Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day!!

If you are ever faced with the choice of shoveling ten inches of snow out of the driveway, or pissing around on the computer, always choose the latter - I did - besides, the snow will melt by spring anyway.

So there I was, randomly trying on hairs in my inventory, when I realized that the mohawkish Misfit Too Hair by Tami McCoy can be worn at the same time as other hairs! It happened to fit perfectly with the Good Life Broder hair in this case…creating a whole new hair…DUN DUN DUN!!! Of course, not quite as awesome as discovering how great peanut butter and chocolate taste together, but hey, it was a Monday, what do you want from me?

An ancient fashion guru once said “accessories really do make the outfit!”....okay, I lied, she's not that ancient, just slightly cougar. The point is, not only does she give great advice, but then she goes the extra mile and gives you great accessories for christmas! Thanks again Bo, for the Mechanica necklace/bracelet set from Shiny Things.

I wore a sheer shirt because seriously, when you have a Garden of Ku tattoo on, it's almost criminal to cover it up - feel free to follow my lead, I won't take pictures of your uncovered bits and save them to leer at on those cold winter nights….prolly. My random profile stalking skills paid off big time when they led me to a biker oriented clothing shop called Bobbysocks - where I found these kickarse “skull on leather” pants, they even come with their own pretty-cool belt attached!

Finally, I get to blog my all-time favorite Gutterblood boots - the Slander Boots. Not at all surprising, the details are awesome all the way around and more importantly….wait for it….wait for it - - they have spurs bitch!! I always wanted to be a cowboy or a porn star when I grew up but when I slapped these bad boys on, I suddenly realized….I could be both!! That’s how hot these boots are. Seriously, if you're still reading this and haven’t bought them yet, you are suck. Go, right now, and right that wrong - while you're at it, take a poke at my driveway…the check's in the mail.

Needful Things – NT Eyez 12
Form – Sheer Shirt
FNKY – Antonio Tan Stubble
Garden Of Ku – Asagi Koi Tattoo
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Slander Boots
Shiny Things – Mechanica Necklace and Bracelet (gunmetal)
Sinistyle – “Manhandled” Skull Gloves
The Bobbysocks Shoppe – Skulls on Leather pants
The Good Life – Broder Hair (black)
Tami McCoy – Misfit Too Hair (black)

Monday, January 28, 2008

If you want to destroy this sweater…

So there I was, not so quietly sitting in the corner at the grand opening of Dove's pose shop... *cough* Long Awkward Pose *cough*...when in walked Freya and Odin, co-owners of No Mercy, both wearing the most excellent sweater I’ve seen in ages. After maybe not-so-subtlty mentioning how much I loved it, Odin gave me one, helping to solidify my man crush on him (just below Bruce Willis on my list). Simply, this sweater rawks the stripes and I'm a sucker for the colors they used - if you’re not down, go to their store and check out the other color combinations...don't argue, just do it!!

Even though Pill said it makes me look like a pirate, or maybe because she said it did, I wore my new Ellis Hair from Muism, and worked a headband in a way that Rambo only wishes he could. As is my almost daily ritual these days, I threw on some of my Primitive Designs goodness, namely my most favoritest shorts, the Fightclub Punk Pants and the Fuckd Up Socks in plum (only 13 more colors to go)!! A special thanks to Freakin Fabulous Shit for all the new belts they made this month, including this Superman buckled delight - saving the world from my plumbers arse.

No, your eyes do not deceive you…I didn’t wear boots with this outfit…but it was an easy transition to make, considering I just bought these Classik Dirty Llstar sneakers at ]monogrind[. Not only are they a classic good looking kick, but it gave me a chance to throw the odor eaters into my Klunks. Alright, time to go and watch another way-too-dark, theater-ripped movie with my partner in crime, Dove Ebert…or was it Roger Swanson...either way, tonight I'm holding the popcorn.

[FFS] Freakin Fabulous Shit – Superman Stud Belt
]monogrind[ - Classik Dirty Llstar Sneakers
MUISM – Ellis Hair (black)
No Mercy – Striped Pullover
Primitive Designs – Fightclub Punk Pants (black), Fuckd uP Socks (plum)
Needful Things – NT Eyez 07
N/A In-World – Heavy Kneepads

Saturday, January 26, 2008

+10 Fashion Pts!

Pardon the intrusion of the female variety - but Law said I could! :p I've got a nice little fashion find for all the hair fanatics out there. I think it's a pretty undiscovered one, but I could be wrong ...I've not seen it anywhere or on any noggins I've been around, I don't get out much so that could be the only reason.

ANYWAY! I was hunting down a belt for Law and that adventure took me thru just about every japanese sim on the grid until I stumbled across this really cool ad for some clothing and the hair used in it made me do a double-take - just so happens that the hair was created by the same person and was for sale too! Yahoo!

