Monday, April 21, 2008

Mad Hair Day

Ok, I know, I know, if you’re like me, your groups are totally maxed out - but seriously, you need to drop one of those lame arses that hasn’t updated in months and join AVZ now!! Hern Worsley is a group gift pimp!! I mean, I thought the tinfoil hat with the wooden spoon antennas was great…and the rocket backpack - stellar in its metallic magnificence, maybe unbeatable....until this!!

The Sense Hair, another AVZ group gift and prolly the coolest damned thing that has graced my bald head since ever!! Unofficially called by Dove the “electric jellyfish” hair…with its light tentacles whipping and flowing around, this hair seems almost alive...which brings up the question…is it animated texture with glow effects? is it particle work? Personally, I don’t know…I'm willing to accept it as another one of life’s mysteries, along with “why is the lint in my belly button always blue, no matter what color my shirt is?” and “how do they get the caramel in the caramilk bar?”….and what's that? “the hair is cool but you're not down with white?”…it's scripted with over 140 color choices!! Ding ding ding, we have a winner!!

I slapped on my PrimOptic Arctic Glasses as more of a safety move than a fashion statement…what with those glowing tendrils moving to and fro, I didn’t want to risk my eyes (think of all those hours of taking pics of Dove changing clothes I'd miss out on). Now the Muism Snake Skin Pants? Those were total fashion statement - the statement being I'd rather kill a few pythons than go naked. Paired with my Primitive Design Inmortal T-Shirt and my EKO db Belt, I'm ready to go to…erm, wherever I damn well want I figure, who’s going to get in my way with my 10.000.000 volt hair? Another week, another wicked pair of shoes from Monogrind…this time the post-atomic classy shoes. Knowing that these kind of clothes are awaiting me on the other side, it's enough to help me lose my fear of nuclear holocaust altogether!!

Lastly, I made a new acquaintance this week, blogger Masaru Raymaker…not only is he a great guy, but I learned he had a store in-world that specializes in surf-casual jewelry. Surfing holds a special spot in my heart, right beside girls in boy's underwear. I went there and liked it enough that I ended up buying some goodies - as we were there, he dropped in on us and kindly gifted me with this Silver Necklace with a scripted letter changer …guess what the “L” stands for and win a picture of me in a dress!!

AVZ - Sense Hair (group gift)
PrimOptic - Arctic Glasses
Muism - Snake Skin Print Pants (Silver)
Primitive Design - Inmortal T-Shirt (black)
Monogrind - Post-Atomic Classy Shoes
M.R.M. - Silver Necklace Tribal Initial Plate
Location - Crimson Shadow Rezzable


Dove Swanson said...

That hair was super fun, but also risky - I almost had a seizure just staring at it.

Elusyve said...

in my world.."L" always stands for "LICK" muahahaha..runs off to kick someone from her groups to join!

Elaine Lisle said...

"L" for Lightbulb? Lovey-dovey? Lawless, we're clueless :P

Cerrie Janus said...

/me looks in the dictionary for a good word. OMGosh the possibilities are endless. Lugnut? Is that a word?

Winter Jefferson said...

How could anyone NOT be down with white hair?

I'm going with lucid. Or legal. I'm too kind to suggest limp.

Lawless McBride said...

ok, first of all, L stands for "loins", as in, doves knickers light a fire in my loins...but since you were all so close, you all get pictures of me in a dress!!!!...see how i give and give?

Dove Swanson said...

I don't wear knickers. :p

L = lixxxxxx!

Kallisto Destiny said...

LAWLESS YOU ARE FLAWLESS!!! I was feeling really down tonight and talking wiff Callie and I came to catch on my friendshiply duties that I have slacked so horribly on and this was the dose of BLOG-edicine I needed. Total-100%-HI5
Fashion Kalli!

P.S. I blogged you wearing this first on FLICKR BAABEEHHH!!