Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coaching For Dummies

Ok, I've played organized sports long enough to know how it works; the coach calls you aside, he tells you exactly how you suck for a minute or so, then he spends twice as long telling you the things you are doing well!! Today, finally, I'm the coach and this is Constructive Criticism 101!!

TheZoo…I really like this store, it's true…but…I sincerely hate being a walking advertisement for stores in any life, real, second, after or otherwise. How many outfits ads did I excitedly watch rez on the wall, only to see the words “TheZoo” written across the front, back, collar, beltstrap or whatever? I realize this is one of my pet peeves and it's one that I've spent years fine tuning, but guess what - it's my fechin team so play along!!

Now, before you get the wrong idea about TheZoo, you still need this player on your team, or at least populating a decent spot in your inventory - peeves aside, I was still able to find several outfits that made the cut, and I'm not disappointed by any of them. Case in point, The Phoenix Jacket…this is prolly one of the more simpler pieces I have from the store, but I wanted to lighten things up today and it fit the bill. The shirt has nice shading, I totally love the “phoenix” on the back, and it comes with a tattoo to boot - from the front, it's kind of a rugged-looking Marlboro man shirt (please note Dove wants it to be said that smoking kills and every time you light a cancer stick up, God kills a kitten)…so TheZoo, get back out there and score a goal!! (this is where any coach worth his salt pats his/her player on the arse and then picks up the closest clipboard and studies it officiously)

Now as for the rest of team Lawless…I went back to the Armidi Chinos today, this time to the tan color….nothing much has changed in them since I wore the black ones, but at least you can see the prim cuffs better. Plus, really, if you’re going to own chinos, you need to own a pair in tan…they are timeless classics, sort of like Pee Wee Hermans Big Top Adventure!! Kikis Closet released this brill pendant as I was messing around trying to flesh out this outfit and damned if it doesn’t tie in nice with the phoenix image on the shirt. It has a great black leather and metal necklace and the pendant itself has nice detail, and it manages to be large without being garish. It also comes in boys and girls and the store is really worth going to check out…unless your baby hasn’t had milk in over a week cus you’re spending all your money on damned lindens…then maybe stay away. Another place to avoid if you’re skint is Musim…but thankfully I'm not, so I got this great Colt Hair there the other day - it's inky black, got great messy bangs, and I'm loving how it gets some curl down there where it meets the collar.

So there you go, Team Lawless, all boosted up and ready to win win win!! If you need me, I will be participating in the long honored locker room tradition of rolling up wet towels and raising welts on the arses of my unsuspecting teammates….yeah, I was that guy!!

Armidi Limited - Low Rise Chinos [Beige]
FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble
Inone Style - T Shirt Black and White
Kikis Closet - Affordance Pendant (midnight)
MR Design - Set 3 – 20
Muism - Colt Hair MidLength(black)
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
TheZoo - Phoenix Jacket
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor V1
Urban Underground - Duty Belt


Dove Swanson said...

*cheers for team Lawless*


Okay, that was totally dorky, I almost feel the need to break out my cheer poses and bury myself.

Remind me when you get home to tell you how amazin' you are - so that I don't embarrass you by gushing here on yer blog comments. :D


Lawless McBride said...

plays with your pom poms

Belle said...

Hi Lawless - Not sure how I've missed your blog posts in the past but let me just say that I have enjoyed the last 2 I saw and I have "starred" them for my future suggestions for men asking for fashion help.

Let me also suggest that you check out Alphamale's chinos. Although you can never go wrong with Armidi, I have a couple of the chinos from Alpha male (they look great on women too!) and the textures are amazing. I think you'll like them. Oh, and you can grab some sexy lingerie for Dove over at Blacklace while you are there!

Kallisto Destiny said...

OMG the cheer poses...YEAH!!

Nice posting Law---The Zoo is a cool store.