Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brown by Law…

Hi, I'm Lawless and I have a color bias…I know it's not right, but sometimes I make fun of brown. Trying to impress my friends, I call it bland and uninspired or boring…once I even said it’s the color of librarians everywhere. Hi Clover!! Maybe it springs from my self hate towards my shite brown eyes, I don’t know, but I'm sure glad that not everyone feels that way…otherwise this post would not have happened, and how tragic would that be??

Ducknipple understands brown and how wonderful it really can be. Case in point, my new Bob Hoodie...starting off with a very nice brown and yellow argyle pattern, Beanster Potato punked it up with a prim hoodie and then grimed it down just enough to keep the yellow from being hideous. Nice texturing combined with a deep rich brown color was enough to make me throw my black shirt back into my inventory and give it a go. As much as I wanted to give brown a fair shake, I knew it was going to take something special to shake me out of my jet black jeans…in this case, something special was Cubic Effect's new brown cotton pants. The pants manage some nice wrinkles without looking sloppy, and I really love the prim bottoms, especially the way they hang down over the back of my shoes.

Speaking of shoes (it’s a segue, take notes), Urban Bomb Unit did it again, this time with their Pornstar Slipons - same great name, same great scripted options, but, with no laces to waste your time tying…or trampling on all day. If you're of my ilk…they also came with a sweet checked pattern that worked brilliantly with my argyle - I think im getting the hang of this whole wearing brown thing, go me!! Ducknipple has great clothes and some really goofy, fun items too - the Stoned Monkeh Necklace would fall under the latter, with its banana, monkeh smoking a fat one, and lego logo. Heh, say that ten times fast…lego logo lego logo lego logo…it's even a bish to type. Now I know it's not brown, but this was a big step for me…Sig Oldrich made a nice black hat that you can actually wear with your hair and then offered if for free…what would you have done??

Anyways, I'm off to show Dove my beige banana hammock, we're going to play older experienced librarian dude and shy but willing assistant…I’m still looking for a custodian who stumbles onto us behind the non-fiction section and then joins in…email all applications to

Armidi - Individual Hair (midnight)
Cubic Effect - Brown Cotton Pants
Ducknipple - Bob Hoodie, Stoned Monkey Necklace
Boon – WG15 Belt
Urban Bomb Unit - Pornstar Slipons
Hat by Sig Oldrich


Elusyve said...

/me pushes her broom innocently down the hall...whistling a happy brown tune..did you know that Eddie VanHalens guitar sound is described as "brown" Elusyve loves brown, and loves Law in brown.. I remember when Dove reopened her store, I wandered in, wearing brown, and you abused my browniliciousness... I ran home was horrible *true story..but it was before you two began stalking me..the scars will heal..eventually*

Dove Swanson said...

I love brown, it's the color of poo and that makes it win!

And honey I can't believe you abused Elusyve! For shame! :o

Lawless McBride said...

elusyve, that was my evil twin, clawless....clearly i am far too enamored with you to ever abuse you in any way other than sexually!!!

dove, tell her about clawless and his evil evil ways...

Kallisto Destiny said... stole my color...and you promised it was mine!!!

I am so telling !!!

Lawless McBride said...

kallisto, i just warmed it up for you...want it back??...ignore the stains, i swear its mayonnaise!!