Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brown by Law…

Hi, I'm Lawless and I have a color bias…I know it's not right, but sometimes I make fun of brown. Trying to impress my friends, I call it bland and uninspired or boring…once I even said it’s the color of librarians everywhere. Hi Clover!! Maybe it springs from my self hate towards my shite brown eyes, I don’t know, but I'm sure glad that not everyone feels that way…otherwise this post would not have happened, and how tragic would that be??

Ducknipple understands brown and how wonderful it really can be. Case in point, my new Bob Hoodie...starting off with a very nice brown and yellow argyle pattern, Beanster Potato punked it up with a prim hoodie and then grimed it down just enough to keep the yellow from being hideous. Nice texturing combined with a deep rich brown color was enough to make me throw my black shirt back into my inventory and give it a go. As much as I wanted to give brown a fair shake, I knew it was going to take something special to shake me out of my jet black jeans…in this case, something special was Cubic Effect's new brown cotton pants. The pants manage some nice wrinkles without looking sloppy, and I really love the prim bottoms, especially the way they hang down over the back of my shoes.

Speaking of shoes (it’s a segue, take notes), Urban Bomb Unit did it again, this time with their Pornstar Slipons - same great name, same great scripted options, but, with no laces to waste your time tying…or trampling on all day. If you're of my ilk…they also came with a sweet checked pattern that worked brilliantly with my argyle - I think im getting the hang of this whole wearing brown thing, go me!! Ducknipple has great clothes and some really goofy, fun items too - the Stoned Monkeh Necklace would fall under the latter, with its banana, monkeh smoking a fat one, and lego logo. Heh, say that ten times fast…lego logo lego logo lego logo…it's even a bish to type. Now I know it's not brown, but this was a big step for me…Sig Oldrich made a nice black hat that you can actually wear with your hair and then offered if for free…what would you have done??

Anyways, I'm off to show Dove my beige banana hammock, we're going to play older experienced librarian dude and shy but willing assistant…I’m still looking for a custodian who stumbles onto us behind the non-fiction section and then joins in…email all applications to

Armidi - Individual Hair (midnight)
Cubic Effect - Brown Cotton Pants
Ducknipple - Bob Hoodie, Stoned Monkey Necklace
Boon – WG15 Belt
Urban Bomb Unit - Pornstar Slipons
Hat by Sig Oldrich

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real Samurais Wear Pink!!

Screw that wannabe samurai Tom Cruise (unless you like four foot tall guys…not that there’s anything wrong with that). This is my three easy steps to getting your feudal warrior on. I think we went out shopping for socks for Dove because it's not always about me (take notes guys) - but then I saw the coolest looking kimono ever…at which point it became about me again!! It's the thought that counts, right?

So yeah, step 1…procure for yourself a kimono, preferably silk for those long hot days chopping off random limbs and flirting with geishas. In my case, I picked the Camellia Lico Kimono from the Japanese Goods Shop - I love the way this robe looks, with its flowing arms and flared cuffs with great texturing. It looks comfortable and sleek…and the colors combined with the floral patterns were love at first sight!! And just in case you were thinking about cracking on the pink, that is a sword you see tucked in my obi…that’s a 'belt' for the uninitiated.

Step 2, put your junk in that box…erm, no wait, that’s a different outfit - get yourself some samurai lettuce!! Aoharu made that easier than painting by numbers when they created a hair called the Japanese Samurai Hair!! Kind of messy, long and black, with the traditional top knot keeping things under control.

Step 3, put your traditional Samurai footwear, the Chuck All-stars, on and go and strike some arse kicking poses!! For me, the easiest way to make this happen was to wait until Dove was nose deep in Poser, then run into the bedroom and jump up and down on the bed throwing kicks at imaginary ninjas and pirates and the like!! Now if you need me, I have to go to The Loft and buy some replacement furniture before she's done…hell hath no fury like a country girl whose bed you just broke.

Akeyo - Chuck Allstars
Aoharu - Japanese Samurai Hair
Japanese Goods Shop - Kimono (camellia lico)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 4
Location - Our Lub Nest - and yer not invited!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Grid Iron...

