Friday, April 4, 2008

Typical country leather...

Sometimes, my outfits are definitely influenced by RL and what I'm grabbing from my closet on any given day. In this case, early spring days here mean it's sunny but still not real warm - perfect time to break out your leathers that you hid from the rain all winter!! Not that I lack leathers to break out of my inventory, but how happy was I when Muism graciously introduced some more lovely cow hide to my collection. The Skinny Biker jacket is one of those pieces that I knew I was going to be unable to buy in just one color…thank goodness they are totally affordable!!...*cough*…To be fair, you’re getting a ton of options here, including both a jacket and shirt layer, and sleeves rolled up or down, to boot - not sure I’ve ever rolled the sleeves up on a leather jacket, but dare to dream!! Some of the colors they chose for this jacket are really great, proof positive, I found both the blue and brown versions so rich in color and detail that I totally forgot to buy the jacket in black - hell hath frozen over!! Because the prim lower jacket comes in four different sizes it makes it really easy to fit your doing crunches!

While Dove was distracted by a handful of jelly beans, I lifted her wallet out of her Hannah Montana purse and continued my Muism shopping spree. The new Rio hair seemed a likely suspect…first of all, it’s a toque, eh - at least in Canada it is, otherwise I suppose you could call it a woven knit hat and hair combination that is scripted and has several color choices for your pleasure. I like it because the hat is not insanely huge and the hair peeks out enough to add a realistic look and not make me look like I'm in week four of chemo treatments - not that there’s anything wrong with that…or…erm, damned political correctness! Tis a good thing Dove doesn’t know I was using her monies or she'd have worked me twice as hard as she did when she found out I bought the 40% Transparency Top at Muism as well…it is kind of expensive for a tank top, but hell, I was on a roll, and not only does it have that rumpled up comfortable “I should have thrown this shirt away last year” look, but you can also see my nipples through it!! Win!!

Alas, although I could have easily made an entire outfit at Muism, it was not in the stars. Mostly because I had just bought another wicked pair of jeans; the vintage Ronins. WMD is pretty much my favorite jeans maker in SL right now, the details are so brill. I really like the way these jeans look so perfectly worn-in, and I didn’t have to wash them 40 times to get them there. Lastly, these boots were not made for walking, they were made for the foot pegs of a Harley…the chunky black buckled boots are kick arse greatness, and really work well with an old pair of jeans and your favorite leather. That being said, go now and make these things your own!! I'm off to sit on Elusyve's hog while she sleeps and make motorcycle sounds and look tough and shite!!

Muism – 40% Transparency Top / White, Rio Hair (Black), Skinny Biker Jacket (brown) (blue)
Kyoot Army – Light Bella Morte Belt
PrimOptic – Hawke Glasses
Primitive Design – Insurrection Piercing Set
WMD – Sugoi “Vintage” Ronin Jeans
The Drawmachine – Bikerboots Classic


Winter Jefferson said...

I know what you mean about the wince-inspiring price of the 40% transparency singlet. I bought the white one several weeks ago, and needed the black one to complete an ensemble several days ago. So I shelled out another 250... and then realised the damn thing was colourable.

Loving that belt by the way, Lawless.

Elaine Lisle said...

Lawless: I refrained from making any comments about the nipple you were showing in the toga (although of course we all did notice it).
But... a see-through singlet? Mmmmmhh, yesss... are you still collecting applications?

Elusyve said...

Ya know, Law, it is biker code to wipe the bike seat after you finish!!!

With those hawt leathers you are now bitch pad worthy, so hang on tight lil boy!

Dove still gets the front on the tanks where I can fondle her with the excuse that I am *steering*...altho with that nipplage of yours...she is gonna have to try harder!!

Dove Swanson said...

I love that look, honey - one of my favs! Yum! *chomps*

And Elusyve, something about you calling him lil boy totally turns me on and brings up images of you with a straaaa...uh...:o *coughs* I mean, I'll try harder! Don't love me and leave me! :p

Kallisto Destiny said...

SCORE---Luv this look Law---way hot and cool---and no black really-ZOMG--way to go buddy.