Thursday, April 17, 2008

Son of the Beach

April's half over and we have had one spring-worthy day in Vancouver to this point - I don’t even know who to blame…is it global warming, the Russians, bad karma, the Illuminati? Who knows! All I know is that the longer it stays cool, the more my day dreams take me to white sands, palm trees, drinks with umbrellas in them and warm buns (and not the kind your grandma just took out of the oven)!!

My head being where it is these days, it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with Nicky Ree’s new Sarong set, the Kenue Casual Batik. It has everything you’d want for a day spent romping Oceanside - swim trunks, a pair of casual beach pants, a sarong, and a matching shirt to boot. The shirt is what really won me over when I saw the ad…with its almost psychedelic dot and swirled patterns, it's perfect retro thrift shop greatness!! The swimsuit reminds me of James Bond walking up out of the water in Casino Royale…I'd have tried to pull off that shot myself, but I think I need a manzilian first, if you know what I mean.…moving on….

I decided to mix and match and grabbed my BitchBeater Baggy Shorts from Sn@tch to cover my pale arse, sort of creating an emo boy visits the beach look. The shorts work for me, deep black with some punkish zippers sewn in front, and some prim cuffs to finish them off. No trip to the beach would be complete without the standard beefcake half in the water snapshot, so far be it for me to break with tradition. Voila, the gratuitous sarong shot!! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to show off a rather sweet tattoo I bought at Slinked, the Crimson Glory Tat.

As much as I'd like to stay and whimsy on about the beach and things warm and breezy, I need to go now and put on some wool socks and throw another quilt on my bed before I go to bed. Boree, if you read this, spread the wealth and send me some of that Floridian sunshine...thanks in advance and we miss you, you dirtiest of dirty hookers!!

FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble, BullRing Double – Lip
Naughty Designs - Dare Hair (blacks)
Nicky Ree - Kenue Casual Batik Sarong Set
Primitive Design - Love n Hate Bracelet Set
Slinked - Crimson Glory Tattoo
Sn@tch - BitchBeater Baggy Shorts
Tiki Tattoo - ShellFish Necklace
Location - Surfline Aloha Rezzable


Elaine Lisle said...
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Elaine Lisle said...

sorry, that was me (the link was crap and it got cut in the end)

I was saying...

there ya go

now we want to see you in a dress
("We" because I speaks like the Queen of England)

Dove Swanson said...

You missed it Elaine? :o

He made me so proud. *snickles*

Phoenix Chapman said...

Well Victoria has been really, sucks to be you? XD

Elaine Lisle said...

@Dove: of course I didn't miss it! that's how Lawless became popular around the grid! (did you believe it was because of his looks? heh) -- I just think it's been too long since the last time

@Lawless: come on, make yer woman proud! she's asking you!!

Dove Swanson said...

Elaine - I agree, it's been too long. Besides, he has more girl stuffs in his inventory than I have in mine! :o

And I know how he became so popular around the grid - they don't call him Lawless "Motorboat" McBride for nothing.


Lawless McBride said...

elaine, i will dust off the gowns just for you!!!
phoenix, you get better weather and surf???...wheres the justice in that?
dove, you know you love my motorboat so shush!!