It started out so innocently, there was Shane with his arse undulating wildly in the general direction of my manly bits - ok, not innocent in a Cinderella way, but compared to a Neva orgy room packed with 40 dudes and a 500 prim donkey, it's still innocent. Anyways, although completely mesmerized by his wagging arse, the part of my brain that loves to spend lindens managed to notice his belt!! A quick click/inspect and I realized I needed to go back to Monogrind before the environmental settings hit “sunset.”

Finding the Safelock Spiked Belt was easy.…leaving without buying a half-dozen other items was apparently nigh impossible. So, what started as a quick trip to buy a belt ends in me dressed up as the M.V.P. from the Blood Bowl 2049!! The progression, while almost impossible to describe in print, made perfect sense in my head…see what tequila on your Corn Flakes will do for you? It was hard not to notice that all of the goodies I grabbed at Monogrind were bedecked with metal in one fashion or another…and metal made me think of iron, and iron to the grid-iron, and the rest was history - but seriously, although I will be 69 in 2049, you want me on your team if I'm styling like this.

Where to start is obvious, Monogrind's Football Shoulder Pads are bulky, kind of beat up and generally bad arse. The Infinity Wings from Steam Powered Industries help me avoid those big hits…kind of rusted up with feathers that look like knife blades - you know you don’t want any of that. In lieu of a mouthpiece, Black Catter kindly provided me with their Panda Pacifier…the pacifier is like insult to injury, because you know you don’t want to go home and tell anyone some guy with a pacifier left the boot print you’re sporting on your chest. You’re going to make up some story about eight gang members and a crowbar. Speaking of boots, the Consumed Rusted Boots from Monogrind were definitely made for walking over things…or people…black chunky soles, with metal tabs running up the front and sides of the calf high boots. My football pants are made up of my Bitchbeater Baggy Shorts from Sn@tch and Kyoot’s Ringmaster Tights (thank you 100 linden sale!).

Actually, the crowd in the stands are not chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”…it's Ruby, cus that’s the name of my new scruffy hawk from Black Maria - appropriately tuff and a great compliment to my pacifier, don’t you think? And seriously, keep your championship ring, because Yabusaka's new Silver Ring hasn’t left my finger in a week, and isn’t likely to, until they make a new one. After checking my Steampunk Damaged Watch (you should see the other guy), I see it's time to go get with my favorite cheerleader, Dove, and let her see my Full Back while I check out her Tight End….gotta love football!!

Black Maria - Ruby Hair (black)
Broken – Torn Fishnet Shirt
Steam Powered Industries - Infinity Wings
Sn@tch – Bitchbeater Baggy Shorts
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Primitive Design - Insurrection Nose Piercing
Black Catter - Panda Pacifier
Monogrind - Buckled Knee Pads, Star Shirt, Consumed Rusted Boots, Metal Bracelets, Safelock Spiked Belt, Steampunk Damaged Watch, Football Shoulder Pads
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 31
Kyoot Army - Skull Elbow Warmers, Ring Master Tights
Aitui Tattoo - Eye Black /Face Tat/
Yabusaka - Silver Ring 1

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mad Hair Day

Ok, I know, I know, if you’re like me, your groups are totally maxed out - but seriously, you need to drop one of those lame arses that hasn’t updated in months and join AVZ now!! Hern Worsley is a group gift pimp!! I mean, I thought the tinfoil hat with the wooden spoon antennas was great…and the rocket backpack - stellar in its metallic magnificence, maybe unbeatable....until this!!

The Sense Hair, another AVZ group gift and prolly the coolest damned thing that has graced my bald head since ever!! Unofficially called by Dove the “electric jellyfish” hair…with its light tentacles whipping and flowing around, this hair seems almost alive...which brings up the question…is it animated texture with glow effects? is it particle work? Personally, I don’t know…I'm willing to accept it as another one of life’s mysteries, along with “why is the lint in my belly button always blue, no matter what color my shirt is?” and “how do they get the caramel in the caramilk bar?”….and what's that? “the hair is cool but you're not down with white?”…it's scripted with over 140 color choices!! Ding ding ding, we have a winner!!

