Thursday, January 24, 2008

This blog is not for you.

That being said….I’m Lawless, grand pooba of procrastination, doorman extraordinaire, wanton shopping whore, flirt of grand proportions and now blogger of any damned thing I feel like wearing. Yes, sometimes I wear tights and gurl jeans, so reap it.…

Not today though, ‘cus today is all about ghosts!! Well, one Ghost in particular - the brainchild of new designer Triangle Caudron. This is her first ever guy's piece, the “M1” vest…not only is it black leather with cool blue side panels, it also comes with an optional shirt layer and your choice of two different collars. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s black?

Speaking of black, I decided to continue what Triangle started and wear my black leather pants from Refuge, or, as Dove calls them, the “arse pants." Either way, all I know is only in SL can I go commando all day wearing leather pants and wake up, mercifully, not chafed! Looking upon all this leathery goodness, I decided to go a little crazy and break it up with....a black leather belt! Madness, no? All praise goes to Spunkies and their Neko Skull Belt.

Awhile ago, I went into Zero Number, and fell in lust so completely that I bought every pair of boots Mai Runo made, so it was easy for me to find boots to complete this leatherfest, the Engineer Boots in.…wait for it….BLACK!!!

After spending approximately a billion linden buying tattoos at AITUI, I realized the best thing about a vest is I actually get to show one off. Not only did I wear the Kaki Toto body tat....I also tried one of the new face tats (even though Boree calls them “face smudges”…heh).

Now, I know it’s not black, you’ll have to forgive me, but I had to finish everything off with some anti-bling accessories, so I threw on the new Trash Kiddz necklace and wristbands from Primitive Designs. I just had to show off my new ear and lip piercings from Skanks-R-Us…seriously, these things could have looked like shite on a stick and I still would have loved them, I mean, the store is called Skanks-R-Us!!! Does it get any better? I think not…

Needful Things
– eyez 21
Zero Number
– Engineer Boots (Black)
– Jack Hair
Aitui Tattoo
– Kaki Toto Tattoo, Stars Face Tattoo
– Nose Bullring
Primitive Designs
– Trash Kiddz Necklace & Wristbands
– “Manhandled” Black Gloves
Skanks R Us
– Earlines Piercings & Tri-Lip Piercings
– “M1” Vest (w. optional white shirt layer)
– Leather Pants
– Neko Belt Skull


Dove Swanson said...

*lixx the butt pants*


Yay another blog to stalk!


BoRee Vella said...

omg my favorite colors black, black and more black. let mama bobo wipe that smudge off your face *lix finger and reaches*

Lawless McBride said...

omg, stalkers....oh noes!!!!

Cleo Carbetta said...

aaaahw...finally Gillian made time to write your blog!


Kallisto Destiny said...

You had me at "That..." : )
OMG can I please be in the stalker group, please, please, please. I'll let you play in my sandbox. : )

Great job. Love the PS pics, you're awesome. I do have one request for your next outfit blog, can you try to do something about wearing the color "black". That would be GREAT!! <3