Monday, April 28, 2008

Grid Iron...

It started out so innocently, there was Shane with his arse undulating wildly in the general direction of my manly bits - ok, not innocent in a Cinderella way, but compared to a Neva orgy room packed with 40 dudes and a 500 prim donkey, it's still innocent. Anyways, although completely mesmerized by his wagging arse, the part of my brain that loves to spend lindens managed to notice his belt!! A quick click/inspect and I realized I needed to go back to Monogrind before the environmental settings hit “sunset.”

Finding the Safelock Spiked Belt was easy.…leaving without buying a half-dozen other items was apparently nigh impossible. So, what started as a quick trip to buy a belt ends in me dressed up as the M.V.P. from the Blood Bowl 2049!! The progression, while almost impossible to describe in print, made perfect sense in my head…see what tequila on your Corn Flakes will do for you? It was hard not to notice that all of the goodies I grabbed at Monogrind were bedecked with metal in one fashion or another…and metal made me think of iron, and iron to the grid-iron, and the rest was history - but seriously, although I will be 69 in 2049, you want me on your team if I'm styling like this.

Where to start is obvious, Monogrind's Football Shoulder Pads are bulky, kind of beat up and generally bad arse. The Infinity Wings from Steam Powered Industries help me avoid those big hits…kind of rusted up with feathers that look like knife blades - you know you don’t want any of that. In lieu of a mouthpiece, Black Catter kindly provided me with their Panda Pacifier…the pacifier is like insult to injury, because you know you don’t want to go home and tell anyone some guy with a pacifier left the boot print you’re sporting on your chest. You’re going to make up some story about eight gang members and a crowbar. Speaking of boots, the Consumed Rusted Boots from Monogrind were definitely made for walking over things…or people…black chunky soles, with metal tabs running up the front and sides of the calf high boots. My football pants are made up of my Bitchbeater Baggy Shorts from Sn@tch and Kyoot’s Ringmaster Tights (thank you 100 linden sale!).

Actually, the crowd in the stands are not chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”…it's Ruby, cus that’s the name of my new scruffy hawk from Black Maria - appropriately tuff and a great compliment to my pacifier, don’t you think? And seriously, keep your championship ring, because Yabusaka's new Silver Ring hasn’t left my finger in a week, and isn’t likely to, until they make a new one. After checking my Steampunk Damaged Watch (you should see the other guy), I see it's time to go get with my favorite cheerleader, Dove, and let her see my Full Back while I check out her Tight End….gotta love football!!

Black Maria - Ruby Hair (black)
Broken – Torn Fishnet Shirt
Steam Powered Industries - Infinity Wings
Sn@tch – Bitchbeater Baggy Shorts
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Primitive Design - Insurrection Nose Piercing
Black Catter - Panda Pacifier
Monogrind - Buckled Knee Pads, Star Shirt, Consumed Rusted Boots, Metal Bracelets, Safelock Spiked Belt, Steampunk Damaged Watch, Football Shoulder Pads
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 31
Kyoot Army - Skull Elbow Warmers, Ring Master Tights
Aitui Tattoo - Eye Black /Face Tat/
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1


Dove Swanson said...

Go Team?

By the way...the wimmins don't bother me none, but yer gonna turn me into a jealous wench over that man! :( If you leave me for a boy I am so divorcing you from yer cock!


Lawless McBride said...

Shane said i could be in charge of the all the dropped soap if i switched and played for his team....what does your team offer?

Strawberry Singh said...

I prefer cheerios! :P
Why am I always thinking about food?

Winter Jefferson said...


I'm not often left speechless. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Dove Swanson said...

My team offers umm....booblies?


Lawless McBride said...

you could be the berry on my honey nuts!!! erm, cheerios that is...

winter, did i manage to buy something at monogrind you missed?...

yay for boobs honey!!

Keely said...

awesome outfit! i think the pacifier is the perfect touch. Woot!