I slapped on my PrimOptic Arctic Glasses as more of a safety move than a fashion statement…what with those glowing tendrils moving to and fro, I didn’t want to risk my eyes (think of all those hours of taking pics of Dove changing clothes I'd miss out on). Now the Muism Snake Skin Pants? Those were total fashion statement - the statement being I'd rather kill a few pythons than go naked. Paired with my Primitive Design Inmortal T-Shirt and my EKO db Belt, I'm ready to go to…erm, wherever I damn well want I figure, who’s going to get in my way with my 10.000.000 volt hair? Another week, another wicked pair of shoes from Monogrind…this time the post-atomic classy shoes. Knowing that these kind of clothes are awaiting me on the other side, it's enough to help me lose my fear of nuclear holocaust altogether!!

Lastly, I made a new acquaintance this week, blogger Masaru Raymaker…not only is he a great guy, but I learned he had a store in-world that specializes in surf-casual jewelry. Surfing holds a special spot in my heart, right beside girls in boy's underwear. I went there and liked it enough that I ended up buying some goodies - as we were there, he dropped in on us and kindly gifted me with this Silver Necklace with a scripted letter changer …guess what the “L” stands for and win a picture of me in a dress!!

AVZ - Sense Hair (group gift)
PrimOptic - Arctic Glasses
Muism - Snake Skin Print Pants (Silver)
Primitive Design - Inmortal T-Shirt (black)
Monogrind - Post-Atomic Classy Shoes
M.R.M. - Silver Necklace Tribal Initial Plate
Location - Crimson Shadow Rezzable

Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, that’s what Dove called it, and really, how could I argue? If ever I wanted to become a full fledged cyberhippydiscogangster, you know damned well I'd be breaking this Basilisk outfit out my closet, all praise to BareRose!! My visits to BareRose have become an almost daily ritual, as I do my solemn obeisance at their six holy obelisks of vendor ads and wait patiently as they rez in….heart pounding as I stand in eager anticipation to see if there is new boy's greatness to drape my avi's frame in. Acting on a word from Elusyve, the empress of orange, I made a second pilgrimage yesterday and scored!!

Where to start, where to start?? The outfit comes in black, blue, and red, which of course are the official colors of a good beatdown - great start, yeah? When the outfit isn’t being cyberhippydiscogangsterish, it's definitely being slinky and downright glam, what with its faux snakeskin texturing and multi-zippered jacket and leg hugging pants!! Originating from BareRose, of course, you get a boatload of prims to ornament your base shirt and pants….the highlights you ask? One would think I'd pick the belt, I mean you can't really screw up when you take a bad arse skull, surround it with black leather, add rivets and a gleaming chrome chain loop, right?? As wicked great as this belt is though, the winner goes to…*tears open the envelope*…the feathers, duh!! I mean c'mon….the only question is, why make them optional? If you buy this outfit and wear it without the feathered neck, pray I don’t catch you, because I'm likely to beat you around your unfeathered head with my New York Dolls boxed discography….be warned…

Not that the outfit really needs more add-ons, but I can't help tinkering…what's the point of having a five-figure inventory if you're not going to break it out whenever you have the chance? First off, why yes, that is new hair bedecking my crown - Bryce Designs was kind enough to release the new Mikichan hair in order to celebrate my new find at BareRose…erm, ok, that’s probably a lie, it just might have been coincidence. Either way, I come out the winner, because this is a great hair…messy and it moves really nice when you're doing your sl thing…you'll have to take my word for that. Hailing from one of my most watched movies ever, the Road Warrior Boots from Angry Monkey help put some steel toed romp into my stomp….just to make sure I could set off every metal detector in Canada at the same time (all 3), I added my Yabusake 08 Pendant to the mix….why? Because I could. Lastly, I show just a sliver of my Fishnet Shirt from Broken at the nape of my neck…I'm not sure it really adds anything to this outfit, but fishnet makes Dove horny….what's a guy to do?