The shop is called:[PlasticKisS;] and the hair is: Asymmetry. As far as I can tell it's the only hair they have made (hopefully only 'so far'). It comes with 4 different style/color combos in a box for only 150L! It's a two piece attachment, a back of the skull piece and a front of the head piece, combining for a total of almost 350 prims! Holy! But it's really original and unique, unlike anything I've seen so far...and, it's unisex - that's why Law said I could guest blog it here. Hee!

There's yellow/black, white/black, green/black and a version called 'mesh' ...three versions have longer hair in the back, and the mesh version has a blonde strand in front and shorter hair in the back. If you stop by the shop you can also pick up a free corsage that looked really cute in the hair too.

I'm gonna go back into my dark corner - happy hunting!


Friday, January 25, 2008

My kiltshake brings all the girls to the yard...

Kilt, n. – a costume sometimes worn by Scotsmen in America and Americans in Scotland….Ambrose Bierce.

I own several kilts in SL….I’d like to say that’s because my parents are Scottish, and it’s a way for me to pay homage to my roots while living so many thousands of miles away - but truth be told, I’m an exhibitionist and I just love flashing my man muff any chance I get!!

Helping me share my nasty bits with the world is this great kilt from The Syndicate, the kurgan…the details are great, it comes in several colors, and it’s the only kilt in my closet that’s prim (which explains why I love it best)!!!

Keeping my kilt on today is the new Doom Belt from Primitive Design (note: this kilt comes with a prim belt attached). My fashion calculator says black leather, Viking skulls and studs = win to the third power….'nuff said, go get one now.

Staying warm despite the breeze on my junk was a concern, so I decided to throw on a pair of Fuckd Up Socks, also from Primitive Designs (comes in 15 colors!!) and this Skull Thermal from Pretty-N-Punk…great store name, yeah?

If you buy one scarf this winter, you seriously need to check out The Scarf from TonkTastic.…it's scripted with 6 different color changes, has a separate top and bottom piece, and it's covered with safety pins and cigarettes - incase you ever want to have a smoke while changing your prim baby's nappy….now you know why its called “The Scarf”…(editors note: Dove wants to remind you that smoking kills and is by no means being condoned in this post!!)

Anyways, time to go flash some groupies at Dig's show…and if I’m really lucky, Dove's gonna poo glitter for me tonight.

Needfull Things – NT Eyez 21
GearShift – Shadow Godfists
The Syndicate – The Kurgan (kilt – black)
Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Nasty Nasty Boots
Naughty Designs – Dare Hair (black pearl)
Primitive Design – Doom Belt, Fuckd Up Socks
TonkTastic - The Scarf
Pretty-N-Punk – Skull Thermal (black)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This blog is not for you.

That being said….I’m Lawless, grand pooba of procrastination, doorman extraordinaire, wanton shopping whore, flirt of grand proportions and now blogger of any damned thing I feel like wearing. Yes, sometimes I wear tights and gurl jeans, so reap it.…

Not today though, ‘cus today is all about ghosts!! Well, one Ghost in particular - the brainchild of new designer Triangle Caudron. This is her first ever guy's piece, the “M1” vest…not only is it black leather with cool blue side panels, it also comes with an optional shirt layer and your choice of two different collars. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s black?

Speaking of black, I decided to continue what Triangle started and wear my black leather pants from Refuge, or, as Dove calls them, the “arse pants." Either way, all I know is only in SL can I go commando all day wearing leather pants and wake up, mercifully, not chafed! Looking upon all this leathery goodness, I decided to go a little crazy and break it up with....a black leather belt! Madness, no? All praise goes to Spunkies and their Neko Skull Belt.

Awhile ago, I went into Zero Number, and fell in lust so completely that I bought every pair of boots Mai Runo made, so it was easy for me to find boots to complete this leatherfest, the Engineer Boots in.…wait for it….BLACK!!!

After spending approximately a billion linden buying tattoos at AITUI, I realized the best thing about a vest is I actually get to show one off. Not only did I wear the Kaki Toto body tat....I also tried one of the new face tats (even though Boree calls them “face smudges”…heh).

Now, I know it’s not black, you’ll have to forgive me, but I had to finish everything off with some anti-bling accessories, so I threw on the new Trash Kiddz necklace and wristbands from Primitive Designs. I just had to show off my new ear and lip piercings from Skanks-R-Us…seriously, these things could have looked like shite on a stick and I still would have loved them, I mean, the store is called Skanks-R-Us!!! Does it get any better? I think not…

Needful Things
– eyez 21
Zero Number
– Engineer Boots (Black)
– Jack Hair
Aitui Tattoo
– Kaki Toto Tattoo, Stars Face Tattoo
– Nose Bullring
Primitive Designs
– Trash Kiddz Necklace & Wristbands
– “Manhandled” Black Gloves
Skanks R Us
– Earlines Piercings & Tri-Lip Piercings
– “M1” Vest (w. optional white shirt layer)
– Leather Pants
– Neko Belt Skull