Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Froga Party!!

It was mere moments after Shai announced their release of the Eromenons Toga for men that Kallisto IMed me and told me I had to blog it. Little did she know I already had one leg up on the side of the tub and was shaving in eager anticipation (with Dove's razor of course…payback's a bish!!).

Tired of being the guy wearing the 360 thread count Martha Stewart sheets to all the toga parties on campus, this release couldn’t have come at a better time - although, I do look great in Martha, don’t get me wrong…in fact, I’d look good in a lot of people, I bet…..but I digress. If you’re in the market, this toga is shiny white greatness…equipped with a prim flexi skirt and a prim peplos (the part of the robe that drapes over your shoulder, kind of like a shawl for those of you that wondered…thanks Google!!). They also come with some glitch undies for those of you not willing to shareyour mangina with the world in general.

Now, while historians will have you believe that men in Ancient Greece and Rome favored short hair, some very long and diligent study sessions (*cough* drinking beer *cough*) have led me to the revelation that they actually liked to rock the fro!! I wanted to keep it real, so I went to Boon and grabbed the KAR07 hair to help me adorn my classical look. I love this wild black mess - Medusa, eat your heart out!! Finishing everything off with some metal, I polished up my Byzantine Chain Choker from Essentia and slapped it on, and then got my spikes on with my Insurrection piercings from Primitive Design…and that is how we do!! Now that I've perfected my Froga outfit, I'm only lacking for one thing - yup, you guessed it - concubines and palm frond waving hand servants!! Ladies (and men, if you're so inclined) please send your applications to

Boon – KAR07 Hair (black)
Etchd – Jekyll Tattoo
MR Design – Eyes 3
Primitive Design – Insurrection Piercing Set
Shai – Eromenons Toga
Essentia - Byzantine Chain Choker
Location - The Roman Empire


Mo Miasma said...

Lmaooooooooooooooooooooo ok skirts are looking Good on you Law, just yummy and lmao was for the choice of the hair, someone payed attention on history, excellent;D

Elusyve said...

*votes for more skirt-type posts* No one does legs better than the Law! Teacher...I brought my peeencil.... Class Dismissed!!

Iustinian said...

lovely, we must do a post together sometime

Strawberry Singh said...

I sent in my application, pick me pick me! :D

Winter Jefferson said...

I heard just John Belushi crawling out of his grave.

Extra credit for the Harryhausen Gorgon hair. Nice!

Kallisto Destiny said...

I'd conck your bine anytime. HEH!
YEAH! I'm so a) glad you're back to blogging, b) you blogged this fun release from SHAI and c) you didn't hurt Dove yesterday like you both made me think (grrrrr). I'm so naive sometimes. derrr

And HI5 on the factual and historical informative post---I like that stuff. Bravo!


Lawless McBride said...

actually mo, i was flirting with girls all history class, and the teacher, if she was female...
elusyve, im still deciding when im going to claim my prize, youre not off the hook!!
iustinian, im your man!!
berry, i checked and you did not...little fibber, you had me all excited this morning
winter, i wish he would...and he could bring Farley back with him
kalli, i had nothing to do with doves evil prank yesterday, i was working and being quite innocent for once!!...prolly

Achariya Rezak said...

*grin* Can I dress my boy av up like a Persian and conquer your Spartan arse?

:D :D :D