BareRose – Basilisk Outfit
Angry Monkey – Road Warrior Boots
Yabusaka – 08 Pendant
Broken – Torn Fishnet Shirt
Bryce Designs – Mikichan (coal)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Son of the Beach

April's half over and we have had one spring-worthy day in Vancouver to this point - I don’t even know who to blame…is it global warming, the Russians, bad karma, the Illuminati? Who knows! All I know is that the longer it stays cool, the more my day dreams take me to white sands, palm trees, drinks with umbrellas in them and warm buns (and not the kind your grandma just took out of the oven)!!

My head being where it is these days, it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with Nicky Ree’s new Sarong set, the Kenue Casual Batik. It has everything you’d want for a day spent romping Oceanside - swim trunks, a pair of casual beach pants, a sarong, and a matching shirt to boot. The shirt is what really won me over when I saw the ad…with its almost psychedelic dot and swirled patterns, it's perfect retro thrift shop greatness!! The swimsuit reminds me of James Bond walking up out of the water in Casino Royale…I'd have tried to pull off that shot myself, but I think I need a manzilian first, if you know what I mean.…moving on….

I decided to mix and match and grabbed my BitchBeater Baggy Shorts from Sn@tch to cover my pale arse, sort of creating an emo boy visits the beach look. The shorts work for me, deep black with some punkish zippers sewn in front, and some prim cuffs to finish them off. No trip to the beach would be complete without the standard beefcake half in the water snapshot, so far be it for me to break with tradition. Voila, the gratuitous sarong shot!! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to show off a rather sweet tattoo I bought at Slinked, the Crimson Glory Tat.

As much as I'd like to stay and whimsy on about the beach and things warm and breezy, I need to go now and put on some wool socks and throw another quilt on my bed before I go to bed. Boree, if you read this, spread the wealth and send me some of that Floridian sunshine...thanks in advance and we miss you, you dirtiest of dirty hookers!!

FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble, BullRing Double – Lip
Naughty Designs - Dare Hair (blacks)
Nicky Ree - Kenue Casual Batik Sarong Set
Primitive Design - Love n Hate Bracelet Set
Slinked - Crimson Glory Tattoo
Sn@tch - BitchBeater Baggy Shorts
Tiki Tattoo - ShellFish Necklace
Location - Surfline Aloha Rezzable

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chupping my Moti!!!

Strawberry Singh, photographer/belly dancer/Amazon woman extraordinaire told me I better not put her in my blog, but we all know that really means “put me in your blog”, or at least it does in Lawless world…so here we are. Plus, really, this post wouldn’t have happened without her because she was the nicey who got Zaara Kohime of Zaara Indian Couture to give me my very first black of course!!

I know I'm telling you something you already knew, but humor me while I tell you that a Jodhpuri is a suit that mixes traditional Indian and Western influence...did the turban give it away? This suit comes with lots of options, including jacket, shirt, and jacket/shirt combos…add in some coat and sleeve prims, a nice pair of trousers and a turban and you have the recipe for bollywood hawtness!! The coat is long and sleek, with a nice understated pattern for details…adding flair to the Nehru collar is the embroidery that continues down the coat and collar fringes. The trousers are a matching black, fairly narrow in the leg with a nice flared cuff…just perfect for you to get your Bhangra on when you're on the dancefloor. And If cross dressing isn’t your bag, good news ladies, Zaara makes really nice girl's clothes…although, having cross dressed, I really think you should give it a try…and send me pictures!!

The turban doesn’t come with hair, but it is modifiable…unless SL pulls a fast one on you and makes the one you receive not modifiable. If this happens, you may spend a good half hour or so editing your Armidi hair (the Individual in pearl) to get it to fit nicely under the turban…but come on, what are the chances of that happening??....*grumbles*…Adding a little bit of color to the whole shebang (Dove assures me this is a real word) is my brand new Chain Necklace from Shangri-la…also available in a version for those estrogen challenged readers - or is that estrogenially endowed?? (Dove assures me that word is made up and I'm not very politically correct)

Another reason I love Strawberry today is that thanks to her, I had an excuse to buy new shoes! The Jeeper Creepers Dublins again, but this time the black cherrys - typical great quality, incredible detail and obviously bedazzling on my feet out on the dancefloor!! Now I'm off to watch Dove harshly pleasure herself...and I don’t care, it was worth the doghouse and I'm glad I said it!!

