Monday, January 28, 2008

If you want to destroy this sweater…

So there I was, not so quietly sitting in the corner at the grand opening of Dove's pose shop... *cough* Long Awkward Pose *cough*...when in walked Freya and Odin, co-owners of No Mercy, both wearing the most excellent sweater I’ve seen in ages. After maybe not-so-subtlty mentioning how much I loved it, Odin gave me one, helping to solidify my man crush on him (just below Bruce Willis on my list). Simply, this sweater rawks the stripes and I'm a sucker for the colors they used - if you’re not down, go to their store and check out the other color combinations...don't argue, just do it!!

Even though Pill said it makes me look like a pirate, or maybe because she said it did, I wore my new Ellis Hair from Muism, and worked a headband in a way that Rambo only wishes he could. As is my almost daily ritual these days, I threw on some of my Primitive Designs goodness, namely my most favoritest shorts, the Fightclub Punk Pants and the Fuckd Up Socks in plum (only 13 more colors to go)!! A special thanks to Freakin Fabulous Shit for all the new belts they made this month, including this Superman buckled delight - saving the world from my plumbers arse.

No, your eyes do not deceive you…I didn’t wear boots with this outfit…but it was an easy transition to make, considering I just bought these Classik Dirty Llstar sneakers at ]monogrind[. Not only are they a classic good looking kick, but it gave me a chance to throw the odor eaters into my Klunks. Alright, time to go and watch another way-too-dark, theater-ripped movie with my partner in crime, Dove Ebert…or was it Roger Swanson...either way, tonight I'm holding the popcorn.

[FFS] Freakin Fabulous Shit – Superman Stud Belt
]monogrind[ - Classik Dirty Llstar Sneakers
MUISM – Ellis Hair (black)
No Mercy – Striped Pullover
Primitive Designs – Fightclub Punk Pants (black), Fuckd uP Socks (plum)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 07
N/A In-World – Heavy Kneepads


Dove Swanson said...

Yay for more theater-ripped movies! Gotta love when people stand up in the middle of yer movie. :p

Hawt sweater, now let's destroy it. ;)

Lawless McBride said...

my favorite was the guy that kept farting while he filmed the movie...unless that was you?

BoRee Vella said...

1. watching pirated movies is illegal and i'm gonna tell :D

2. odin is my mancrush damn you!

BoRee Vella said...
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Kallisto Destiny said...

You are a spaz of the most wonderous kind. Awhh....My morning smile, ty for that. Have a great day...see you soon.