Saturday, January 26, 2008

+10 Fashion Pts!

Pardon the intrusion of the female variety - but Law said I could! :p I've got a nice little fashion find for all the hair fanatics out there. I think it's a pretty undiscovered one, but I could be wrong ...I've not seen it anywhere or on any noggins I've been around, I don't get out much so that could be the only reason.

ANYWAY! I was hunting down a belt for Law and that adventure took me thru just about every japanese sim on the grid until I stumbled across this really cool ad for some clothing and the hair used in it made me do a double-take - just so happens that the hair was created by the same person and was for sale too! Yahoo!

The shop is called:[PlasticKisS;] and the hair is: Asymmetry. As far as I can tell it's the only hair they have made (hopefully only 'so far'). It comes with 4 different style/color combos in a box for only 150L! It's a two piece attachment, a back of the skull piece and a front of the head piece, combining for a total of almost 350 prims! Holy! But it's really original and unique, unlike anything I've seen so far...and, it's unisex - that's why Law said I could guest blog it here. Hee!

There's yellow/black, white/black, green/black and a version called 'mesh' ...three versions have longer hair in the back, and the mesh version has a blonde strand in front and shorter hair in the back. If you stop by the shop you can also pick up a free corsage that looked really cute in the hair too.

I'm gonna go back into my dark corner - happy hunting!



Lawless McBride said...

can we trade fashion points in for lindens?...i need to ninja shop for more boots

Dove Swanson said...

I'll be jur sugar-mama, baby. :D

Kallisto Destiny said...

You are my God. No one makes me laugh as hard as you do!! Can I come play in your yard. MUAH!!

Kallisto Destiny said...

Dove is the queen, more guest spots I hope.

Mo Miasma said...

yay coolio guys, i lub yur blog;D

BoRee Vella said...

i bequeath 20+ fashion points towards this 300 prim fashion find! i think you are beating me now *sigh*

Cleo Carbetta said...

yeah Bo...that's your punishment for not posting that much these last couple of days ;)

And keep blogging these goodies Dove, a little feminin touch is always a good thing (though Law really does his best with the fabulous kilt post) ;D