Armidi Hair - The Individual – Pearl
FNKY - BullRing Double – Lip, Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble
Jeepers Creepers - Dublin (black cherry)
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 31
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Zaara Indian Couture - Jodhpuri (black)
Shangri-La - Chain Necklace (red)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coaching For Dummies

Ok, I've played organized sports long enough to know how it works; the coach calls you aside, he tells you exactly how you suck for a minute or so, then he spends twice as long telling you the things you are doing well!! Today, finally, I'm the coach and this is Constructive Criticism 101!!

TheZoo…I really like this store, it's true…but…I sincerely hate being a walking advertisement for stores in any life, real, second, after or otherwise. How many outfits ads did I excitedly watch rez on the wall, only to see the words “TheZoo” written across the front, back, collar, beltstrap or whatever? I realize this is one of my pet peeves and it's one that I've spent years fine tuning, but guess what - it's my fechin team so play along!!

Now, before you get the wrong idea about TheZoo, you still need this player on your team, or at least populating a decent spot in your inventory - peeves aside, I was still able to find several outfits that made the cut, and I'm not disappointed by any of them. Case in point, The Phoenix Jacket…this is prolly one of the more simpler pieces I have from the store, but I wanted to lighten things up today and it fit the bill. The shirt has nice shading, I totally love the “phoenix” on the back, and it comes with a tattoo to boot - from the front, it's kind of a rugged-looking Marlboro man shirt (please note Dove wants it to be said that smoking kills and every time you light a cancer stick up, God kills a kitten)…so TheZoo, get back out there and score a goal!! (this is where any coach worth his salt pats his/her player on the arse and then picks up the closest clipboard and studies it officiously)

Now as for the rest of team Lawless…I went back to the Armidi Chinos today, this time to the tan color….nothing much has changed in them since I wore the black ones, but at least you can see the prim cuffs better. Plus, really, if you’re going to own chinos, you need to own a pair in tan…they are timeless classics, sort of like Pee Wee Hermans Big Top Adventure!! Kikis Closet released this brill pendant as I was messing around trying to flesh out this outfit and damned if it doesn’t tie in nice with the phoenix image on the shirt. It has a great black leather and metal necklace and the pendant itself has nice detail, and it manages to be large without being garish. It also comes in boys and girls and the store is really worth going to check out…unless your baby hasn’t had milk in over a week cus you’re spending all your money on damned lindens…then maybe stay away. Another place to avoid if you’re skint is Musim…but thankfully I'm not, so I got this great Colt Hair there the other day - it's inky black, got great messy bangs, and I'm loving how it gets some curl down there where it meets the collar.

So there you go, Team Lawless, all boosted up and ready to win win win!! If you need me, I will be participating in the long honored locker room tradition of rolling up wet towels and raising welts on the arses of my unsuspecting teammates….yeah, I was that guy!!

Armidi Limited - Low Rise Chinos [Beige]
FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble
Inone Style - T Shirt Black and White
Kikis Closet - Affordance Pendant (midnight)
MR Design - Set 3 – 20
Muism - Colt Hair MidLength(black)
Ricxs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102ST
TheZoo - Phoenix Jacket
Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor V1
Urban Underground - Duty Belt

Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Black Again…

Tonight, I was so going to just get my geek on - I was going to take the night off, watch Survivor, and play Rainbow Six: Las Vegas until I ranked up - no shopping, no blogging, no spending...but just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!! This time the blame rests solely on Miu’ by Zoex Flanagan. There I was, innocently killing a few minutes, minding my own business and quite content to put all my lindens into RESP’s for my future prim babies when I stumbled into her store…(I was looking for a restroom, I swear)…and the rest…well, you know the rest.

