Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Black Again…

Tonight, I was so going to just get my geek on - I was going to take the night off, watch Survivor, and play Rainbow Six: Las Vegas until I ranked up - no shopping, no blogging, no spending...but just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!! This time the blame rests solely on Miu’ by Zoex Flanagan. There I was, innocently killing a few minutes, minding my own business and quite content to put all my lindens into RESP’s for my future prim babies when I stumbled into her store…(I was looking for a restroom, I swear)…and the rest…well, you know the rest.

It started off with the ZX Buckle Jacket - I really love this jacket - so much I even IMed Zoex and pulled a fanboy on her! It's unisex, and comes with three prim buckle attachments, and of course, is jet black. The baggy sleeve cuffs and high prim collar coupled with the multiple straps and buckles remind me of some futuristic kung fu/straight jacket combination….insanity and martial arts - best combo ever!! Of course, no new jacket is complete without new pants to match. Remember when you wrote on your jeans with ball point pen and your mum blew a turd?? Well, Zoex says it's ok, and to prove it, she wrote all over her ZX Punk Jeans, and I mean all over, I searched these bad boys and the only graffiti I couldn’t find was “For a good time, call Kitty Lalonde at…” These jeans are just greatness, they're black, all faded out, patched and stitched up, with a real funky flare at the bottom - these are the pants that you had to hide under the bed to keep your mum from throwing out....cus parents just don't understand!

With those groovy flares needing to be filled, I realized I needed some nice chunky shoes to work it…that’s when I remembered my Mosh and Roll Shoes from Monogrind…*cough* thanks Dove *cough* These shoes are so superbly detailed, and they only get better the closer you zoom in…from the grainy pebbles of the texture, to the seriously bad arse metal bands and spikes, these shoes filled my needs to a T. They are also small enough to grace a girl's foot…I know cus Dove is stomping all over the treehouse with her's as I write. If you haven’t gone to Find Ash to get hair yet, this Royal Mischief hair is just one more reason for you to stop camping or watching donkey porn or whatever your lame excuse is and get your arse there now!! It's a near-shoulder length, messy kind of anime style…and…wait for it… it comes in black!!

Ok, that’s it, enjoy kids, I'm done. As of this moment, I officially quit shopping, blogging and all that goes with it….erm...wait…a new tux at Muism??...and shirts at Sey??...*squirms*…mother, father kindly disregard this letter.

Nooky Creations - Gear Belt
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Monogrind - Mosh & Roll Shoes
Miu - ZX Punk Jeans, ZX Buckle Jacket
Find Ash - Royal Mischief Hair
FNKY - BullRing – Nose, BullRing Double – Lip
Location - Cyber Bunker [ Spaceport Mall ]


Bonnie & Clyde said...

Love that jacket - the popped collar is awesome! And I wonder what those japanese characters on your jeans mean, hmmm...

Kitty Lalonde said...

Nice post Lawless! I'm loving the spiky boots

(Insert nasty inflamatory comment here)


Dove Swanson said...

Totally my most recent fav mashup baby! Holy rawr!

Kallisto Destiny said...

You frigging didn't watch Survivor? I totally dont believe you. But yeah for BACK IN BLACK---RAWKING IT !!

Lawless McBride said...

nic and dahl, dove says it means "eat your shreddies as part of a well balanced breakfast"...but i think shes full of it!!
kitty, you totally got me!!!...lets not fight anymore, i lub you too much!!!...bff??
thanks baby!!!
kallisto, yeah i watched it...its like crack to me, and not of the arse variety...thanks!!