Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, that’s what Dove called it, and really, how could I argue? If ever I wanted to become a full fledged cyberhippydiscogangster, you know damned well I'd be breaking this Basilisk outfit out my closet, all praise to BareRose!! My visits to BareRose have become an almost daily ritual, as I do my solemn obeisance at their six holy obelisks of vendor ads and wait patiently as they rez in….heart pounding as I stand in eager anticipation to see if there is new boy's greatness to drape my avi's frame in. Acting on a word from Elusyve, the empress of orange, I made a second pilgrimage yesterday and scored!!

Where to start, where to start?? The outfit comes in black, blue, and red, which of course are the official colors of a good beatdown - great start, yeah? When the outfit isn’t being cyberhippydiscogangsterish, it's definitely being slinky and downright glam, what with its faux snakeskin texturing and multi-zippered jacket and leg hugging pants!! Originating from BareRose, of course, you get a boatload of prims to ornament your base shirt and pants….the highlights you ask? One would think I'd pick the belt, I mean you can't really screw up when you take a bad arse skull, surround it with black leather, add rivets and a gleaming chrome chain loop, right?? As wicked great as this belt is though, the winner goes to…*tears open the envelope*…the feathers, duh!! I mean c'mon….the only question is, why make them optional? If you buy this outfit and wear it without the feathered neck, pray I don’t catch you, because I'm likely to beat you around your unfeathered head with my New York Dolls boxed discography….be warned…

Not that the outfit really needs more add-ons, but I can't help tinkering…what's the point of having a five-figure inventory if you're not going to break it out whenever you have the chance? First off, why yes, that is new hair bedecking my crown - Bryce Designs was kind enough to release the new Mikichan hair in order to celebrate my new find at BareRose…erm, ok, that’s probably a lie, it just might have been coincidence. Either way, I come out the winner, because this is a great hair…messy and it moves really nice when you're doing your sl thing…you'll have to take my word for that. Hailing from one of my most watched movies ever, the Road Warrior Boots from Angry Monkey help put some steel toed romp into my stomp….just to make sure I could set off every metal detector in Canada at the same time (all 3), I added my Yabusake 08 Pendant to the mix….why? Because I could. Lastly, I show just a sliver of my Fishnet Shirt from Broken at the nape of my neck…I'm not sure it really adds anything to this outfit, but fishnet makes Dove horny….what's a guy to do?

BareRose – Basilisk Outfit
Angry Monkey – Road Warrior Boots
Yabusaka – 08 Pendant
Broken – Torn Fishnet Shirt
Bryce Designs – Mikichan (coal)


Dove Swanson said...

*ruffles yer feathers*

You always look good in Barerose babe!

*lixx yer fishnet too*

Elusyve said...

yaaay for feathers...they look good if you wear em with nothing else on too...least thats what Dove told me *eg*

Cerrie Janus said...

Ok, I have just started this week reading your Half Arsed nonsense and yer crackin me up. Oh, and I think Elusyve won on the uber shiny pants contest. /me waves at Elusyve.

Lawless McBride said...

checks elusyves flickr for pictures of her feathered up!!!!
cerrie, nonsense???...ill have you know i take this very very seriously and...heh..ok you got me...its hard to argue with you, elusyve's butt is the champ!!!..for this round.

Winter Jefferson said...

Why no pics of the two of you together strutting your Basilisk? That would have been epic. It's a great outfit, June Dion has stolen my heart yet again.

No comments on the shiny pants contest.

Lawless McBride said...

winter, there was no pictures together because we didn't realize that our great minds were thinking alike..and by the time we did, dove had me stripped down to my fishnet