It started off with the ZX Buckle Jacket - I really love this jacket - so much I even IMed Zoex and pulled a fanboy on her! It's unisex, and comes with three prim buckle attachments, and of course, is jet black. The baggy sleeve cuffs and high prim collar coupled with the multiple straps and buckles remind me of some futuristic kung fu/straight jacket combination….insanity and martial arts - best combo ever!! Of course, no new jacket is complete without new pants to match. Remember when you wrote on your jeans with ball point pen and your mum blew a turd?? Well, Zoex says it's ok, and to prove it, she wrote all over her ZX Punk Jeans, and I mean all over, I searched these bad boys and the only graffiti I couldn’t find was “For a good time, call Kitty Lalonde at…” These jeans are just greatness, they're black, all faded out, patched and stitched up, with a real funky flare at the bottom - these are the pants that you had to hide under the bed to keep your mum from throwing out....cus parents just don't understand!

With those groovy flares needing to be filled, I realized I needed some nice chunky shoes to work it…that’s when I remembered my Mosh and Roll Shoes from Monogrind…*cough* thanks Dove *cough* These shoes are so superbly detailed, and they only get better the closer you zoom in…from the grainy pebbles of the texture, to the seriously bad arse metal bands and spikes, these shoes filled my needs to a T. They are also small enough to grace a girl's foot…I know cus Dove is stomping all over the treehouse with her's as I write. If you haven’t gone to Find Ash to get hair yet, this Royal Mischief hair is just one more reason for you to stop camping or watching donkey porn or whatever your lame excuse is and get your arse there now!! It's a near-shoulder length, messy kind of anime style…and…wait for it… it comes in black!!

Ok, that’s it, enjoy kids, I'm done. As of this moment, I officially quit shopping, blogging and all that goes with it….erm...wait…a new tux at Muism??...and shirts at Sey??...*squirms*…mother, father kindly disregard this letter.

Nooky Creations - Gear Belt
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Monogrind - Mosh & Roll Shoes
Miu - ZX Punk Jeans, ZX Buckle Jacket
Find Ash - Royal Mischief Hair
FNKY - BullRing – Nose, BullRing Double – Lip
Location - Cyber Bunker [ Spaceport Mall ]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Confessions of a clothes hor…

Earlier this week, while on a shopping romp with Dove, we took me to Valiant because she heard there was new yummy there. Before I bought anything, I decided to search my inventory, just in case…and realized that not only had I bought several items there, I had never even worn one of them…ever. The first step is admitting that you have a problem….but instead, I decided to just wear and blog some of them - phew, that was close!!

I chose the Black Military Blazer to break my Valiant cherry and I don’t regret a thing. First of all, everyone knows girls love guys in uniforms, so that’s a plus. It's black like the night, and full of prim attachments, which is more bang for your buck (Redgrave, please take note). It comes in two sizes, with prim cuffs, collar, pockets and shoulder pins. Although I love the white cuffs, personally, I think it was the shiny buttons that won me over - what can I say, I'm a simple man with simple tastes. The details on the jacket are quite nice, and it didn’t take much wrestling with the prims to make everything fit great.

Armidi got off my shite list by finally releasing some more boy's clothes…but don’t think I didn’t notice they made tons more for the girls again, like they needed it! Anyways, I love'em in RL so I grabbed their Low Rise Chinos (in black, in case you wondered). The pictures don’t really do the detail justice, so you have to take my word for it….*flashes a used car salesman smile*…they come with cool bunched up prim leg bottoms and they are actually blacker than my soul!! I wasn’t even sure that was possible until this moment. Topping my crown is the Reznor Hair from Sinistyle - I liked it enough to buy it in a few colors…I have to thank my man crush on Trent Reznor for that purchase, just wearing it makes me feel Closer to him…get it? see NIN has this song?? It’s the best love song ever, google the lyrics and sing it to your significant other.

