got distracted by shiny things….*purr* But, not wanting to be the last kid on the block to blog this coat, I realized I better get back to it and - - - oh bloody hell, I am the last! Oh well, at least I’m the only kid on the block with a testicle named “George” to blog it (thanks Pie!). Anywho, a coat this ace deserves a little more time in the limelight, so I’m happy to do my part. Masaru Raymaker’s new tartan wool coat is a great looking addition to your burgeoning closet, with awesome detail and texture work, prim collar, skirt and sleeves, and a texture change muffler to help you add color to your outfit if you so desire (and all this time, I've been adding color by carefully dropping the occasional four letter word into my chats….who knew?)

To help me clean up my image is my new Ross hair from MADesigns - rich, black, sleek, I liked this hair, enough to even slightly modify my head to make it fit more better and less worse (plus I just want Maddox to like me...and drop the stalking charges). If this particular hair isn’t your cup of tea, go check them out anyways, because they are spitting out new ones faster than I go through Dove's money - ok, maybe not that fast, but they’re only human. Also, If Winter is an eye whore, I’m not sure what that makes me…perhaps an eye concubine?? Either way, while you’re at MADesigns, check out the eye selection…my pics don’t really do them justice, but would I wear them if they were shite? After all, I have a bad reputation to protect!!

Finally, I wore the John Doe jeans from Kari…and not just cus John Doe was the guitarist in one of Americas first-ever homegrown punk bands (though it helped)...nice, kind of heavy looking, black denim texture and a cool cuff with some funky white stitching all worked for me. I left my Pornstars in the closet, and they didn’t even have to be pried from my cold dead fingers…wonder of wonders - Hoorenbeek is to blame, specifically their Patagonia Boots. They’ve made a nice, simple looking work boot, perfect for the winter, or for kicking blog editors who nag you for nine days to finish your post…though I wouldn’t want to scuff the richly detailed toe caps. Hmmm, where did I leave those steel toed Doc Martens I bought the other day?

Hoorenbeek - Patagonia Boots - Black Leather
M.R.M. Factory - Wool Coat (Tartan Gray)
MADesigns – Natural Eyes (blue water blue eyes), Ross Hair (black)
Kari – The John Doe Jeans

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringing Shabby Back!

Get it? Cus I’m back, and yeah, sexy was taken, and I figured I may as well stick with what I know. So, yeah, apparently its been a few months, how time passes when you’re growing a Playoff Beard ™ (it’s a Canadian thing, eh)….and it totally failed, as my beloved Denver Broncos are now either on the golf course or hanging with Jessica Simpson in Cabo, but hey, dare to dream! This Lodur beard is my very first facial hair purchase, and while it's not going to win Vain Inc. scrubby beard of the year awards, it's fairly decent…I mean, I’m wearing it, aren’t I? Plus it's named after a Norse God, bad arse enough for you?

Some other Canadian staples at this time of the year are boots and jackets - I always thought it was more of an Eastern Canada thing, but three feet of snow in three weeks can't be wrong… (although it's so, very, very wrong). What better start than a down jacket, in this case the quilting down jacket from M.R.M - jet black, awesome textures, nice prim hood, and sleek enough to wear out after you’ve finished shoveling the driveway for the third time in the same day….not that I’m bitter. After a few months off the grid, I headed straight to Primitive Design, my port in this winter storm. My Riot jeans are incredibly detailed with great cuffs, although I’m generally loath to buy torn up jeans, there was enough going on to make me pause and then spend Dove's lindens greedily. As a bonus, this particular version are called Little Bastards, it left me pining for simpler days growing up with my gram and her foul words of endearment.

These boots were made for walking…maybe all the way to Florida so I can room with Nic until the sun finds its way back to the Northwest (I promise to put the lid back on the toothpaste). The Ashige Heavy boots from Dirty Linx are pretty damned cool, what with the textured flames and metal toe plates - plus I’m a shoe bitch, so yeah, it was going to happen. For men’s boots, they were a little on the small side, which means I had to mod the hell out of them, but nothing like fitting my hair under a hat, so no worries!

I mean, if you want to worry, worry about how the hell I’m going to get the ladder set up in three feet of snow to knock the snow off my fechin satellite dish…any takers? In the meantime, if you need me, I have to go convince Dove to shave the Playoff Beards she’s been growing under her armpits before she starts making me braid them….heh, she’s such a good sport…...I hope.

Dirty Linx - Ashige Heavy Boots
Emo-tions - Lodur Beard (black)
Sole - Croco Belt 2 (Cross & Dagger)(black)
Belleza - Ewan Skin (1-E)
M.R.M. Factory - Quilting Down Jacket (black)
Black Maria - Tiara Hair (black)
Primitive Design - Naughty Piercing Set, Riot/Little Bastard Jeans (black)
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings