Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rhymes with orange...

Dear Elusyve, see what you’ve done to me?? Orange, it's not just for breakfast anymore. To be fair, this post actually started when Sn@tch decided to mix latex with cheetah pattern. I got the notice and faster than you can say “it's not easy being cheesy”, I had purchased the greatest rock star pants in my inventory. These pants come in two layers, are dangerously low cut (arse crackers), and the latex is prolly the best looking that I have ever bought (other than the Gimp outfit Dove makes me wear when I've been bad). Its got a nice sheen, maybe bordering on a little too “oily” for my preference, but not enough to keep me from buying them in several pattern combinations - plus, it's cheetah - how rawr is that?? Before I could leave the store, I realized there was a Burnt Orange Thermal that was dying to be matched to my new yummy, rubbery, goodness. I dig the low-cut collarless neck on the thermal and I like the way the rough looking wool contrasts with the sleekness of the latex… it looks real worn in and comfortable, the way a jumper should be.

The basics taken care of, it was time to accessorize. I started with this new hair from Detour, the Writer II Hair - this hair is a standout to me in that I don’t really own anything that looks quite the same. A longish messy hair with a sweet wave to it.…although Pie called me Bon Jovi when she saw me wearing it, I think this hair really reminds me of Michael Hutchence, from INXS, who is obviously way cooler than Bon Jovi, except for maybe the autoerotic asphyxiation thing…and even then. Also helping me rock the orange were my old faithful Pornstar Hi-tops from UBU and another wicked pair of shades from Primoptic, the Hawke Glasses.

Yabusaka released their 08 Pendant just as I was primping in front of the mirror trying to find the right metal to help me rock you like a hurricane!! Talk about right time, right place, this pendant is the right mix of fine details and manly chunkiness….tell me I'm wrong!! Keeping my pants on and hiding my arse crack from the elements is my beloved Punky Studded Belt from Monogrind. I finished things off with PD’s Insurrection piercings (I really should take them out and clean them one day), and some more PD goodness, the vicious little Wired Wristbands. That being done, all I need to do now is finish my 45 page rock star rider - lets see, where was I?

1 extra large inflatable manatee
6 pairs of large boxer shorts
20 lbs of clean ice
6 boxes of Panda liquorices
Children's choir made up of 20 – 24 children between the ages of 7 and 12
4 tubs of “I cant believe its not butter”....

Detour – Writer II Hair (black)
Monogrind – Dark Punky Studded Belts
MR Design – Eyes 3
Primitive Design – Wired Wristbands, Insurrection Piercing Set
Primoptic – Hawke Glasses
Sn@tch – Burnt Orange Thermal, Latex Pants (cheetah)
Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops
Yabusaka – 08 Pendant


Elusyve said...

woot..you've got your mojo workin' with orange baby! now I think you, winter and i need to have the best butt in latex contest! and fyi, I'll be stealing that sweater from your treehouse, when you least expect it!

Lawless McBride said...

im down with the contest, just give me advance warning so i can do squats for a month before hand...the sweater is under our bed, ill be the hairy arsed naked one on top if you come in the middle of the night...

Winter Jefferson said...

I only bought the plaid and the flames, my friend Newdoll got to the cheetah before I did - so I had to step back as a gentleman. Which basically means I'll wait until they are on my bedroom floor before hiding them from her.

I may be in with a chance in the competition. Fashion Kalli told me that the latex really hugs my backside. I'm going to be my usual vain self and take that as a compliment.

Kallisto Destiny said...

How funny---these are the shinest things I have seen in a long time---very cool post Law.

"...Fashion Kalli....that's me I guess. But yes Winter your arse looked good in those red, shiney ass pants...how funny !!!


Lawless McBride said...

Winter, bring it on!!!...if you need me, ill be doing crunches next to my coffee table...thanks Kalli, or Fashion Kalli if you will!!!

Winter Jefferson said...



Game, set and match.

I'd like to send a special thanks to Mirabelle. You can have your crunches, Lawless. I found nicer ways to excercise.

Elusyve said...
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Elusyve said...
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Elusyve said...

oi..*snap* not so fast Mr. Pointy Teef! *wiggles her ears*


Winter Jefferson said...

Hmmm... I think that's cheating. You have curves to pack yours with! *Rummages for a female shape*

I think the best solution here is to get Mr McBride here to take rear shots, and then perhaps an independant arbiter. Maybe the creator herself, Ivey Deschanel?

Did you have ANY idea what you were starting here when you posted on the SN@TCH blog, Elusyve? High School students will one day be studying the epic Latex Wars of 2008, surely.