In order to head off the “originality lynch squad” roaming the grid these days, I just wanted to give props to Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Dracula for inspiring me to mix black with black when I'm getting dressed…I'd also like to thank the cast of the movie Hoosiers for inspiration to wear Chuck Taylor knockoffs on my feet!! I sincerely hope I haven’t missed anyone because Lord knows I care, I really really do!!

Valiant – Black Military Blazer
Armidi Limited - Low Rise Chinos (black)
Urban Bomb Unit – Pornstar Hi-Tops
SiniStyle -"Reznor" Hair (midnight), Faded Black Nails
Skanks-R-Us - Earlines Piercings
Inone Style - T Shirt (white)
FNKY - Antonio Tan - H21 Emo & Stubble
MR design - Eyes set 3 – 20
The Good Life - Strife Studded Belt (checkered)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rhymes with orange...

Dear Elusyve, see what you’ve done to me?? Orange, it's not just for breakfast anymore. To be fair, this post actually started when Sn@tch decided to mix latex with cheetah pattern. I got the notice and faster than you can say “it's not easy being cheesy”, I had purchased the greatest rock star pants in my inventory. These pants come in two layers, are dangerously low cut (arse crackers), and the latex is prolly the best looking that I have ever bought (other than the Gimp outfit Dove makes me wear when I've been bad). Its got a nice sheen, maybe bordering on a little too “oily” for my preference, but not enough to keep me from buying them in several pattern combinations - plus, it's cheetah - how rawr is that?? Before I could leave the store, I realized there was a Burnt Orange Thermal that was dying to be matched to my new yummy, rubbery, goodness. I dig the low-cut collarless neck on the thermal and I like the way the rough looking wool contrasts with the sleekness of the latex… it looks real worn in and comfortable, the way a jumper should be.

The basics taken care of, it was time to accessorize. I started with this new hair from Detour, the Writer II Hair - this hair is a standout to me in that I don’t really own anything that looks quite the same. A longish messy hair with a sweet wave to it.…although Pie called me Bon Jovi when she saw me wearing it, I think this hair really reminds me of Michael Hutchence, from INXS, who is obviously way cooler than Bon Jovi, except for maybe the autoerotic asphyxiation thing…and even then. Also helping me rock the orange were my old faithful Pornstar Hi-tops from UBU and another wicked pair of shades from Primoptic, the Hawke Glasses.

Yabusaka released their 08 Pendant just as I was primping in front of the mirror trying to find the right metal to help me rock you like a hurricane!! Talk about right time, right place, this pendant is the right mix of fine details and manly chunkiness….tell me I'm wrong!! Keeping my pants on and hiding my arse crack from the elements is my beloved Punky Studded Belt from Monogrind. I finished things off with PD’s Insurrection piercings (I really should take them out and clean them one day), and some more PD goodness, the vicious little Wired Wristbands. That being done, all I need to do now is finish my 45 page rock star rider - lets see, where was I?

1 extra large inflatable manatee
6 pairs of large boxer shorts
20 lbs of clean ice
6 boxes of Panda liquorices
Children's choir made up of 20 – 24 children between the ages of 7 and 12
4 tubs of “I cant believe its not butter”....

Detour – Writer II Hair (black)
Monogrind – Dark Punky Studded Belts
MR Design – Eyes 3
Primitive Design – Wired Wristbands, Insurrection Piercing Set
Primoptic – Hawke Glasses
Sn@tch – Burnt Orange Thermal, Latex Pants (cheetah)
Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops
Yabusaka – 08 Pendant

Friday, April 4, 2008

Typical country leather...

Sometimes, my outfits are definitely influenced by RL and what I'm grabbing from my closet on any given day. In this case, early spring days here mean it's sunny but still not real warm - perfect time to break out your leathers that you hid from the rain all winter!! Not that I lack leathers to break out of my inventory, but how happy was I when Muism graciously introduced some more lovely cow hide to my collection. The Skinny Biker jacket is one of those pieces that I knew I was going to be unable to buy in just one color…thank goodness they are totally affordable!!...*cough*…To be fair, you’re getting a ton of options here, including both a jacket and shirt layer, and sleeves rolled up or down, to boot - not sure I’ve ever rolled the sleeves up on a leather jacket, but dare to dream!! Some of the colors they chose for this jacket are really great, proof positive, I found both the blue and brown versions so rich in color and detail that I totally forgot to buy the jacket in black - hell hath frozen over!! Because the prim lower jacket comes in four different sizes it makes it really easy to fit your doing crunches!

