Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day!!

If you are ever faced with the choice of shoveling ten inches of snow out of the driveway, or pissing around on the computer, always choose the latter - I did - besides, the snow will melt by spring anyway.

So there I was, randomly trying on hairs in my inventory, when I realized that the mohawkish Misfit Too Hair by Tami McCoy can be worn at the same time as other hairs! It happened to fit perfectly with the Good Life Broder hair in this case…creating a whole new hair…DUN DUN DUN!!! Of course, not quite as awesome as discovering how great peanut butter and chocolate taste together, but hey, it was a Monday, what do you want from me?

An ancient fashion guru once said “accessories really do make the outfit!”....okay, I lied, she's not that ancient, just slightly cougar. The point is, not only does she give great advice, but then she goes the extra mile and gives you great accessories for christmas! Thanks again Bo, for the Mechanica necklace/bracelet set from Shiny Things.

I wore a sheer shirt because seriously, when you have a Garden of Ku tattoo on, it's almost criminal to cover it up - feel free to follow my lead, I won't take pictures of your uncovered bits and save them to leer at on those cold winter nights….prolly. My random profile stalking skills paid off big time when they led me to a biker oriented clothing shop called Bobbysocks - where I found these kickarse “skull on leather” pants, they even come with their own pretty-cool belt attached!

Finally, I get to blog my all-time favorite Gutterblood boots - the Slander Boots. Not at all surprising, the details are awesome all the way around and more importantly….wait for it….wait for it - - they have spurs bitch!! I always wanted to be a cowboy or a porn star when I grew up but when I slapped these bad boys on, I suddenly realized….I could be both!! That’s how hot these boots are. Seriously, if you're still reading this and haven’t bought them yet, you are suck. Go, right now, and right that wrong - while you're at it, take a poke at my driveway…the check's in the mail.

Needful Things – NT Eyez 12
Form – Sheer Shirt
FNKY – Antonio Tan Stubble
Garden Of Ku – Asagi Koi Tattoo
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Slander Boots
Shiny Things – Mechanica Necklace and Bracelet (gunmetal)
Sinistyle – “Manhandled” Skull Gloves
The Bobbysocks Shoppe – Skulls on Leather pants
The Good Life – Broder Hair (black)
Tami McCoy – Misfit Too Hair (black)


Kallisto Destiny said...

OMG...I love peanut butter and chocolate (ice cream that is)....You still haven't shoveled your driveway...DANG...quit shopping and get to it. As always, your blog is the highlight of my work morning. Right after I down a FULL THROTTLE energy drink to give me a JOLT to muddle threw the endless meetings and hours of ...well other crap I have to do at my really important job. Lawless you are just the most fashionable man in SL which is weird for me to say because I'm so not a skull and spurs kinda gal. But you make it oh so cool. Keep keeping that credit card smiling. Check ya later...

Dove Swanson said...

You dun good honey, yer full of happy accidents. ;)

Lawless McBride said...

heh...kallisto, you seriously need to be on the payroll...