Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real Samurais Wear Pink!!

Screw that wannabe samurai Tom Cruise (unless you like four foot tall guys…not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is my three easy steps to getting your feudal warrior on. I think we went out shopping for socks for Dove because it's not always about me (take notes guys) - but then I saw the coolest looking kimono ever…at which point it became about me again!! It's the thought that counts, right?

So yeah, step 1…procure for yourself a kimono, preferably silk for those long hot days chopping off random limbs and flirting with geishas. In my case, I picked the Camellia Lico Kimono from the Japanese Goods Shop - I love the way this robe looks, with its flowing arms and flared cuffs with great texturing. It looks comfortable and sleek…and the colors combined with the floral patterns were love at first sight!! And just in case you were thinking about cracking on the pink, that is a sword you see tucked in my obi…that’s a 'belt' for the uninitiated.

Step 2, put your junk in that box…erm, no wait, that’s a different outfit - get yourself some samurai lettuce!! Aoharu made that easier than painting by numbers when they created a hair called the Japanese Samurai Hair!! Kind of messy, long and black, with the traditional top knot keeping things under control.

Step 3, put your traditional Samurai footwear, the Chuck All-stars, on and go and strike some arse kicking poses!! For me, the easiest way to make this happen was to wait until Dove was nose deep in Poser, then run into the bedroom and jump up and down on the bed throwing kicks at imaginary ninjas and pirates and the like!! Now if you need me, I have to go to The Loft and buy some replacement furniture before she's done…hell hath no fury like a country girl whose bed you just broke.

Akeyo - Chuck Allstars
Aoharu - Japanese Samurai Hair
Japanese Goods Shop - Kimono (camellia lico)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 4
Location - Our Lub Nest - and yer not invited!


Dahlia Eilde said...

A samurai wearing chucks is about the coolest thing we could hope to run into on the grid. Hiiiiyah!

p.s. Good call, Tom Cruise as a samurai = FAIL.

Amethyst McMahon said...

w00t! Another looney who plays make-believe while rompin' on a bed! :)
Pink flowery silky get-up is ya way-kewl for a chucks-wearer - only they can carry it off! =^.°=

Achariya Rezak said...

Mmm, hakama-clad boys.

Achariya Rezak said...

Mmm, hakama-clad boys.

Winter Jefferson said...

This one is freakin' awesome. Especially those eyes.

Is the katana scripted?

Elusyve said...

/me draws her cutlass...stares into your eyes.. bring it samurai..(attempts to not be distracted by how the pink compliments you so well)

Dove Swanson said...

I swear, every time I glance at that last picture - I start giggling all over again. Because I know you'd SO do that in both lives - you goober. lol

Except the part about replacing the bed - I think you'd set it back up carefully, wait until I laid down on it and it fell to pieces again, then look at me with total shock and amazement and go "Oh my god, LOOK what YOU did!"

Turd. <3

Sidonie said...

Like, omg! I has that bed!


Nice look, Lawless, but you always look good. I blame Dove. ;)

Lawless McBride said...

dahlia, what about a samurai wearing chucks and capris???..dare to dream..

amethyst, i love rompin on beds and im quite willing to offer my services to any takers with romp worthy beds

yay for 2 achariyas for the price of one!!

winter, its not scripted, ive failed you...should i commit hari kari?

Lawless McBride said...

elusyve, shall we spill some blood on your new deck?..

dove, you think youre so smart...heh

sidonie, whens the breaking in ceremony for your bed?...can i wear my chucks?

Kallisto Destiny said...

...you didnt say what you were wearing under that kimono...heh...good one buddy

Gahum Riptide said...

Men of 16th century Japan actually wore a broad range of color and the uniform of the parasol carriers was pink:

"arazome sugata - This outfit is a pink linen or hemp kariginu worn over a black four-panel hakama. It was worn by the umbrella carriers, sandal-bearers, and other such servants of the families of imperial princes and state ministers. The name (literally “pink-dyed”) is derived from the color of the kariginu."

Women were more concerned with color combinations than specific colors. Although, scarlet (kurenai) and a certain shade of purple (murasaki) were restricted to the empress and favored court ladies.