While Dove was distracted by a handful of jelly beans, I lifted her wallet out of her Hannah Montana purse and continued my Muism shopping spree. The new Rio hair seemed a likely suspect…first of all, it’s a toque, eh - at least in Canada it is, otherwise I suppose you could call it a woven knit hat and hair combination that is scripted and has several color choices for your pleasure. I like it because the hat is not insanely huge and the hair peeks out enough to add a realistic look and not make me look like I'm in week four of chemo treatments - not that there’s anything wrong with that…or…erm, damned political correctness! Tis a good thing Dove doesn’t know I was using her monies or she'd have worked me twice as hard as she did when she found out I bought the 40% Transparency Top at Muism as well…it is kind of expensive for a tank top, but hell, I was on a roll, and not only does it have that rumpled up comfortable “I should have thrown this shirt away last year” look, but you can also see my nipples through it!! Win!!

Alas, although I could have easily made an entire outfit at Muism, it was not in the stars. Mostly because I had just bought another wicked pair of jeans; the vintage Ronins. WMD is pretty much my favorite jeans maker in SL right now, the details are so brill. I really like the way these jeans look so perfectly worn-in, and I didn’t have to wash them 40 times to get them there. Lastly, these boots were not made for walking, they were made for the foot pegs of a Harley…the chunky black buckled boots are kick arse greatness, and really work well with an old pair of jeans and your favorite leather. That being said, go now and make these things your own!! I'm off to sit on Elusyve's hog while she sleeps and make motorcycle sounds and look tough and shite!!

Muism – 40% Transparency Top / White, Rio Hair (Black), Skinny Biker Jacket (brown) (blue)
Kyoot Army – Light Bella Morte Belt
PrimOptic – Hawke Glasses
Primitive Design – Insurrection Piercing Set
WMD – Sugoi “Vintage” Ronin Jeans
The Drawmachine – Bikerboots Classic

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Froga Party!!

It was mere moments after Shai announced their release of the Eromenons Toga for men that Kallisto IMed me and told me I had to blog it. Little did she know I already had one leg up on the side of the tub and was shaving in eager anticipation (with Dove's razor of course…payback's a bish!!).

Tired of being the guy wearing the 360 thread count Martha Stewart sheets to all the toga parties on campus, this release couldn’t have come at a better time - although, I do look great in Martha, don’t get me wrong…in fact, I’d look good in a lot of people, I bet…..but I digress. If you’re in the market, this toga is shiny white greatness…equipped with a prim flexi skirt and a prim peplos (the part of the robe that drapes over your shoulder, kind of like a shawl for those of you that wondered…thanks Google!!). They also come with some glitch undies for those of you not willing to shareyour mangina with the world in general.

Now, while historians will have you believe that men in Ancient Greece and Rome favored short hair, some very long and diligent study sessions (*cough* drinking beer *cough*) have led me to the revelation that they actually liked to rock the fro!! I wanted to keep it real, so I went to Boon and grabbed the KAR07 hair to help me adorn my classical look. I love this wild black mess - Medusa, eat your heart out!! Finishing everything off with some metal, I polished up my Byzantine Chain Choker from Essentia and slapped it on, and then got my spikes on with my Insurrection piercings from Primitive Design…and that is how we do!! Now that I've perfected my Froga outfit, I'm only lacking for one thing - yup, you guessed it - concubines and palm frond waving hand servants!! Ladies (and men, if you're so inclined) please send your applications to

Boon – KAR07 Hair (black)
Etchd – Jekyll Tattoo
MR Design – Eyes 3
Primitive Design – Insurrection Piercing Set
Shai – Eromenons Toga
Essentia - Byzantine Chain Choker
Location - The Roman Empire